MB4-212 - Microsoft Business Solutions - Solomon 6.0 Installation and Configuration

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Example Questions

Which of the following methods efficiently duplicates frequently used data in Solomon screens? What remote connectivity solutions does Solomon support running on? Solomon's access security functions include which of the following? Which Solomon menu would you open to import data from other applications? What is the purpose of the Solomon Note function? What are good ways to optimize Solomon performance in the Windows environment on the server? What is the extent of Solomon's module-level logical integrity checking capabilities? Which of the following are true of Solomon templates? What resources does the Solomon Kernel, Swimapi.dll, interface with? Which of the following is listed in the correct order from lowest to highest of system security levels? Which Solomon toolbar button(s) would you click to save the current record and prepare for entry of a new record? Which of the following statements about Solomon databases is true? Which of the following statements about the Solomon System database is false? What is the purpose of a Solomon test installation? When consulting with a customer in regard to needed hard disk space for Solomon databases, which of the following responses would you choose? Which of the following statements are true with regard to backing-up Solomon program and data files? Which Microsoft versions of Windows are supported for a Solomon client installation? Where does Solomon store the databases that a workstation last logged into? Which of the following are key elements of the computer system inventory you should conduct before installing Solomon? What back up scheme would be best for a company that has a lower transaction volume that is concerned with a fast recovery? Which of the following statements about FRx installation are false? Which of the following statements are true of the Solomon Implementation plan? What backup scheme would be the most efficient for a company that has a high transaction volume that is concerned with the amount of data that could be lost? What screen resolution is recommended for on-screen display of Solomon windows? Which of the following could cause problems with a Solomon installation? What Solomon module must be installed and set up for Business Portal to be able to process reports correctly? When you start the Solomon Setup program, which action does Setup perform automatically? Which of the following items should be included in the regular Solomon database backup procedure? Which of the following can increase a Solomon Application database's hard disk storage requirements? Which option should you select when installing Crystal Reports for use with Solomon? Which standard Solomon application provides the ability to customize a standard Solomon report, such as the General Ledger Trial Balance? When installing SQL Server to be used with Solomon, you must do which of the following? If you are working in one Application database and want to begin working in another Application database how do you login to the new company? How many times can you access Solomon while it is in TrialLoc mode before the system will require registration keys to continue using the product? What is the purpose of Solomon's two-database design? Which of the following situations would prompt you to run a module integrity check? Which of the following is NOT a Solomon Edit menu function? You wish to deploy Solomon in an environment with 34 concurrent users. Which Solomon edition needs to be installed? Which of the following options can you change within Solomon? Which of the following statements about referential integrity is true? How do you re-route a Solomon report to a file? What two Solomon registration keys are required? In a Solomon environment, which user is logged into SQL Server during Solomon? Which of the following is the recommended way to install Solomon supporting products? The Solomon Tools for Visual Basic module includes which of the following? What Solomon window would you open to setup and maintain the relationship between system and application databases? Which of the following cannot be installed from the Solomon CD(s)? Which of the following are true statements about Solomon product registration? Which of the following is a standard Solomon reporting function? When analyzing a company for Standard Edition vs. Professional Edition for Solomon, what profiles would be most suitable for Standard Edition?