NS0-156 - Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode Administrator

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Example Questions

Which of the following types of LIFs can be assigned a user-defined failover group? (Choose all that apply) Storage QOS maximum throughput limits can be defined in terms of: What is the default shell for accessing clustered Data ONTAP? What's the minimum System Manager version to access cluster 8.2? Which version of Data ONTAP first supports Flash Pool? Which are two requirements for the Cluster-Mode solution? (Choose two.) Which term is used to highlight that a storage administrator can add more than 2 storage systems to a cluster? How many ISL ports are required between the cluster interconnect switches when using Cisco switches? One node of a 2-node cluster is shut down to replace a NIC. All RDB rings fall out of quorum. To diagnose the problem, what should the administrator do first ? The root volume of a node in the cluster is named In which shell can administrators natively run Data ONTAP 7-Mode commands? SnapVault backup between two different clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 or later systems requires what type of intercluster communication? Cfmode is a(n)______ -specific setting. Which command would you use to verify that the iSCSI service is running? Which feature must be enabled on a FC switch when using the FC protocol with clustered Data ONTAP 8.1? With clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 or later, and administrator may use NDMP command at which two levels? (select two) Which of the following is a feature of NFS 4.1? What communication link is necessary in order to establish cluster peer relations between two clusters? Which statement is true about NFS exports in Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode? What are the characteristics of Snapmirror? (choose three) Which feature makes it possible for a storage administrator to add more than storage systems to a cluster? Clustered ONTAP supports multi-tenancy using which feature? How many cluster ports does each node have by default? What must be enabled on the igroup for SAN protocols in clustered Data ONTAP? Which logical interface is created when you create a single-node clustered Data ONTAP system during cluster setup? Which Vserver types are created automatically by the cluster setup process? (choose all that apply) The fcadmin config command... An export policy can determine access to volumes for which of the following protocols? Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 or later Quality of Service (QoS) Policies have which three characteristics? In clustered ONTAP, what benefit does NFSv4.1 pNFS provide? What feature balances load across a cluster while consuming less disk capacity than LS SnapMirror copies? Which two clustered interconnect switches are supported in clustered Data ONTAP 8.2? (Choose two) An administrator for a virtual server named abc17 mounts a new volume named vola at junction named /accounting/teama and creates two directories at the root of the new volume named 2011 and 2011/june. He also copies a file called report.doc into the directory named june. An NFS client mounts to the root of the namespace. What is the fully qualified path to report.doc? Which two SMB versions does Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode support? (Choose Two) The Catalyst 2960 can be used only on the management network for clusters that have _____nodes. How many cluster switch(es) are required for a NetApp cluster? Within clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 or later, which two functionalities are supported with an external asynchronous FPolicy server? (Choose two.) In clustered Data ONTAP, which object exposes data to clients? Which storage system combination is supported in a 4-node cluster? Which cfmode is described by the following scenario? All LUNs in the cluster are avilable on al ports in thecluster. Any port on each node can provide access to both local and partner LUNs. When a pNFS client is connected on a LIF on node 1 of a 4-node clustered Data ONTAP pNFS 4.1 vServer, and node 2 performs a storage takeover (SFO) of node 1, and LIFs fail over to node 3, which statement is true? The vifMgr is out of quorum on the node that is the master for the vifMgr ring. Which of the following statements are true? (choose all that apply) What must be configured on the igroup in a multi-pathed SAN environment in clustered Data ONTAP? Which NetApp Virtual Storage Tier component works controller-wide on a FAS controller? What is considered a node in a clustered ONTAP? What tool can be used to map IQNs to LUNs for a Vserver? Which three of these features were introduced in clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 (choose three) In clustered Data ONTAP, snapshots are scheduled by creating Which NetApp Virtual Storage Tier component works aggregate-wide on a FAS controller? Which three are components of the NetApp Virtual Storage Tier (VST)? (Choose three)