MB5-858 - Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations

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Example Questions

You are planning a project and find that stakeholders often have varying objectives and requirements. This makes it difficult for you to summarize a plan in a way that all objectives will be identified or known in advance. Your customer communicates that they expect their business priorities to change. You are certain that this will be a single site implementation requiring specific features and complex customizations. Which implementation approach is suitable for the project? You are considering training the customer's core Implementation team before starting the business process analysis. How is the goal of this training different from training in the upcoming phases? Your company's Sales Manager approaches you with an opportunity for selling a Microsoft Dynamics?business solution. You are responsible for quickly finalizing the sale of the solution. Which one of the following provides guidance to help close the sale and provide a structured duediligence process? Your team started a pilot rollout scenario to implement and deploy a Microsoft Dynamics solution. You notice that the customer continually adjusts the solution and that the project is not moving forward. You are stuck in the analysis phase. How can you ensure this pilot project moves forward? Your team needs to implement a Microsoft Dynamics solution for a large enterprise business that has complex business requirements and four globally distributed sites. Although each site has unique business needs, the company wants to implement a uniform solution across all sites. Which implementation approach does Sure Step typically recommend? You are planning a meeting at the end of the Analysis phase that highlights the current health of the project, key milestones achieved, key deliverables completed, project level issues and risks, and the conditions of satisfaction assessment. This meeting will be the 'sign-off' of the Analysis phase. Which Sure Step document do you prepare for this meeting? The development consultants are documenting the user interface, business and data layer components that will be required to deliver each proposed system modification. They are also reviewing the design security and identifying additional security requirements. What are they doing? You are planning for a project that does not contain customizations and that will be implemented with an accelerated approach. How should you plan to migrate data ? Sure Step provides multiple ways to manage project documents. Which options allow you to collaborate more effectively and efficiently? Choose the 2 that apply. You selected the Standard Project Type as the most appropriate approach for successful implementation. Your team is engaged in the Analysis phase and they finished gathering the business requirements after conducting the Detailed Business Process Analysis. Which activity should the team perform next? Your customer wants to ensure their business software does not contain undocumented code. What can you do to ensure your team will not deliver undocumented code? Before executing a Requirements and Process Review Decision Accelerator, you need to gather data and document conditions. Which of the following are pre-conditions for this Decision Accelerator? Choose the 2 that apply. The sales team wants to close the sales process. They need to make sure that the scope and all other recommendations for project execution are analyzed, documented, and agreed upon by the customer. They are now looking for documentation that defines the formal services agreement and outlines the engagement in enough detail that they can make a decision. Which document can the sales team use to support the implementation proposal? You are engaged in a complex enterprise project environment. You need to ensure strict quality control. What should you do? Choose the 2 that apply. Which three customer benefits and objectives are achieved by conducting a Fit Gap and Solution Blueprint during the pre-sales process? Choose the 3 that apply. You are working to transition a large-scaled and complex company environment to a Microsoft Dynamics solution. Your team is currently focussed on deployment activities. You need to make sure that proven cut over processes are in place to reduce the risks in the go-live period. Which key tasks should be included when planning for the Go-live cutover? Choose the 2 that apply. You need to provide Business Decision Makers with a document that defines the proposed solution and capabilities being enabled by the solution. What should you do? Manager has a signed proposal and has made all project information available to you. You notice that infrastructure was discussed during the pre-sales activities. What are the next steps related to infrastructure that are proposed in the Sure Step Infrastructure Cross-Phase? You are creating a Project Charter. Which information should you include in this document? Choose the 3 that apply. You need to map requirements in the Fit Gap Analysis Worksheet to appropriate categories to help scope the level of effort required. Which of the following categorizations provide the most insights from a project scoping and cost analysis perspective? requirements gatherings, including workshops, demonstrations, and interview sessions. All relevant information was documented through these activities. You need to centralize this information in one document that will be used to authorize the project to start. This document will outline the overall goals and objectives, define the interactions of all project participants, list the approved scope, document assumptions and risks, and provide the high-level project schedule and approach. Which document do you create? What is the first customer requirement that you should verify before starting an upgrade assessment? You collaborated with the Solution Sales team to strategize how to execute a Business CaseAssessment. Which customer benefits do you realize when you execute a Business Case Assessment? Choose the 2 that apply. You are preparing a prop osal for a Microsoft Dynamics solution. Your challenge is to leverage information that has already been gathered during pre-sales activities in the Diagnostic phase. Which documents contain information that you should include in your proposal? Choose the 2 that apply. Performance optimization tasks were executed in the operation phase. Which optimization tasks will you need to consider addressing in the future? Choose the 2 thatapply. You are managing a complex, multisite project under a fixed price contract. Your customer wants to refine the project scope. You agree that the changes are appropriate, but believe that they constitute a major change that increases the project scope. What should you do? You are the consultant on a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 implementation. You need to review the benefits of a Scoping Assessment with the customer. Which benefits of a Scoping Assessment might you discuss? Choose the 2 that apply. You decide that a rapid implementation approach is appropriate for your current project. How detailed should the scope documentation be for this type of engagement? You have finished all customization efforts and are now focussed on the Go-live date and obtaining user acceptance sign-off. You need to execute user acceptance tests. What are the elements of good user acceptance tests scripts? Choose the 2 that apply. You have conducted a detailed business process analysis. You are now finalizing requirements gathering and need to document your findings in a key customer facing deliverable. Which document is best aligned for this purpose? availability of compliant hardware and infrastructure at the customer site. You also learned that your customer has doubts about the infrastructure being ready for a new system, and is concerned about the level of infrastructure changes that may be required. What should you do? During the business process analysis and requirements gathering activities, you identified a number of requirements to be fulfilled by configuration settings. While conducting design activities, in which document should you record these configuration settings? You have successfully executed your project and the contract is formally closed. Are there any remaining tasks to complete? You manage a project with a Standard Project Type approach. The Analysis phase is closed and your team is engaged in design activities. The development consultant reports the technical designs are complete and wants to begin the development activities early. What should you do? A prospective customer asks your sales person to prove that the proposed solution supports the specific industry requirements. You need to ensure due-diligence is achieved. What should you recommend? Choose the 2 that apply. You need to prepare to close a contract. What should you do? Choose the 2 that apply. Your team has successfully deployed a Microsoft Dynamics solution in a large global organization with multiple sites. Daily business transactions and activities are now operational. Which activities should be budgeted to take place after the Go-live milestone? Choose the 2 that apply. You are an implementation consultant in an IT company. The management team has decided to implement a Microsoft Dynamics product. You need to conduct the Fit Gap and Solution Blueprint assessment. Which of the following tasks are within the scope of the Fit Gap and Solution Blueprint? Choose the 3 that apply. The project team will require access to shared project files. Your new project is similar to an existing project, and you want to make these project files available to your team. What is the most efficient way to achieve this in Sure Step? You need to develop a schedule to manage the timeline, resources and activities required to complete the project in the stipulated time. Which elements are necessary to develop this schedule? Choose the 2 that apply. You want to know more about the responsibilities and accountabilities of the engagement manager and the project manager. Where can you find this information, and what competence allocations do you expect? As part of the application consultant team, you are responsible for Business Process Analysis. Select the most appropriate descriptions of Business Process Analysis as defined by the Sure Step Business Process Analysis Cross-Phase. Choose the 2 that apply. You are about to roll-out a new Microsoft Dynamics implementation with no customizations and very limited data migration. Which activities should you plan for in the Deployment phase? Choose the 2 that apply. Your team progressed through analysis, design, and development activities for your project. Phases were closed accordingly, and you are now ready to transition the new Microsoft Dynamics solution to the Deployment team. Which deployment activities do you plan next? Choose the 2 that apply. You are managing your project by means of a Standard Project Type approach. In which phase do you plan to start configuring the Microsoft Dynamics application? You and your team completed a successful deployment and Go-live cutover. In the first week following the Go-live cutover, your customer reports issues related to system setup and configuration. The customer asks to add fields to a report and to assist users in completing the new work procedures. How do you manage these requests? After completing the diagnostic assessments, you have the following project data: - There are at least 50 users - One ISV solution is included - Additional business process workflow mapping is required - An estimate of 250 hours of customization and complex data migration is needed - The implementation is planned for one site. Which implementation approaches are recommended by Sure Step? Choose the 2 that apply. You are concerned that users might not be able to bridge the existing gap between business processes and the business system that was identified. Which actions should you take as a Project Manager to proactively manage this? Choose the 2 that apply. You are determining the contract type for a new engagement. Based on the available diagnostic information, you come to the following conclusions: - There is uncertainty about a majority of the requirements - There is a significant gap between a large set of requirements and your Microsoft Dynamics solution - Your project team is not familiar with the customers's industry - Your customer is not familiar with implementation projects and business software. Which contract type should you recommend? You are preparing for a Kick-Off meeting. Which documents are effective inputs for this meeting? Choose the 2 that apply.