NS0-155 - NetApp Certified 7-Mode Data Administrator

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Example Questions

The snapvault restore command is run on the _________. Physical Reallocation of a SnapMirror source volume increases the amount of data to transfer for the next SnapMirror update. Which statement is true about expanding an aggregate from 32-bit to 64-bit in place? In Data ONTAP, both the Microsoft Windows Administrator and root are exempt from user and group quotas, but not from tree quotas. Which command disables client access to Snapshot copies on a volume called flexvoll? You have quiesced a SnapMirror relationship. Which command would re-establish the scheduled updates? Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode supports SMB 2.0 in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. A customer has 100 managed systems in four different regions. Which method provides the most efficient manner of applying multiple Event Action Plans for each of the regions? What is the correct format for the scheduling component of a SnapVault schedule? The command-line utility asr can scan ________. Which two will allow you to read and analyze a packet trace file generated by the storage system? (Choose two) What convention does Apple recommend for generating a unique package identifier? An iSCSI or FC SAN implementation provides ____________ access to LUNs. Which command disables client access to Snapshot copies on a volume called flexvol1? Which exportfs command will temporally export the resource while ignoring the options specified in the /etc/exports file? You cannot remove the SyncMirror license if one or more mirrored volumes exist. Which changes the NDMP password on the Open System SnapVault agent? In an active/active configuration in takeover mode, the surviving controller interfaces will reflect the identity of the ___________. Which command is used to set the configuration of an Ethernet network interface? Which MetroCluster configuration procedure is recommended for re-establishing a mirrored volume that was in a level-0 resynchronization state when it failed? To manage SnapVault relationships with an NDMP management application, you must specify a: You can avoid data corruption when you issue the cf forcetakeover -d command if the remote node is ________. Which command or procedure would you use to undo a volume SnapRestore operation? You want to create an automated test environment that performs a single file SnapRestore time you run the procedure, however, SnapRestore prompts you to confirm your decision to revert the file. How can you automate this step? A snapshot is a frozen, read-only image of the entire Data ONTAP active file system that reflects the state of the ____________ at the time the snapshot was created. A SnapVault secondary volume can contain up to ___ Snapshot copies for data protection. NTFS allows file access based on ___________. XML-files in /etc/stats/preset are used together with the sysstat command to customize the output. When you are setting up SnapMirror, which three are replication pre-requisites? (Choose three.) A NearStore license increases the amount of concurrent replication streams. A customer would like to do an in-place upgrade of their IBM Director Server 4.21 to version 5.20 but has concerns about support for a Microsoft Jet Database in version 5.20. Which option below is valid while upgrading from IBM Director 4.21 to version 5.20 without data loss? In a fabric-attached MetroCluster, a "site failure" is described as a __________. How does the NetApp Remote Agent (RSA) connect to NetApp Support? What is the maximum distance between a standard clustered pair at 2Bbps? Which system is recommended as a secondary system for SnapVault? For aggregates or traditional volume SyncMirror to work correctly, the configuration of each plex should be identical with regard to ____________. Which three statements apply to NearStore Personality license? (Choose three.) Which command shares out the directory /vol/vol2/home using the share name "netapp"? Which Data ONTAP option sets system-wide for all transfers? Which command would you use to verify that the iSCSI service is running? SnapMirror will automatically try to restart a transfer after ___________. A customer is unable to launch the Remote Session task on an IBM Director Agent running Linux OS. What is the most likely cause? If you believe you create FC SAN performance problem, which NatApp utility would gather both your Solaris host and storage system data for analysis? The quota resize command only affects existing /etc/quotas file target entries, not new quota entries. Which NetApp Storage Tier component works controller-wide on a FAS controller? Executing this command will have what effect? Options wafl.default_security_style ntfs The two copies SyncMirror volume are called ____________, which are physical copies of the same file system and consist of one or more RAID groups. Which statement describes the results of the SnapMirror resynce command? Using the output below, a co-worker determined that these are types "Solaris" LUNs. What would your destination be? lun show ­ m LUN patch mapped to LUN ID ------------------------------------------------------- /vol/vol1/lun0 solaris ­ igroup0 0 /vol/vol1/lun solaris- igroup1 0 /vol/vol1/qtree1/lun2 solaris ­ igroup2 0 /vol/vol1/qtree1/lun3 solaris ­ igroup3 0 A mirrored volume has a failed disk, but there are no available spares in the pool from which the degraded plex was built. Data ONTAP will __________.