MB6-511 - AX 4.0 Production

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Example Questions

Which of the following does NOT represent a stage or step in the Production Life Cycle in Microsoft Dynamics AX? When using 'Job scheduling', what planning principle is available, that is NOT available with Operation scheduling? Which kind of scrap can be handled in Microsoft Dynamics AX? How many levels can be used in a Forecast model? What time fence is NOT used in Master planning? In the Master plan processing, Microsoft Dynamics AX can generate several different proposals for changes to planned and existing orders in order to optimize inventory issues and receipts. What are the proposals called? After running Master scheduling, what would be the reason that a planned purchase order is not automatically firmed once inside the firming time fence? The new management team at your company decided they needed to refine the tracking of WIP. Several new ledger accounts were added to the Chart of accounts to support managements agenda. Based on the criteria provided, you assigned the work center groups and work centers to the new ledger accounts. What is the best way to check the current ledger settings for the work center groups and work centers, and to report the data back to the management team? Without selecting "accept error," when can a production order be reported as finished? What can task groups on work centers identify? When is 'Operation scheduling' used? Which of the following statements reflect the differences between 'Operation scheduling' and 'Job scheduling' in Microsoft Dynamics AX? Choose the 2 that apply. A production order goes through a series of updating jobs, step by step. The stage or states of a production is called the 'Production order status.' Which of the following 'Production order status' statements is true? After running Master scheduling, what is the quickest way to view the results, including the number of lines requirement planned, planned orders created and the processing time required? What tool can be used to evaluate existing inventory transactions and calculate minimum inventory levels? There are 100 units of an item on hand. A sales order for 40 units with a delivery date in 20 days is entered. Why would Master scheduling create a planned purchase order to cover the sale, instead of using the existing inventory? When the production ledger setting is Item + Category, what ledger accounts are used for posting work center consumption? What best describes the difference between Master planning and Forecast planning in Microsoft Dynamics AX? All items in inventory have a batch number. The batch number is not being printed in the production picking list journal. What can be done to ensure the batch number is printed on the report? Intercompany often involves 'make or buy' decisions. Which of the following is NOT true of the activities surrounding these decisions? What reduction principles can be applied to the Forecast plans? Production orders are currently being assigned using a number sequence. However, the company you are working for wants the production order number to be ten digits in length, with the first four digits representing the current year. How can this be accomplished? Which of the following is affected when specifying scrap for an operation on a route? Choose the 2 that apply. Which of the following actions is NOT possible in the BOM Designer? When manufacturing prototypes, it is desirable to have all ledger transactions posted to separate ledger accounts specifically created for prototype accounting. Which of the following is the best practice to accomplish this? One of your company's work centers is going to be used for two hours in each eight hour shift for training. What adjustment needs to be made for this work center so only six hours of production work is planned for this work center shift? Using an 'Assemble to order' manufacturing strategy; a company assembles vendor supplied components into the products it sells. Item coverage plans are used to manage adequate inventory levels of the vendor supplied components. What BOM line type should be assigned to these vendor supplied components in the BOM of the deliverable product? When substituting an item in a BOM on a started production order, it is necessary for the production planner to delete the material consumption from one of the BOM lines. Material consumption is reported and posted on the production order. What should be done to properly record the actual material consumption? What occurs if a production order is released and it has not been estimated or scheduled? Which of the following are rules for creating the operation numbers for a simple network route? Choose the 3 that apply. Which of the following is the most accurate way to describe the work center structure in Microsoft Dynamics AX? During scheduling, what is the best method to account for the extra use of capacity due to material scrapped? The Dynamic master plan can be executed using three different principles in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Which of the following principles do NOT apply to the Dynamic master plan? When can a production order be split? What setup determines whether items for a production can be automatically reserved? When setting up prerequisite work center groups and work centers in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Production module, what is true? When running Master scheduling, reduction keys are used to reduce the forecast sales and purchase requirements. How is the reduction key applied to the item? What type of planned order is NOT possible after running Master scheduling? A company has limited capacity on its' machines, but the capacity of the operators is unlimited (already set on the work center). The team manager wants to plan on the machinery and see the required staff hours in the production plan. What setup BEST meets the managers requirements? A sales order with a delivery date in 90 days, for an item using the requirement coverage code, is not covered by a planned purchase order when Master scheduling is run. Why is the sale not requirement covered? When creating sales forecast lines and applying the allocation method key, which type of keys are used? Which of the following kinds of information are set up requirements in other modules, before the Production module can be used? Choose the 2 that apply. What defines the capacity for a work center? A production is fully started, but the material consumption is only partly posted. When the remaining material is on-hand, how can ONLY the remaining quantity be registered and posted in a picking list journal? How can a fixed material consumption be handled as an addition to the variable material consumption on the BOM line? Which of the following are types of inventory dimensions in Microsoft Dynamics AX? When outsourcing an operation to a vendor, after work centers and operations are created, the route must be updated to include the vendor operation. Next the BOM is updated by setting the line type to 'Vendor.' What else must be done? A company has insufficient machine capacity to meet the increased demand for its products. The company found a local machine shop that can provide the additional capacity. Prior to updating the routings, the subcontractor's machines need to be set up as work centers. What work center type should be assigned? How can the use of item allocation keys assist in the Forecast planning process in Microsoft Dynamics AX? Choose the 2 that apply. When might it be best for a company to use a one Master plan strategy?