MB6-509 - Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Trade and Logistics

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Example Questions

A customer returns some items to you and you create a sales order of the type Returned item. It is then necessary to specify a return action. What is determined by the type of return action selected? When is the specified inventory model used in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0? Under what circumstances is it necessary to set up a ledger account for 'Standard cost profit'? The item CL-100-C is not sold very often and it is therefore decided that an extra handling fee of USD 5.00 always must be automatically added to the total net amount on the sales order line for this item. How is this type of fee set up in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 ? The item Lamp Transformer has been set up with the following specifications: In the batch number group assigned to the item, the allocation method is set up with the check boxes Only for inventory transactions and On physical update both selected and 10 is specified in the Per qty. field. The items dimension group has batch number activation. When a purchase order for 200 Lamp Transformers are posted when are the batch numbers allocated to the items and how many inventory transactions are made? A customer has complained that the battery back that you have sold with outdoor lamps on several occasions have spontaneously ignited. You must determine from which batch these batteries come from, in order to recall them all. Also you need to find out from which vendor you have bought these batteries in order to notify the vendor as well. Which of the following options can be used to trace these items back to the purchase order? What will the status be after invoice updating all items for an order with the order type Subscription? Which two of the following are valid methods to use with the Adjustment button on the Adjustment of On-hand inventory form? An order entry clerk tries to make a change to a sales quotation but cannot because the quotation is locked. Which of the following sales quotation statuses locks the quotation? When calculating the BOM price for an item, why can the unit sales price differ when calculating for different quantities? Your most valuable customer has attained some significant trade agreements through tough negotiation. If the customer purchases at least 300 items from the item price/discount group OL in one order, you give him a fixed discount of $20. How is this set up in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0? The power of the bulb for a lamp depends on the type of shade used in the lamp. How would you best define the configuration route? If there is an inventory date but no physical date on an inventory transaction, what status can this transaction have? You have created a sales order for the customer and you used the Create direct delivery function to create the purchase order for your vendor. Your vendor sends you a packing slip and you packing slip update the purchase order. What is going to happen on the sales order You have purchased 10 Chrome architect Lamps from City Power and Lights. After you have invoiced the purchase order you receive an insurance bill from a third party vendor. How do you include the cost of the insurance in the landed costs for the item? You have performed a physical inventory and determined that the actual inventory exceeds the number registered in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 for an item. What should be done? Which of the following describes why it is necessary to run inventory closings? An item has the Picking requirement check box selected in the inventory model group. How does this parameter affect the update of a sales order line? When using the Profit/loss inventory journal, which of the following is correct? Which of the following statements about quarantine orders are correct? You use the Marking functionality to mark a sales order line for one piece of an item against a purchase order quantity of one for the same item, where both the sales order and purchase order quantities have the same inventory dimension value. How is the average cost price calculated for the sales order quantity when you perform inventory closing? What will Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 do when a BOM is reported as finished? The purchase order price of the item ESB-005 is specified as the following. Price: $20, Price unit: 1, Price Misc. Charges: $2, Price quantity: 5 and Incl. In unit price is selected. What is the net amount for the purchase of 10 ESB-005? What does it mean if the parameter 'Financial negative inventory' is clear in the Inventory Model Groups? An item has the parameter Post physical inventory selected in its inventory model group. In Accounts receivable Parameters the Post packing slip in ledger parameter is selected. You packing slip update a sales order for this item, what happens with regards to inventory posting? Which two of the following statements are true about inventory recalculations Which of the following statements regarding supplementary items are correct? You have set up an item with the sales warehouse GW. Which of the following ways can you prevent the sales warehouse from being changed on the sales order line after you have created the line. Ten pieces of an item have been purchased for USD 10.00 a piece and financially updated for this amount. You sell one piece of the item two days later and invoice update the order. Several hours after updating the sales order you receive a freighting bill from the vendor for USD10.00. You perform an adjustment of USD 10.00 to the invoiced purchase order for the freight amount. When will an adjustment be made to the average cost price for the item? If the dimension 'Warehouse' in the Inventory dimension group, and the parameter 'Primary Stocking,' are simultaneously selected, which of the following is correct? From experience you know that almost every time you purchase the item Battery Pack1 from vendor A. Datum Corporation, there is a small variance in the item quantity. Sometimes you receive more than ordered and sometimes less. You want to accept this variance but you do not want to manually correct it on every new order. How do you set up Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 to automatically allow you to close a purchase order even though not all items have been received? Which two order types generate inventory transactions? What happens when running an ABC analysis? A salesperson wishes to run a price simulation on an entire sales quotation instead of on individual line items. Which of the following can affect the way the header level discounts are applied to the individual line items? You mark a sales order line for 50 pieces of an item against a purchase order lot of 300 pieces of the same item with same inventory dimension. How are item references updated between the sales order and the purchase order. When you create and process a transfer order, at which point are ledger transactions created? If a standard lamp is created as a BOM item and the table, floor and wall lamps are configurations of this lamp, which of the following is true? What are the steps necessary in setting up warehouses in order to send an item into quarantine? Which of the following are valid line types for a BOM line? If we are looking at an inventory transaction and the Issue status on the transaction is Reserved ordered, what must the Receipt status be? You have ordered 10 items from a vendor, but when you receive the goods, five of the items are damaged and must be returned. Which of the following options can you choose in order to returns these items? When you receive the invoice from a transportation company after the purchase order is posted, how can one ensure the cost price for the purchased items is updated accordingly? In what situation can you choose to do a picking process directly from the line without posting a picking list registration? You select four sales orders for invoice updating, two orders with one customer and two with another customer. Each customer has their own invoice account. You invoice update the orders and in the Summary update field, select 'Invoice account' how many invoice updates are printed? Your company has a sales lead time of 2 days and an order deadline of 13:00. A customer places an order on Monday at 13:30. The warehouse from which you sell is open every weekday. What is the earliest dispatch date from your sales warehouse? A serialized item is set up with picking requirement in the Inventory model group and in the dimension group the check box Blank issue allowed is selected. How does this affect the picking process? A contract with a new vendor regarding supply of batteries has been made. Since it's a new vendor you want to send all items received from this vendor into quarantine in order to check the quality of the batteries until you feel confident with the vendor and the quality of the items. How is this managed in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0? Your company wants to account for differing storage costs, depending on the item's warehouse location, in the average cost price for the item. Which parameter must you set up in relation to the item to fulfill this criteria? You have received a large batch of 10000 items. Before selling them again the items must be divided into 5 batches of 2000 items each and new batch numbers must be manually assigned to these 5 batches. What must you do before you can assign the numbers to each batch? How can an address from a sales order header that you have copied to the Sales order tab in the Address selection form be made available as an alternative address for the customer in general?