MB3-530 - GP 10.0 Integration Manager

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Example Questions

Which development tools use eConnect functionality? Choose the 2 that apply. What is the default value for the maximum number of errors allowed before the integration is stopped by Integration Manager? Which of the following are characteristics of a field marked as a key field in the source properties window? Which of the following statements is true regarding Integration Manager? Which of the following Integration Manager techniques can be used to ensure that source data values match Microsoft Dynamics GP values? Which of the following is an available Storage Type for the Integration Log? Choose the 2 that apply. Which integration log level is recommended for debugging an integration? The first time Integration Manager is started, which of the following must be done? The Integration Manager installation can be repaired using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel or by using which of the following methods? When does the Destination Edit Mode field become available in the Integration Properties window? You have created an integration using eConnect. What must be installed to use the integration in a production environment? The following are a list of several VBScripting events. Which selection lists the events in the correct order? How does Integration Manager determine the data type for source fields? What are the components of Integration Manager? Choose the 3 that apply. Which of the following database integration tools has built in data validation? Choose the 3 that apply. VB scripts can be attached at which of the following levels? Choose the 3 that apply. When an integration is deleted, which of the following items are not deleted at the same time? Choose the 2 that apply. The Integration Manager database conversion process creates which of the following files? If you do not select first Row Contains Column Names in the Source properties, what default names are assigned? What is the best way to limit the data to be integrated to a specific date? Data types can be changed within Integration Manager for which source type? Choose the 2 that apply. Where are Integration Manager registration keys entered? When creating a Simple ODBC query to access an Excel spreadsheet, what step must be done in Excel to integrate the data? What is the default Relationship Type? A simple ODBC source allows for which of the following? In addition to displaying Integration Manager version information, the About Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Manager window also displays which of the following? How does Microsoft Dynamics GP define a business object? Where can data sources for Integration Manager be created? Your company has specified a password to exceed credit limits in Receivables Management. When creating a Receivables Transaction integration, which of the following security concerns should you consider? Which of the following sources allow Integration Manager to create a rejection file? What file formats does Import Utility support? Choose the 2 that apply. How do you change the company to which records integrate when using the eConnect destination adapter? What is a key difference between local and global translations? Choose the 2 that apply. Which of the following types of translations can be created? Choose the 2 that apply. Before running an integration with the Microsoft Dynamics GP Destination Adapter, are you required to be logged into the Microsoft Dynamics GP company you would like to integrate to? What happens when an integration that contains older destination or source adapters is opened? What is a key difference between the Simple ODBC and Advanced ODBC sources? Which of the following actions can be performed by using Import Utility? In Integration Manager, what is the definition of a root recordset? Where can you change the maximum number of errors and warnings? How can you preview a Source file? Which of the following components make up the Integration Manager workspace? Choose the 2 that apply. When creating an integration group, which of the following options are available? Choose the 2 that apply. What kind of security privileges are required to run an integration? You have been asked to create a new integration database for testing purposes; where can the new database be created? Integration manager can import data in to which of the following? Which of the following statements is false regarding Import Utility? Integration Manager can add a Batch ID for a transaction integration. On the Options tab of the Destination Mapping window, which selection must be made? As a Technical Support Engineer, you have been asked to create a Sales Order Processing integration. Since there is significant transaction volume each day, you decide to use the eConnect destination adapter in an effort to increase performance. What information do you need to define the destination settings? Choose the 2 that apply. If an integration has more than one source query, which of the following statements is true?