MB6-508 - Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Development Introduction

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Example Questions

Which is not a Debugger Window Pane? How many patch layers are there in Microsoft AX? Where can you drag and drop an extended data type to? Which is not a composite data type in X++? Which of the following are areas where IntelliMorph will help you? Which of these statements will result in an updated record? A customer needs to search for vendor data across several tables. How can this be done? If you want to delete the entire USR-layer from Microsoft AX, what files should you delete from the application folder? In general, what is the main advantage of using a cluster index for a table? To find an error, you are debugging a piece of code and while doing that, you want to monitor the value of a variable. How can this be done? Which is not one of the exceptions? Where can you check Best Practice errors/warnings after compiling code? A notExists join in a select statement: What can be an advantage when executing an object through a Menu Item? What is the purpose of the Security Key system? How should you change the label of an existing system field? How can the StringSize property of a new extended data type, which is inherited from CustAccount, be changed? Each variable declaration in X++ should be separated with Where should a new index to an existing Microsoft AX table be created to ensure the integrity of the data model even after a re-indexing has occurred? Which expression returns FALSE? Where do you specify if a class extends another class? Setting the JoinSource property on a form data source to Delayed indicates that: Where is the layout of a form defined? You have written a class that updates a range of records and have included a mechanism for detecting errors. By what means should you communicate a fatal error to the user? Where do you place code to be executed when a new object is created? If all you see on certain forms in the user interface is text such as '@ABC160', what is most likely the reason? You are in a situation where you could retrieve the same dataset through either a select statement or a query. What should be the determining factor? How can you create a project that is visible to the other developers that are working on the same application? What is the purpose of the Configuration Key system? You are writing some modifications for an end-user customer. The modification extends functionality from an existing core module that your company is developing. However, the core module is currently still under development. How do you ensure your custom code will not be overwritten by the new updates to the core modules? How are labels stored in Microsoft AX in a live 3-tier environment? What is the standard ArrayLength value of a new extended data type? What happens when importing the Address form from the SYS-layer into the USR-layer when the Address form in the USR-layer has modifications? How do you add a group node to a Project With the List built in functions on the context menu of the code editor you can: Does Microsoft AX allow multiple languages running on the same application? Values from the enum LedgerAccountType can be assigned to variables like this: In what situation is it an advantage to create a query as an AOT-object as opposed to creating it in X++ code? When using query application elements the actual "fetching" of records is done by: You create a new label file called MBS and you have the languages Danish, French and German installed. How many label files (with the ald extension) is generated? How can you remove a class from memory? What is the most significant reason behind Microsoft AXs ability to easily scale its number of concurrent users? Variables to be used from any method of a class must be declared in? In order to obtain the best performance, it is appropriate always to: What is IntelliMorph? What will Microsoft AX do when a form is imported to the VAR layer, which already has modifications made to it in the USR layer? To declare an integer array with a max length of 10 elements, you write: You are working on a new table with information about which employees there have used the company cars. You want to do a relation to EmplTable and it should only show employees who has the status "Employee". Which relation will be the best one to use? What property is NOT inherited when extending a data type? What is shown in the Call Stack window in the Debugger.