MB4-213 - Microsoft Business Solutions - Solomon 6.0 Tools for Visual Basic

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Example Questions

Which property of a Solomon data control must be populated in order for the control to display the data stored in a buffer value? What are common memory array functions used for the Solomon application? When working with unbound controls, which statements are true? What type of container object must be used to contain the data controls and grid controls for a detail level? The ROI.exe accepts several different command line switches to allow programs to pass necessary information to the executable to print the desired report. Which switch passes the report number that is used by ROI.exe to retrieve the correct record from the RptControl table? What value will be stored in the buffer variable attached to a Solomon Tools check box control when the user sets the control to "checked"? When working with Solomon reports, which statements are true? What program utility can be used to create needed controls and set necessary properties automatically? Once the user chooses a company from the Login screen they will be connected to two databases, an application and system database. What type of information is contained in the System Database? If you are adding a level that accesses an existing Solomon table, most likely a stored procedure will already have been created to support possible values lookups for that table. What file would you search to locate a suitable stored procedure? Although these are not requirements, what are common programming practices when starting a new Tools for Visual Basic project? When adding new tables to the Solomon database, which restrictions must you follow? How many tables per level is the Solomon Kernel designed to manage automatically? In order for the Kernel to be able to manage records in the database, data must be broken into logically related groups. What term is used to refer to these groups? Which statement is not a true statement when discussing how records are retrieved from the DBMS? What conditions would require a SetAddr call? What does UDT stand for? All Solomon programs must adhere to a unique naming convention. Which of these applies and is in the proper order? Which property of a control is used to tell the Kernel that it is a key field? What must be done to set up a database side cursor to be used for a new level? When working with a detail level of a spreadsheet control, where will the Kernel look to find the stored procedure used to retrieve the records from the database? Which two existing template files will assist you in starting a new Tools for Visual Basic project? Which programs are used to manage the data that Dictionary Browser uses to created controls on a VB form? When the Solomon application is launched, which main programs are started What is true when working with a spreadsheet control? When a user moves to a line in a grid, the kernel triggers a LineGotFocus event in the Solomon Tools for Visual Basic program. What best describes the purpose of the information that the kernel passes to this event via the MaintFlg parameter? What type of information does the FieldName property contain? If users other than the system administrator need rights to any new Tools for Visual Basic programs, the screen numbers for those programs will need to be added to the Screens table. Which of the following utility programs either in the Solomon product or the MS SQL Server product, could be used to modify existing records and insert new records into this table? The SetButton function has several parameters that can be identified. What do these parameters represent? What Solomon function can be called to disable buttons on the Toolbar? The Status function and the process status form are designed to manage and/or implement which of the following functions that commonly need to be handled performing operations on multiple entities such as records a database? What does Solomon call a field that exists on a window but is not a field from any table in the database? When the user hits the F3 function key on a field that has a PV property, where does the kernel get the information needed to determine what should be included in the Possible Values window? Which API function call can be used to redisplay the current contents of a buffer variable in the controls bound to that buffer? Generate schema can be used to create files with a CRT extension that contain SQL create table statements. What can be used to execute these SQL script statements? By default, setting this property will tell the Kernel to validate any data entered into a field and force the user to only enter valid values. What statements are true about the Solomon menu? Which statement is true about Record Maintenance? The Solomon kernel is designed to automatically manage the unique identity of records in a detail level by which of the following methods? Which of the following methods can be used to open a sub-form of a Solomon program using the Solomon Object Model? When the user changes the value of a field, what Tools for Visual Basic event will fire? Solomon uses a standard naming convention for many files used during development. Which file extension is used for SQL script files that contain CREATE INDEX statements? What program is used to assign rights to users and/or groups? What must be done in order for a program that is automating a Solomon program via the Solomon Object Model to be able to programmatically respond to warnings and error messages for the automated program? Since levels are responsible for managing data retrieval and updating, what does each level require that must be stored in a global variable in the program? When automating a Solomon program using the Solomon Object Model, which controls on the program are accessable via the SIVControls collection (assume the program being automated does not have any controls on it that are not supported by the Solomon Tools for Visual Basic Kernel)? What term is used in the Solomon Tools for Visual Basic to define a logically related group of information that can be managed by the Solomon Kernel? Which utility is used to perform an import to get the PV definition into the PVREC table of the Solomon database? What is a true statement when dealing with a "NOLEVEL" buffer? When working with the Solomon Status function, which function displays a status form with a cancel button and a timer showing elapsed time?