MB5-199 - Microsoft Retail Management Systems Store Operations

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Example Questions

Users can create custom POS buttons for which of the following functions? Assuming the cashier has the appropriate rights, which key or keys remove a line item from a transaction? In the customer properties window (Database | Customers), which tab displays a customer's account receivable balance and outstanding transactions? Which report gives a summary of all Z reports since the last time this report was run? Which device should you configure if you wish to maintain an electronic copy of each customer's signature? In the following scenario, how many will Store Operations suggest to order of this item considering the following? Quantity On Hand = 6; Quantity Committed = 1; On Order = 12; Reorder Point = 36; Restock Level = 48 "Available Quantity" is calculated using which of the following formulas? Which report closes the current POS batch? After tendering and completing a sale transaction, you noticed on the receipt that an item was incorrectly sold with the wrong price. How should you cancel the last sale making sure all item and transaction details are kept in tact and are completely reversed? Consider the following scenario: You have two registers and a back office machine with the following computer names: Back office machine: RMSSvr Register at lane 1: RMSReg1 Register at lane 2: RMSReg2 Microsoft SQL Server has been installed on RMSSvr. This machine will store the primary Store Operations database. Each register will use a local copy of Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE) for its offline database. If you are configuring the offline database for lane 1, what should you enter as the Server Name of the Offline Database Server in Store Operations Administrator Configuration? Product labels are defined in files with which file extension? You would like to compare the actual number of goods you have on hand compared to what is recorded in Store Operations. Which process should you perform in Store Operations Manager? A sales representative (Sales Rep) is added to a transaction in which ways? Which process should you run if you are removing cash from the drawer to put it in a locked vault for security reasons but are not closing the batch? If an item is placed on back order, how are the quantity on hand, quantity committed, and quantity available values affected? If an item is received in new packaging with a new Item Lookup Code, which item property allows you to sell that item using either the new or the existing Item Lookup Code? In Administrator, the Configuration window under the File menu is used to setup what? Considering the following, which discount method satisfies the requirements? Three flavors of nutrition bars are defined as separate inventory items priced at $1.50 each. A customer should be able to purchase any combination of the three flavors at the following prices: 2 for the full price, and the next 1 for $0.75. Which is an example of a matrix item? Which process creates a file that users can import into supported accounting applications that integrate Retail Management System sales figures into their General Ledger? Which Store Operations Administrator operation changes an Retail Management System database from Latin1_General_BIN to SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS? In order for the Z report to balance (i.e. Over/Short is $0.00), what processes must be completed prior to printing the Z report? Which Cost Update Method should you configure if you wish to replace existing item costs with the supplier's cost each time a shipment is received and committed? If an item is only available from your supplier in order quantities of 24, which setting is used to ensure purchase orders generated from Store Operations Manager follow this rule? Which report that prints at the POS displays information regarding the up-to-the-minute sales statistics of the register? Note: Generating this report does not close the batch. What process will complete and close a batch of credit card transactions that were authorized over a period of time? Roughly how long will Store Operations operate without restrictions if the Software Copy Protection Device (Dongle) is damaged or misplaced? Which function must be processed prior to printing new customer statements? The quantity on hand for an item that is being returned is currently 50 and the quantity committed is 15. If the item is returned to offline inventory through the use of a reason code, what is the quantity on hand and quantity committed once the return is completed and the quanties are automatically transferred to offline inventory? Which transaction type best satisfies the requirements if your store has insufficient quantity of an item a customer would like to purchase? Which processes can you NOT perform while in offline mode? To setup security in Store Operations, a user must have which rights? A customer would like to purchase a $1,500 bicycle. He/she would like to pay $100 towards the purchase of the bike and continue to make payments until it is paid in full. What type of transaction should you perform? Which application must be installed on each register that will use the offline database feature? You have recently signed an agreement to accept the American Express card. You have created a new tender type named AMEX; however, the tender does not appear when tendering a sale. What should you do to display the new tender? When receiving items on a Purchase Order, what must be done before the quantities are actually updated in the database? Which Tender Type selected at the POS would increase a customer's receivable balance? Which of the following transactions allows the customer to make a deposit? Which file should be used to create the Tailspin Toys sample database? Which is NOT reported on the Z Report (assuming the report is not customized)? Assume the Price Calculation is set to Use Minimum Price. How will the price be selected if the Buydown price of an item is $9.99 and the Buydown quantity is 40? Which file should be used to create an empty Retail Management System database? Which is an example of an assembly item? What is the default user ID and password to log into POS in both the blank database and the sample databases? Every POS batch is assigned to what? You order and receive an item in cases of 12. How should you configure Store Operations to ensure an accurate quantity is ordered? The Inventory Wizard does not allow changes to which item properties? Which tab in File | Configuration of Administrator would be used to define a merchant's Credit Card Authorization software? If selling three items in a kit, when is the quantity on hand reduced for each item in the kit? Which is an example of a lot matrix item?