MB6-510 - AX 4.0 Human Resource Management

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Example Questions

When you receive and evaluate applications for employment, whether or not you want to interview the applicant you should always inform them of your decision. If you receive numerous applications, processing each application manually can be very time consuming. Microsoft Dynamics AX Human Resources supports automated communication with applicants by enabling you to do which of the following? What information is contained in the Appraisal interview form? An employee's main employment relation with the company is which of the following? In the Enterprise Portal, if the manager of a line organization unit wants to access information or perform transactions related to their employees, what do they need to click on the navigation bar? The company has just updated its mobile phones to the latest model and wants to start issuing the phones to its employees. Before the company can do so, however, it must create each phone in which of the following Human Resource tables? What is the maximum employment factor that a person employed in four different units in the line organization can have? A new initiative has been launched within the company to examine overall levels of job satisfaction. A part of the analysis involves tracking absence over the preceding year. Which of the following provides department managers with a graphical overview of the amount and cause of employee absence? With regards to Human Resources functionality, which of the following can you do in the Employee Services section of the Enterprise Portal? You want to hold a course, however, in order for the course to be worthwhile a minimum number of participants must register. Where can you record this minimum number? You perform the duties of the absence administrator and in that capacity you register absence for fellow employees. In the morning, an employee calls you to say that he is sick and would not be coming to work that day. He thinks he just has the flu, but is not able to say when he will return to work. You need to register absence for the person, but you do not know the end date. Which of the following can you do? You can retrieve skill mapping profiles defined for a person, a position and a course type. Which of these can you then compare the profile with? You can define validation rules for an absence code and for each code you can set a period. However, you can only define the duration of the period, that is, how long you want the period to be but not the actual dates because you do not know when the code will be used. To determine the actual dates, the system uses which of the following calculations? The results of the Skill gap: position - person report are reached by comparing what? When defining criteria for the Absence status list report, which of the following can a user control by clicking the Columns button? You have just copied information to a course from a course type, but now you want to change the Max. number of participants value inherited from the course type. Can you do so? You have just moved a person to a new position in another organization unit and must now decide whether to disable the person's previous position. When a position is inactive, which of the following can you do? Your company creates Internet job ads from recruitment projects for the positions it needs to fill. However, applicants that are not seeking employment in a specific position or organization unit also frequently submit their resume through the job ad. To make it easier to identify general application submissions, which of the following can you do? In the Applications form, what does the correspondence action do? Until recently, the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) also performed the duties of a Chief Operating Officer (COO). However, the company has just hired a new person to take over the responsibilities of the COO position. You have been given the task of creating the new COO position and must decide whether to make the position unique. For unique positions, which of the following is true? When can you start registering participants for a course? Nadejda Marinova, the Human Resource manager, is the person in charge of an absence setup which is attached to specific employees in your company. What does this entitle Nadejda to do? You can record applications for employment for which of the following types of persons? To approve absences using the Enterprise Portal, you must be assigned to which of these Human Resource related roles? Which of the following fields is used to control whether employees register absences in terms of hours or whole days? Which of the following must be considered before creating a new position? What information about a course can you manage by using the Setup button in the Courses form? Skill gap analyses help employees identify gaps between what roles or jobs require and what they have to offer personally. This is done by comparing the employee's profile with the profile defined for the role or job. When setting up an analysis, you can open an extra window in the Skill mapping - profiles form and define a complex search consisting of entries in four areas. Each area has its own menu tab. How do you access these additional tabs? You have just executed a skill mapping search and you now print the results in a report. Which of the following describes the way in which information is structured in the report? A project management course has been offered within the company. There can be a maximum of ten participants per course. Nadejda Marinova receives fourteen requests to take part in the course. What happens to the four participants who register after the limit of ten has been exceeded? You want to assemble a group of employees to address a special business need. However, you do not want the group to be part of your formal organization. Which of the following types of organization units should you create? Which of the following are situations in which you would use reason codes? A manager and an employee are engaged in an appraisal discussion in which they are trying to determine the structure of the employee's development plan. Which of the following will enable the manager and employee to monitor competence development? Alex Roland and Ranjit Varkey Chudukatil have just finished their annual appraisal interview and they agreed that the goal of Ranjit's development plan is to move him towards the sales management track. In order to do this Alex and Ranjit have decided that Ranjit must develop his key account management and coaching skills. Where can Alex link the appropriate training courses to the necessary development activity? In the Microsoft Dynamics AX Human Resources module, certificates represent which of the following? The company wants to improve the professional support and counseling that it offers to employees. You have been given the task of creating a matrix organization unit and assigning people to act as mentors. When you start assigning mentors to the unit, you notice that some of them are already working in one or more matrix type units. Which of the following rules apply to matrix organization units? Assigning skills to positions enables you to do what? As part of an employee development plan, an employee will receive a specific education. How can you record that the education is a result of the activity identified in the development plan line? Line managers can view employee information under which of the following conditions? When you hire an applicant, Microsoft Dynamics AX automatically handles the person's base data in which of the following manners? To enable users to view advertisements for available jobs on the Enterprise Portal and to submit application information, which of the following roles must you assign them to? Which of the following describes the information that you can manage by using a recruitment project? When you schedule an appraisal interview, which of the following can happen? The Sales department has enjoyed considerable success recently and now needs additional support with processing the new orders. To increase the number of sales support personnel, you decide to merge a Sales Administration Unit with the Sales Unit. How do you merge the two organization units into one? The information and tasks that are available to a person working in the Employee Services section of the Enterprise Portal depends on the role to which he or she is assigned. The Human Resources functionality supports which of the following roles? Companies often use appraisal interviews in conjunction with employee development plans. During an appraisal interview, a manager and his or her employee can discuss the employee's current and future work tasks and personal goals and use the information to set development targets and identify activities that will help cultivate the corresponding skills. In the system, what is the interdependency between appraisal interviews and development plans? An employee's development plan has not been followed up on for the preceding year. Some of the planned development activities, defined on the plan's lines, have been finished and some have been postponed. After a recent round of appraisal interviews, it is now time to close the preceding year's plans and start this year's. What happens when the employee's manager tries to end the old development plan? On the Enterprise Portal, employees can perform which of the following transactions? When you want to register participants for an open training course, which of the following groups can you register? Which of these features links an employee to absence validations?