MB4-211 - Microsoft Business Solutions - Solomon 6.0 Customization Manager

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Example Questions

Which Customization Level will allow a screen to open with customizations applied but will never allow you to add new customizations or modify existing customizations at that level? Which of the following statements are true about how levels function in Customization Manager? How can you tell what properties have been modified for an object? When looking at the Properties window for a control on a screen, what tells you the control type? When using Customization Manager the order in which to create a customization is important. What is the correct sequence of steps for creating any customization? Which type of modification is NOT possible with Customization Manager? Customization Manager is designed to allow you to do which of the following actions? Which of the following statements is true about a field TabIndex? How can you remove all customizations for a particular object in a screen at a given level? If you need to move several objects in a screen, how could you do this? Which data bound object type would not need a label object to display a description of the data in the field? Which of the following statements about the Max and Min properties are true? What types of modifications can be made to the list of values that appear in a Combo box control that was put on the screen by the Solomon developers? Which of the following are reasons for using the Export Customizations feature? How can you select an object in a screen? Which of the following controls are typically bound to database fields? Which statement is NOT true about the Mask property? Which of the following statements are true about the Visual Basic for Applications module? Which are true statements about the Solomon Customization Manager? How can User-Specified lookup types be used? The Max property on an amount field has been set to 1,000.00. What happens when a user tries to enter 1,001.00 in the field? For controls that will be displayed as columns in a grid, what determines which control will be the left most column? Customization can be created at which of the following levels? If you wanted to use Microsoft Query Analyzer to look at customizations, which statement identifies where you might need to look? Which of the following statements about the Default property is true? Which of the following statements are true about the Heading property? There is a non-required field on a screen that's value is typically "N/A". The users would like Solomon to automatically set the field to "N/A" and they don even want to go to the field except the few times that they need to enter something other than "N/A". Which of the following properties would be used to meet these requirements? You need to test or demonstrate a new customization on a screen at a level that already has customizations but you don want the new customization to be permanent. How can this be done? Which types of objects are bound to database fields? Files created using the Export Customization feature have what file extension by default? Which property can be used to implement field-level security? Even though they are used in some standard Solomon screens, it is NOT possible to insert which type of object? How can you identify if a screen has been customized using Customization Manager? While Solomon supports several different types of lookups which lookup type can NOT be modified in Customization Manager?