NS0-145 - NetApp Certified Storage Associate

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Example Questions

An iSCSI or FC SAN implementation provides _____ access to LUNs. You are having problems accessing three recently-created LUNs. Given the output below, the reason is because all of the LUNs are using the same LUN ID of 0. lun show -m LUN path Mapped to LUN ID -------------- ------------------ ------------------- /vol/vol1/lun0 solaris-igroup 0 0 /vol/vol1/lun1 windows-igroup 0 /vol/vol1/qtree1/lun2 aix-igroup 0 /vol/vol1/qtree1/lun3 linux-igroup 0 Before running lun setup on the storage system, you must first create the igroup to which the initiator will be attached. Which command would you use to verify that the iSCSI service is running? ____________ is the default cfmode for new installations of Data ONTAP 7.3. Which iSCSI security method encrypts data between the initiator and the target? Which three commands would help you troubleshoot a LUN that cannot be accessed by a host? (Choose three.) Physical Reallocation of a SnapMirror source volume increases the amount of data to transfer for the next SnapMirror update. To automatically export volumes and directories on reboot, include them in the /etc/exports file. To determine if a problem you are experiencing is known to NetApp, use the NOW site _____ utility. Which two commands on the storage system allow you to gather statistics about network interfaces, including basic information about network connections? (Choose two.) Which two commands can be used to enable LUN reservations? (Choose two.) Which three can coexist on a NetApp storage system? (Choose three.) What are 3 true statements about physical reallocation of data added in ONTAP 7.3? (Choose three.) Which command on the storage system allows you to collect statistics on the performance of system resources such as CPU, NVRAM, network interfaces, and disks? If the security style is set to UNIX, CIFS client file access is determined by ___________ . To configure a storage system as a member of a Windows active directory domain, the time on the storage system must be set to be within plus or minus five minutes of the time on the domain controller. Which two conditions might cause a user to receive a disk full message from a storage system? (Choose two.) Two alternatives to guaranteeing LUN space reservations during a snapshot on a volume with fractional reserve set to 0% can be: (Choose two.) Which two statements about hard and soft zoning are correct? (Choose two.) To view per client NFS statistics on a storage system, the option nfs.per_client_stats.enable must be set on. Which two operations can be performed with the SnapDrive for Windows graphical user interface? (Choose two.) Which command displays the statistics for Ethernet network interfaces? When viewing the output of the sysstat -f 1 command, which three fields are part of the total number of operations per second? (Choose three.) UNIX allows file access based on __________. Which two are Data ONTAP commands for gathering performance information? (Choose two.) These are three methods of creating a LUN: * lun setup * lun map * FilerView CIFS clients can resolve symbolic links created by NFS clients on the storage system. Which storage system command would display the WWPNs of hosts that have logged into a storage system using a Fibre Channel connection? Which entry in this /etc/quotas file for a qtree on /vol/wmv will affect the target? Executing this command will have what effect? options wafl.default_security_style mixed If you change the setting for the option cifs.neg_buf_size, you need to terminate CIFS on the storage system and do a restart for the changes to take effect. When running deduplication on SnapVault destinations, which 3 statements are true? Which command is used to set the configuration of an Ethernet network interface? A quota target can be applied to _______________. In Data ONTAP, both the Microsoft Windows Administrator and root are exempt from user and group quotas, but not from tree quotas. NTFS allows file access based on ___________. Starting with Data ONTAP 7.3.1, support for SMB 2.0 in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 was added. The super user receives an "Access Denied" message when he attempts to mount the new qtree. Whats the most likely cause of this error? In a Fibre Channel configuration, the host's HBA is referred to as the ___________ , and the storage system's HBA is referred to as the __________ . Which command will show the FCP target(s) on a storage system? Which will enable "symlink_strict_security"? What command would create a LUN clone named lun0.clone from the LUN lun0 on the volume vol2? Which 3 FAS deduplication features were added in ONTAP 7.3? Which three statements apply to an entry in the /etc/exports file regarding exporting directories/qtrees and volumes? (Choose three.) When using SnapRestore to restore a single LUN, the LUN must be ___________. What will happen if a soft quota is exceeded? In Data ONTAP the root user is exempt from these two quotas: _______. (Choose two.) What mechanism allows you to make LUNs available to some initiators and unavailable to others? If you have a space-reserved, completely full 600G LUN with a volume fractional reservation of 100% and no free space, a snapshot copy of the volume fail.