MB5-294 - Microsoft FRx 6.7 Reporting Design

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Example Questions

Which of the following statements regarding Report Launcher is inaccurate? By design, Reporting Tree child units rollup data to parent units in the tree. Which print control option will suppress this rollup of data for a given row of the report? In an existing reporting unit, question marks (???) exist in Column G for a specific segment of the account mask. What do these symbols mean? You would like to view subtotals in the DrillDown Viewer. Which of the following Detail Level will enable this functionality? You would like to display a currency symbol on the last row of your report. How would you define this? You would like to sort the expense section of your report from highest to lowest. Which of the following options or fields require definition in the Row Format? The @RUNIT code in the catalog header or footer will print related data from the Reporting Tree. Which column(s) data will display when using this code? The split function in the Reporting Tree is designed to: The Period Code field in a column layout contains BASE-2 TO BASE. This report will run without error for which fiscal periods? You have a Column Layout using the variable header code @MONTH. What field must be defined in the detail section of the Column Layout to support this code? Your GL account mask is Center-Natural-Dept (3-4-2). Which of the following is a valid Account Filter in the Column Layout, when filtering department 00 of the third segment? Which symbol is used by the Add Rows from Chart of Accounts function to define the segment you wish to build on? You have previously created a report pulling data from both the general ledger and two external spreadsheets (WKS1 & WKS2). A new department has been added to the general ledger, and data related to this department was added to one of the existing spreadsheets, below the data currently included in reports. What steps must be taken to update the report? Which of the following are required in order to generate a Catalog? Your Row Format contains a GL+Worksheet link. Which of the following is not a valid cell reference for that link type? One row of a row format contains the full account code which is causing duplication of amounts in the parent Reporting Unit. What additional step must be taken to eliminate duplicaiton of data for the row that contains the full account code? Using the FRx Currency Translation Module which of the following is possible? A GL type column in the Column Layout reads 1 TO 3 in the Period Code field. What data will be reported in this column assuming a 12 period fiscal year of July-June and a Base Period of 4? You would like to compute the result of row 100 multiplied by the value 100. Which Format Code and related formula would you use? Which of the following is not a valid format option for headers in the Column Layout? Which of the following is an invalid Calc Formula when column D is defined as a CALC type column in the Column Layout? You are designing a Row Format that will link to external worksheet data. Which of the following is not a valid cell reference for a External Worksheet link type? You would like to add security to a DrillDown Viewer (.FRD) report. How is this done? Which of the following is a TRUE statement regarding Row Linking in report design? You are designing a departmental report that will pull actual results from the general ledger in one column and budget data from an external worksheet in another column. How many links will be required in the Row Format? The Related Rates/Rows/Units column (Column D) of the Row Format can be used for all of the following, except? When including account details in a report, you can optionally sub-total when drilling down. The sub-total funtion in the DrillDown Viewer is found where? The Print Control option XCR is used in the Column Layout for which type of columns when defining variance reports? You have selected the "report missing accounts" exception report in the Catalog. If the Row Format is designed to report accounts 4100 to 4900 which of the following accounts could be reported as missing? You are modifying a report to enable XBRL output. Which changes are required? A general ledger index is a file that contains general ledger specific information, such as the chart of accounts or calendar setup. Which of the following is not a valid statement regarding the GL index? Entering TYPE=2 in the Description Column (Column B) of a row format will create a thick line when used with these Format Codes? When designing a report that includes a Reporting Tree, which of the following options are available when using the File, Send option in the DrillDown Viewer? Reporting Trees can have security for individual units defined in column P. Where do you go to select the "disable tree security" option? How do you add a bold horizontal line, separating the Assets from the Liabilities and Eqiuty section of your Balance Sheet design? You would like to add the date your report is generated to the footer of the Catalog. Which Header/Footer code is used for this feature? Reports may be automatically printed during report generation by selecting which of the following options? When a font style is applied to a row, and a different font style is applied to a column, which font style will display at the intersection of these two points? GL type columns in the Column Layout refer to a Book Code/Attribute Category. Which of the following are valid statements regarding Book Codes? Account Sets in the Row Format are: When designing a Row Format using the optional Currency Translation Module, which of the following is not a true statement? You would like to define a Row Format using segments one and two of a four segment account mask. What is the proper syntax entered in Column H, the Link to General Ledger column? You would like to place a box around specific rows of data in one column of your report. How do you define the box parameters? You would like to format your report to display whole dollars. Where are the rounding options found? Reports are generated by default to the DrillDown Viewer. From the DDV you may additionally: You would like to permanently update the default report date to read "For the period ending...", instead of the default "For the month ending...". How is this setting modified? Which of the following are true statements regarding CALC type columns in the Column Layout? Which file extensions can be opened by the FRx DirllDown Viewer? The default base period in the Report Date of a Catalog is set to CUR. What date will the report be generated for? The default import and export path is to the IO_Data directory. If you would like to send the completed file (report) to your desktop, where can you update the path?