MB4-535 - SL 7.0 Financials

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Example Questions

How many ledgers can be affected by a single Journal Transactions batch? What transactions are created in the General Ledger for a vendor invoice for telephone expense when it is released in Voucher and Adjustment Entry? Choose the 2 that apply. A batch of system checks was printed but the check forms were not placed in the printer. Which AP Check Processing option should be selected so that the checks can be reprinted using the same check numbers? After Payment Selection has been run, which of the following changes can be made using the Edit/Select Documents for Payment screen? Choose the 3 that apply. Which of the following is the best screen to use to record interest earned on a checking account? General Ledger transaction and account history detail is being retained for one year. General Ledger was closed for the year in period 12-2005 and the Delete Detail option was checked. Which of the following functions may still be performed? Choose the 3 that apply. A system check is printed that requires more than one check form to list all of the vouchers paid. How are the additional check forms that were used listed on the check register? A payment was received from a customer but returned due to Non-Sufficient Funds. The Void payment process was used in Payment Application Inquiry/Reversal but the fee did not show up on the customer account. What would cause this problem? Choose the 2 that apply. What determines the fiscal period for posting a transaction? Which ledger do transactions from Accounts Payable update? A company has employees set up as Vendors for expense reimbursements. To properly sort the name "Ted Bremer" by "B" rather than "T", how should the name be entered in the Vendor Name field? A company assesses finance charges on overdue invoices and then sends statements to customers each month. Which processes must be run before the Statements are printed? Choose the 3 that apply. Which Entry Type does NOT create General Ledger transactions? Which of the following batches can be deleted in the Voucher and Adjustment screen? Choose the 2 that apply. When do Cash Flow items entered in the Cash Flow Item Maintenance screen update actual Cash Manager and General Ledger account balances? What happens when a Customer ID is placed on "Admin Hold"? Choose the 2 that apply. What is the greatest number of "Budget" type ledgers that can be created in Microsoft Dynamics SL? How do you correct customer records when a batch of invoices is entered twice and released both times? What happens when the "Transaction Description Default" in AR Setup is set to Customer ID and the user types an additional description on a transaction in the Invoice and Memo screen? Which procedures are required to correct a voucher that was entered and released for the wrong vendor. Choose the 2 that apply. In which periods will transactions update account balances when the Post Transactions process is run? Choose the 2 that apply. How is the Adjusted Balance in the Bank Reconciliation screen calculated? Which of the following entry types would be set up as a Receipt? Choose the 2 that apply. Which of the following functions would save data entry time if a user inputs a similar journal entry each month? Which screens can be used for small balance write-offs? Choose the 2 that apply. The client needs to be able to run reports showing 5 years of Accounts Payable period balance history and 2 years of transaction level history. What settings and/or procedures would you implement for the client to insure that this will happen? A company wishes to segment their subaccount as follows: 1. Company Segment, 2. Location, 3. Department, 4. Event, 5. Region, 6. Project, 7. Sales Type. How is this accomplished? A voucher was entered on December 15, 2006 with an amount coded to a 1099 box. The check that paid this voucher was dated January 10, 2007. Which describes how the 1099 box amount is updated? When is a General Ledger account balance updated in the General Ledger module by a batch entered in the Cash Account Transactions screen? What is the best report to use to verify that FRx financial statements balance to the General Ledger? When a discount is taken, what account is the discount amount posted to? What is the maximum number of Cash accounts that can be tracked in Cash Manager? What are Cash Flow items used for? Choose the 2 that apply. Which procedure can be used to enter a voucher for an invoice and record a Manual Check that was hand written? Choose the 2 that apply. What is the Vendor Class used for? Choose the 3 that apply. How is an invoice from a vendor entered that has an item for service that is 1099 reportable and two additional line items that are not 1099 reportable? Which of the following are requirements to delete a Vendor? Choose the 3 that apply. Which of the following addresses prints on a check issued to a vendor? Which of the following functions can be accomplished in the General Ledger Closing screen? Choose the 3 that apply. Which of the following could update a Cash Manager Bank Account? Choose the 3 that apply. How can you select all documents for payment that are due on or before a particular date in addition to all documents for a particular vendor? Choose the 2 that apply. When is the "Adjustment" batch type used? When is the Order Management tab available in the Customer Maintenance screen? The client wants Microsoft Dynamics SL setup to allow drill-down into expense account detail from within FRx. Which of the following combinations of settings will allow them to do this? Which scenarios would require a new Budget distribution with assigned percentages? Choose the 2 that apply. Voiding a check using the Void Check Entry screen causes which of the following things to occur in the system? Choose the 2 that apply. When a batch of payments is released, which Cash Account is used in the transactions created for the General Ledger? Which modules send data to General Ledger? Choose the 3 that apply. How many cash accounts can be referenced in each batch in the Cash Account Transactions screen? Which "Account Types" are recognized by Microsoft Dynamics SL?