MB7-840 - NAV 2009 C/SIDE Introduction

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Example Questions

How many objects are supported by the RoleTailored client in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009? You have created a Vehicle table that contains general information about the vehicles in the database. You need to create a form that will be associated with this table and would allows users to view the list of vehicles. Users must be able to edit the information on the form. How do you name such a form according to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV standards? You are designing a new page. You have specified the type of the page and attached it to a table. You need to add some controls that will display data. Which page element must you add before you start creating new controls? Pages in the RoleTailored client have several controls that are not available on forms. What type(s) of pages is it recommended that you use Cues, a new page control, on? You have designed a blank form and attached a source table to it. You need to add a group of text boxes that show multiple records from the attached source table. Which control can you create to accommodate these text boxes? Which component of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 platform enables integration through Web services? Which limitations do you consider when writing code that uses Automation? Most master tables have a Card, a List, and a Statistics form. According to the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV navigation rules, the user must be able to open the Ledger form from all of these forms. In which way must the user be able to do that? You are designing a new page. You need to have the page display some additional information from a table different from the pages source table. Which control on the page allows you to do that? Which of the following processes can be handled by Microsoft Dynamics NAV when using Web services? In which of the following cases is a menu item placed in the Lost Items menu after you perform an upgrade of a MenuSuite? Which objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 can be exposed as Web services? You have created a new table and added two fields to the primary key. How many fields - in addition to the two fields in the primary key - can you add at the most to each secondary key in this table? You have designed a new page of the Card type. You need to add a FactBox that displays additional information in multiple columns. What type of page do you create for this type of FactBox? You are designing a modification for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. You have created a new application area and a pair of tables, Document Header and Document Line, that will store posted documents of this area. What type(s) of pages can you associate with the tables to enable users to view the records in the table from the RoleTailored client? What type of value does a logical or relational expression result in? Which of the following C/AL operators has the highest precedence? Which action type is the top level element in the Action Designer's actions hierarchy and is used to accommodate other action subtypes? You have written an operation in C/AL code that joins two strings together using the string operator. What type will the resulting concatenation have if the first term is of the Code type and the second term is of the Text type? Which of the following are valid array functions? When accessing a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 database using C/FRONT, which limitations do you consider? You have created two new forms: one of the Card type and the other of the List type. On the list form, you have added a menu button with a Card menu item. What can you do to have this menu item open the card form? You have designed a blank form and attached a source table to it. You need to add a subform that shows multiple records from another table. Which properties do you need to set for the subform? You are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer. You test a report in the RoleTailored client. When you run the report, you discover that the request page looks like a request form in the Classic client. Which of the following may cause the issue? What type of page - not associated with any source table - allows you to add different parts to it while each part is a container that hosts other pages or predefined system parts? When setting up Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 integration with an external application (for example, Microsoft Office Access) by means of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ODBC, which limitations do you consider? Which objects' main purpose is exporting and importing data in the RoleTailored client? Define the result for the following expression:43 DIV 5 You create the following function:ChangeValues(VAR First : Integer;Second : Integer)First := 10;Second := 10;You then call it using the following code:A := 1;B := 1;ChangeValue(A, B);What values do the variables A and B have after the code is executed? You are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer. You are designing a new application on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. In one of the tables, you need to create a field whose value automatically looks up a value in another table's field. Which type of special table field do you use? You are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer. You are designing a new table. Which steps do you take to ensure that data is entered in a certain field? Which of the following report sections can display totals for fields that are indicated in TotalFields property of report data item? Which tasks can you perform with table relationships in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009? You are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer. You have created a page and want to test its layout, but the menu has not been designed yet. How do you run the created page? You have manually created a new form in the Form Designer and added a few text boxes using the Toolbox. You need to have these text boxes display the values from the corresponding fields in the source table for this form. Which property of a text box control on a form allows you to associate it with a field in the source table? Which of the following user communication functions is run non-modally? Which of the following components is required for a report designed for the RoleTailored client? Which types of page controls in the RoleTailored client may have triggers? Which of the following expressions allow you to use the GETRANGEMAX function over the No. field of the Customer table without returning a run-time error? Which of the following are valid MenuSuite levels in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009? You write a piece of code that calculates the date based on the following expression:CALCDATE(<CM - 15D>, TODAY)What value does this function return if the current system date is January 3, 2009? You are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer and are designing a page. You need to display some information on the page from a table other than the pages source table. How can you do it? You have created a procedure that has a return value of the Text type. Now when you run it, due to the business logic, the value within this procedure is not modified. What will the procedure return? You create a table that will store the transactional information. This transactional information is the primary focus of the functional area that the table is used in. What type does such a table belong to? Which of the following properties is specific for a node of an XMLport that handles text files in the RoleTailored client? You are designing a new list page in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. You need to set a card page that is associated with the items in the current list page. Which property of the page is responsible for it and replaces the Card-to-List functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0? What is the main purpose of using SumIndexFields in Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Which of the following built-in C/AL functions does not return a value? Which limitations do you consider when working with OCX custom controls? You are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer. You design a codeunit that must be able to continuously receive events from an Automation server defined in it as a variable. How do you ensure this behavior of the codeunit?