MB7-516 - NAV 5.0 C/SIDE Solution Development

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Example Questions

Assuming that the variable WordApp has been defined with a DataType of Automation, what is the purpose of the following code? IF ISCLEAR(WordApp) THEN CREATE(WordApp); Which of the following commands is not valid? For a video rental project, the user must be able to decide whether to view the long description of the Video or not. You will add a CheckBox control to the Request Form and set its source to ShowDesc. Then, you will: In the data conversion portion of a project, for the closed invoices and payments, you recommend the data be converted using what method (remember that the data for this conversion has not been thoroughly tested)? For a video rental project, you have made all the changes requested by the customer, Video Warehouse, and you are now heading to their location to load the new objects. What needs to be the first step you do to ensure that your client gets the needed changes? For a video rental project, the customer, Video Warehouse, has requested some changes to the base Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality. You are the developer responsible for preparing the objects to be taken to the client's site for deployment. Since many different developers worked on this project you know that there are several things that you need to do before exporting the objects. What is the first step in creating the installation object file? For a video rental project, a posting routine must adjust the Customer balance when the videos are rented. Which of the following methods for changing the Customer balance follows Microsoft Dynamics NAV standards? When you use the number series for a new sales order, what information do you need to retrieve from the No. Series Line table? Which of the following would not be true if the following line of code was placed in the OnAfterGetRecord trigger of a report dataitem, where the DataItemTable property is set to Item? CALCFIELDS(Picture); How can an element of an object be addressed in code? What is the purpose of the following C/AL code, when using the Microsoft database option? Customer.SETPERMISSIONFILTER; Customer.FIND('-'); Which of the following is a true statement regarding subforms? You are writing code in C/SIDE. Assuming that you are in a transaction, which of the following ends a transaction? Which of the following controls cannot be contained in a subform? You are importing text objects into the Object Designer. Under what circumstances will the Import Worksheet be displayed? You have created a journal table and need to write code that identifies whether a line in the journal is empty. You will use this functionality in many places. Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV standards, how do you implement this code? To install your modifications for a new client, what steps do you take? Which property on a Subform control determine the form to be displayed? Form A calls a function in a Single Instance Codeunit and populates a global text variable with the value "Red." Then, Form B calls the same function and populates the same text variable with the value "Blue." Which of the following is TRUE if Form A were to then call another function in the same Single Instance Codeunit and retrieve the same global text variable? For the data conversion portion of a project, during an import, you realize the data from the first record is being copied to all of the following records. These fields must be blank for all of the other records. What is the likely solution to this problem? Taking into account the following dimension tables, which of the following will be true regarding the flow of dimension data when a Sales Order line was entered? (T) Default Dimension (352) (U) Ledger Entry Dimension (355) (V) Journal Line Dimension (356) (W) Document Dimension (357) (X) Production Document Dimension (358) (Y) Posted Document Dimension (359) (Z) G/L Budget Dimension (361) Which of the following is NOT true regarding the BLOB complex data type? What is the result of executing the following commands, where Number is a variable declared of the datatype Record and subtype Integer? Number.Number := 10; Number.MODIFY; Under which circumstances is it possible to run a report in a modal fashion while in the middle of a Transaction? For a video rental project, after the user enters the appropriate fields in the Journal Form, you want to default the amount to what is found on a Video Card form. This is the standard amount charged for the rental of this video. Which of the code sections below can best accomplish this? Which one of the following Codeunits update the Ledger table(s)? Select the SETFILTER line that is equivalent to: Customer.SETRANGE('No.', LowValue, HighValue); During development, two programmers will modify the item table. Which method is preferred for handling this development? You have added a command button to a form that calls a codeunit when it is pressed (using RunObject). The OnRun trigger of the codeunit modifies the customer record as follows: IF Customer.GET(CustNo) THEN BEGIN Customer.'Chain Name' := NewChainName; Customer.MODIFY; END; // Other code here When does the customer change get committed to the database? A client wants you to make layout revisions to the Fixed Asset Details Report (No. 5604). What steps must you take to revise this report? What can be determined from viewing the following C/AL command? CustProcessCode.Update(Customer); Which of the following is not a limitation of C/FRONT? Which of the following is true regarding NODBC and multi-language capability? In a Function, when a parameter is specified as Var, it means: In a standard C/SIDE codeunit, you are changing a function that is passed a record variable (by reference). This function is usually called from a form. You need to add code to the function to check the filters that the user may have applied. Is this possible? Why or why not? What can be determined if the following code is executed, and a message box is displayed with the text "It is true"? IF Customer.RECORDLEVELLOCKING THEN MESSAGE('It is true') ELSE MESSAGE('It is false'); In regard to the following block of code, which statement is true about performance when the code is executed? WITH Customer DO BEGIN // section A IF FIND('-') THEN REPEAT "Credit Limit (LCY)" := 1000; MODIFY; UNTIL NEXT = 0; // section B IF FIND('-') THEN REPEAT "Credit Limit (LCY)" := 1000; Ok := MODIFY; UNTIL NEXT = 0; END; You have been informed that your customer is about to close a deal. Although your salesperson demonstrated an older version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to your client, the salesperson discussed some of the features that exist in the latest version plus the standard add-ons that your company uses. Based on the design review done by your senior developer you notice that you will not be using the standard add-on that you typically use since this feature now exists in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. What must you do to prepare for any modifications that you will need to make to the customer's database? You need to open a form to get user input. After this form runs you will use the information to generate records in several setup tables. What is the correct way to run the form from code? Which of the following is TRUE regarding exporting of MenuSuite objects? For a video rental project, you are creating a report to list the Videos that are currently available. The user wants to be able to sort on title or movie type (Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy, and so on). Which of the following property settings will allow the user to sort the report? When must the SourceExpr property be populated for a Label control? When the user presses a button, you are going to run a processing-only report, and then bring up a form which will display the results of the processing. Assuming there is a Report type variable called "ProcRept", which can be called to run this report, which line of code must you use to run it? What is meant by optimistic concurrency? The design specifications written by your senior Microsoft Dynamics NAV Consultant in Development call for you to integrate Microsoft?Word with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (running on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server). You see that your customer wants to create a mail merge once a week to send out a welcome letter to new customers. Your customer wants a solution in which they can easily add additional fields to the letter without having to require additional customizations by a Microsoft Dynamics NAV consultant. What option do you choose to fit your customer's need? How many levels can dataitems be nested on a report? Which of the following is not a characteristic of a journal table? An object has a version tag of "NAVW13.00.03". The "03" at the end stands for what? Which of the following files is not contained in the three-letter language code sub-folder, found in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV client folder for each language in a multi-language installation? Assume a variable with the name Customer is declared with a datatype of Record, and a subtype of Customer. Assuming that there are six customer records, numbers 10000, 20000, 30000, 40000, 50000, and 60000, and further assuming that the commands below are executed, which customer record is stored in the Customer variable? Customer.FIND('+'); Customer.NEXT(3); Customer.FIND('=');