MB4-534 - SL 7.0 Installation and Configuration

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Example Questions

What is the greatest number of "Budget" type ledgers that can be created in Microsoft Dynamics SL? Electronic Document Delivery can send which of the following Accounts Receivable documents by email or fax? A Payment for customer "Trey Research" was entered for "Adventure Works" by mistake and applied to an invoice for the same amount. How should you correct this situation? What is the criteria for entering documents from various vendors in one batch in the Voucher and Adjustment screen? Which Ledger ID is the default in the Journal Transaction screen? Which of the following functions would save data entry time if a user inputs a similar journal entry each month? When should the "Correct Customer Balances to Total Doc Balance" and the "Rebuild Accounts Receivable History from Documents" processes in the Accounts Receivable Integrity Check screen be used? When are the Aging Balances in Customer Maintenance updated? Choose the 2 that apply. In which screen are Accounts Receivable prepayments applied to specific customer documents? The option "Edit only in Init Mode" is checked in GL Setup. How do you edit a General Ledger batch that is "Released" but not "Posted"? Which of the following functions can be accomplished in the General Ledger Closing screen? Choose the 3 that apply. What is the best report to use to verify that FRx financial statements balance to the General Ledger? Which of the following could update a Cash Manager Bank Account? Choose the 3 that apply. Which Entry Type is reserved by the system to record the offsetting entry to cash? Which procedure can be used to enter a voucher for an invoice and record a Manual Check that was hand written? Choose the 2 that apply. A client implementing Accounts Receivable has customers that are considered Retail and others that are Wholesale. Which of the following would allow customers to be grouped by these categories for reporting purposes? Which of the following are requirements to delete a Vendor? Choose the 3 that apply. If payments from customers are to be matched to specific customer invoices, which process should not be run? What is the maximum length of Name and Address fields in Account Receivable Customer Maintenance? Which procedures are required to correct a voucher that was entered and released for the wrong vendor. Choose the 2 that apply. In Flexkey Definition, the "Validate" option for each segment is not checked and the "Valid Combos Required" option is not checked. Which will occur during maintenance and data entry? Choose the 2 that apply. When a batch of payments is released, which Cash Account is used in the transactions created for the General Ledger? An invoice is received from vendor Trey Research for information and research services they provided. Which screens can be used to enter the vendor invoice? Choose the 2 that apply. When the Receipt/Disbursement Flag in the Entry Type Maintenance screen is set to Receipt, this indicates a Receipt to which account? A voucher was entered on December 15, 2006 with an amount coded to a 1099 box. The check that paid this voucher was dated January 10, 2007. Which describes how the 1099 box amount is updated? A customer was defined in the Customer Maintenance screen with the ID "ADVWRK" and name "Adventure Works". At least one invoice has been entered for the customer. Which of the following cannot be changed in Customer Maintenance? Which Entry Type does NOT create General Ledger transactions? Which of the following document types display in the "grid" area of the Payment Application screen making them available to have payments applied to them? Choose the 2 that apply. Which ledger do transactions from Accounts Payable update? An invoice was entered and released for customer Adventure Works for $800.00. The invoice should have been for only $600.00. How should you correct this situation? Which situation below would allow the Manual Check screen to be used to issue a check? Choose the 2 that apply. How is the Adjusted Balance in the Bank Reconciliation screen calculated? A batch was posted to period 03-2007 and should have been posted to period 02-2007. Which steps are required to correct the situation? Choose the 2 that apply. How do you correct customer records when a batch of invoices is entered twice and released both times? A company wishes to enter payments and match them up directly with the invoices with which they are associated. Which of the following screens allows this capability? In which periods will transactions update account balances when the Post Transactions process is run? Choose the 2 that apply. How much is the batch total for a batch entered in Voucher and Adjustment Entry that contains a voucher for $10, a Debit Adjustment for $5 and a Credit Adjustment for $2? Which document type entered in the Invoice and Memo screen does NOT leave an open balance when released? Which ledger type is used to track the number of employees associated with each payroll expense account? When do Cash Flow items entered in the Cash Flow Item Maintenance screen update actual Cash Manager and General Ledger account balances? When is the "Adjustment" batch type used? A company purchased new office furniture and needs to pay a deposit of $1000. The invoice has not yet been received from the vendor. For audit trail purposes, the controller would like the entry posted to an account for Deposits. Which screen can be used to do this and print the check? What is the maximum number of Cash accounts that can be tracked in Cash Manager? What are Cash Flow items used for? Choose the 2 that apply. When the import process is run a second time using the same Import Reference Number what happens to the items previously imported? When is a Cash Manager account balance updated in the Cash Manager module? Which fiscal periods can be entered as the Period to Post in the Journal transactions screen? Choose the 3 that apply. Which Allocation Method is used to allocate office supplies posted to an administrative account to each department based on the amount of office supply expense in each departmental subaccount? What is the Vendor Class used for? Choose the 3 that apply. When Cash Manager is implemented on an existing Solomon system which has been using the Accounts Receivable module, which payments will automatically be brought over by the Integrity Check process to the Cash Manager Module from Accounts Receivable?