MB5-537 - Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System 2.0 Store Operations

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Example Questions

Which file should be used to create an empty Microsoft Dynamics - Retail Management System database? Which application must be installed on each register that will use the offline database feature? Which operation in Store Operations Administrator should be performed if you would like to remove the historical information in a Store Operations database? To verify the integrity of the tables in a Retail Management System database and report any issues, which operation in Administrator should be performed? How should you configure Store Operations to allow a cashier access to Store Operations Manager? Which is an example of an assembly item? In the following scenario, how many will Store Operations suggest to order of this item considering the following? Quantity On Hand = 6; Quantity Committed = 1; On Order = 12; Reorder Point = 36; Restock Level = 48 You would like to compare the actual number of goods you have on hand compared to what is recorded in Store Operations. Which process should you perform in Store Operations Manager? How many receipt printers per register can be defined in Store Operations Manager? Store Operations allows how many different dimensions/titles for Matrix Items? Assume the Price Calculation is set to Use Minimum Price. How will the price be selected if the Buydown price of an item is $9.99 and the Buydown quantity is 40? When are the primary and offline database synchronized? If selling three items as part of an assembly item, when is the quantity on hand reduced for each item? Which is an example of a kit item? To setup security in Store Operations, a user must have which rights? Which is an example of a lot matrix item? Considering the following, which discount method satisfies the requirements? Three flavors of nutrition bars are defined as separate inventory items priced at $1.50 each. A customer should be able to purchase any combination of the three flavors at the following prices: 2 for the full price, and the next 1 for $0.75. Which of the following cases best satisfies the requirements of a situation when a Work Order is used? Which OLE for POS (OPOS) device is supported by Store Operations? Choose the 2 that apply. Product labels are defined in files with which file extension? Your store is selling two items for $1.00. Each item has a different Item Lookup Code and sells for $0.59 individually. How should Store Operations be configured if the customer is required to purchase both items or two of one of the items to receive the discount? What process is used if a customer must leave the register temporarily to retrieve another item or perhaps money to pay for the transaction? Which item type is used to define a Gift Certificate? Which tab in File | Configuration of Administrator would be used to define a merchant's credit card authorization software? After tendering and completing a sale transaction, you noticed on the receipt that an item was incorrectly sold with the wrong price. How should you cancel the last sale making sure all item and transaction details are kept in tact and are completely reversed? Which processes can you NOT perform while in offline mode? Choose the 2 that apply. Which key or key combination is used to lookup an item from the Item List? You have noticed the cashiers have been manually discounting several items at the register. What should you do to track the discounts? Which of the following is NOT supported by Store Operations 2.0? You have noticed one of the cashiers has been performing more sales returns than expected so you have modified the Detailed Sales active report to track only the return transactions and the return reason code by that cashier. What should you do to save this report to retrieve it later? Which Tender Type selected at the POS would increase a customer's receivable balance? Users can create custom POS buttons for which of the following functions? Choose all that apply. Which process should you run if you are removing cash from the drawer to put it in a locked vault for security reasons but are not closing the batch? Which Cost Update Method should you configure if you wish to replace existing item costs with the supplier's cost each time a shipment is received and committed? If you received 40 items at a discounted cost and you wish to sell only those items 40 at a reduced price, which item properties should you set? Choose the 2 that apply. In which Retail Management System application can you export data by first executing a T-SQL (Transact-SQL) query? What is the difference between voiding a transaction and recalling a transaction for return? Register numbers assigned in Store Operations Manager under the Register Properties window correspond to which other setting? Which report that prints at the POS displays information regarding the up-to-the-minute sales statistics of the register? Note: Generating this report does not close the batch. The Assembly item type differs from a Kit in what way? Which file should be used to create the Tailspin Toys sample database? How should you configure Store Operations if you wish to close the billing cycle on the last day of each month? Which POS Display Option allows a second monitor for customers to view information such as advertisements, Web sites, or a graphical receipt? A sales representative (Sales Rep) is added to a transaction in which ways? Choose the 2 that apply. Which is NOT reported on the Z Report (assuming the report is not customized)? Which subfolder within the Store Operations folder are the backup (.bck) files stored in on your hard drive after installing Store Operations? Consider the following scenario: You have two registers and a back office machine with the following computer names: Back office machine: RMSSvr Register at lane 1: RMSReg1 Register at lane 2: RMSReg2 Microsoft SQL Server has been installed on RMSSvr. This machine will store the primary Store Operations database. Each register will use a local copy of Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE) or SQL Express for its offline database. If you are configuring the offline database for lane 1, what should you enter as the Server Name of the Offline Database Server in Store Operations Administrator Configuration? When receiving a purchase order in Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Store Operations, which item attributes are you able to change directly from the receiving window? Choose the 3 that apply. What process will complete and close a batch of credit card transactions that were authorized over a period of time? Which Tax Schedule Basis should be used if your business is primarily from mail order or catalog?