MB3-529 - GP 10.0 Inventory and Order Processing

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Example Questions

Kristi is responsible for order entry. How could she default the sales document type to 'Order' every time he opens the Sales Transaction Entry window? Where can you assign landed costs? Choose the 3 that apply. How should detailed beginning balance information be entered for inventory items? Which of the following Invoice types will be available to select for Automated Returns in Sales Order Processing? A purchase order needs to be canceled. If the PO has been printed, how can the PO be canceled? Choose the 2 that apply. What is the purpose of "defining an account segment" in Inventory Conrol? If you choose Order To Master Site as the Auto PO Generator order method, what does this tell the system to do? Purchase Order Processing Setup allows you to define the item display option. If a user wants to change this option only for a single document (without changing the default) how would they proceed? The Quantity Available for an inventory item equals Which of the following modules are updated by posting a shipment in Purchase Order Processing? Choose the 2 that apply. Gina would like to transfer a few Sales Orders to Sales Invoices. She may do so using which of the following GP windows? Choose the 3 that apply. The status of a purchase order changes from 'New' to 'Released' when what occurs? How does an adjustment made to an item cost in the Inventory Adjust Costs window affect Inventory and General Ledger? When the results of the physical count are processed using the stock count functionality, quantities are adjusted in Inventory and dollar amounts are adjusted in General Ledger. Which automatic posting accounts are used for the General Ledger Choose the 2 that apply. What determines if an item on a stock count can be processed? Which inventory report will give you details for each inventory item along with the total value of your inventory? The distribution posting accounts for Inventory transactions default from where? Which of the following is true regarding repeating batches in Inventory? What allocation options are available when a user creates order IDs in Sales Order Prrocessing? Choose the 3 that apply. How can the unit cost of an item be changed on a sales transaction? Batch IDs are required on which of the following document types in Sales Transaction Entry? Choose the 3 that apply. Which Sales Order Processing document types can have an expiration date assigned to the transaction? Which of the following module(s) must be registered in order to utilize In-Transit Transfer Entry? Choose the 2 that apply. What does the system consider correct when running the Reconcile Purchase Order utility? Which of the following options must be selected in order to post an inventory batch to General Ledger? Choose the 2 that apply. A sales account can be assigned to both the item and customer. When entering an invoice in Sales Order Processing, which sales account defaults? A purchase order for 100 items is entered. You receive and post the first shipment of 10 items. A second shipment of 20 items is entered. On the second shipment, what is the Previously Shipped quantity and how is it calculated? What are the characteristics of using prospects? Choose the 2 that apply. I f you are not using a separate fulfillment, when must an item on a Sales Order Processing order be fulfilled? Purchase Order Returns will allow you to return what types of transactions? Choose the 2 that apply. Which of the following processes can be delayed by creating a Process Hold? Choose the 3 that apply. A bin number can be assigned to which of the following? In order to purchase an item from a vendor, the item must have which of the following defined? You receive a shipment and invoice for items that are not on an existing purchase order. Which of the following statements is true concerning the purchase order number on the shipment/invoice transaction? What sales document type(s) allow a user to create a purchase order directly from the sales transaction entry window? Choose the 2 that apply. When comparing the difference between voiding and deleting sales documents, there are specific processes that prevent a document from being deleted, however, it can still be voided. What are the processes that allow the document to be voided but not deleted? Kristi runs the 'Remove Completed Purchase Orders' routine on a monthly basis, and maintains purchase order history. This routine is used to: If a user wants to use the same customer many times with the same basic information what would may the user do to save data entry time? Choose the 2 that apply. An incorrect customer was entered on a drop-ship purchase order. Where can the customer be changed in the Purchase Order Entry window? The currency and quantity decimal places defined in Purchase Order Processing Setup are defaults for which of the following? Inventory Control allows for tracking of "expired lots". What are the methods that may be used to track expired lots? Choose the 2 that apply. Why is it important to know the revision number for purchase order documents? How do you delete a purchase order commitment for a sales document? How do you link an existing purchase order to a sales order record? When does a $500 deposit, entered on an order in Sales Transaction Entry, update the Bank Reconciliation module? Which of the following are requirements for linking an item on a purchase order to a Sales Order Processing document? Choose the 2 that apply. On a Sales Invoice what account distribution cannot be seen until the transaction is posted? Choose the 2 that apply. Which of the following statements is true about an unapproved purchase order? A kit is entered on an invoice in Sales Order Processing. What is the most efficient approach to change a kit component on the invoice? When entering a transfer transaction, which characteristic of the default unit cost is true?