MB4-219 - Microsoft Business Solutions - Solomon 6.0 Inventory and Order Processing

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Example Questions

Which of the following occurs when the the Order to Purchase module is installed? Which screen in the Order Management is used to add freight charges to a shipper if the freight charges are based on a percent of freight cost? When cost of goods sold is calculated for the sale of average cost items, at which level of detail is the average cost found? When booking landed costs in Solomon, which inventory valuation methods can result in the creation of an adjustment batch in Inventory. A customer has run the Update Standard Costs from Pending process to revalue the inventory based on the new standard cost values. Which of the following Inventory screens can be used to view the batch that is created by this process? When is the status of a blanket order automatically set to Completed (M)? Which feature in the Inventory module can be used to associate characteristics to inventory items for searching purposes? Which of the following inventory item valuation methods require a receipt number to be entered when adjustments are made in the Adjustments screen in the Inventory module? Which of the following are features of the Price Negotiator screen in the Sales Order screen? Which of the following screens or processes are modified when the Orders to Purchase module is installed? What is the value of the Purchse Order's status field for orders that are ompleted?that prints on many reports and displays in the F3 or possible value lookup windows? Which of the following freight terms can be set up to calculate the customer freight charge automatically? Which of the following is a function of the Period Closed field on the Purchase Order screen? Which receipt types can be entered in the Receipt/Invoice Entry screen? When a return of a stock kit is processed, how are inventory quantities affected? The Order to Purchase module is designed to improve the integration between which of the following modules? Which Purchase For type is valid for purchase orders, but not for receipts? Which of the following screens can be used to enter customer payment amounts in the Order Management module? A company needs the ability to perform a partial physical count on a group of items that are not based on the cost or sales activity of the inventory items. Which of the physical inventory fields on the Physical Cycle tab in the Inventory Items screen can be used to meet the needs of this client? What information can default into the Sales Order or Shippers screens based on the customer ship-to address selected for the document? Which feature in the Inventory module can be used to set up the part numbers of the manufacturers to streamline the entry of Purchase Orders and Sales Orders? Discounts are not being calculated automatically because the user is entering multiple lines with the same inventory item on a single order for shipping purposes. Which procedure best solves the problem? What pricing feature is designed specifically to handle the following example: take 10% off of the base price, then an additional 5% off the discounted price? For which purchase order types can receipts can be entered in the Receipt/Invoice Entry screen? Landed costs can be allocated to line items with which of the following Receipt For types in the Receipt/Invoice Entry screen? Which of the following predefined order types have no effect on inventory balances? How is a new sales order created from a blanket order? Which of the following are valid Site ID default options in the Order Management Setup screen? Receipts can be entered in the Receipt/Invoice Entry screen for purchase orders that have which of the following statuses? Which screen and module is used to define the length and number of segments of the Inventory ID? A client has a guaranteed 3 day delivery policy for orders placed before 2:00 p.m.. All orders placed on or after 2:00 p.m. will be delivered within 3 business days of the next business day. How do you implement this policy? A client has set up inventory sites for their warehouses in New York, Houston, Chicago, and San Diego. When a customer places an order, the client wants the inventory site for the warehouse closest to the ship to location to be used as the default site during data entry. Which of the following steps will facilitate this scenario? When using the Issues screen in the Inventory module, which line types create a customer invoice in the Accounts Receivable module? Which of the following inventory valuation methods is not supported by the Solomon Inventory module? When is the status of a standard order automtatically set to Completed (M)? Under what conditions is the PO field on a sales order required to be populated? Which of the following are valid allocation methods for landed costs? When pressing the F3 key on the Order Type field, the Counter Sale order type does not appear in the list. What is the proper procedure to create Counter Sale orders? Which pre-defined order type is used for processing direct billing, recording sales "after the fact," and recording orders for items that have already been shipped to the customer but not recorded in Solomon? When is the status of a regular purchase order set to Completed (M)? If a landed cost is associated with a voucher line that has a LIFO inventory item, and the quantity remaining in inventory for the item is less than the receipt quantity, then how are GL accounts and inventory affected by the landed cost entries? In order to be able to use the Order Management module, what other Solomon modules must be installed? Multiple lines for the same item are entered on a purchase order because each line has a different promise date. Deliveries are made in stages. When receiving against these purchase orders, the user does not always select the correct line items, causing the vendor analysis reports to be misleading. Which option resolves this issue? With regard to the Customer Priority Scheduling (CPS) option, which of the following is a valid configuration? A sale is made by one salesperson, but the customer is normally serviced by another salesperson. In these situations, the salesperson making the sale is given a 5% commission on the sale and the primary salesperson is given a 10% commission. How is the sales order entered? Which order type has the following behavior: the order does not update Accounts Receivable and has no impact on Inventory? When the Tag Controlled Physical Inventories field is not checked in the Inventory Setup screen, which of the following applies? A user needs to enter a receipt of 10 widgets at $12 each in the Receipts screen. Which scenarios require multiple receipt detail lines? The manufacturing division has placed a request to purchase 10,000 WIDGETS over the next twelve months with delivery of these WIDGETS on an as-needed basis. Given the following options, how would you suggest the Purchasing department handle this situation? Vouchers created from purchase order receipts can be edited in which of the following screens?