MB3-216 - Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains 8.0 Financials

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Example Questions

General Ledger transactions can be posted in which of the following windows? What can you do to require that all transactions are entered into a batch? If you want the ability to reprint posting journals in Great Plains, what window would you use to verify that this option is turned on? Which functions can be performed in the Edit Payables Checks window? Which of the following modules integrate with Receivables Management? Which of the following settings are user-specific? How can you set up your system to allow posting to start on one computer and then be transferred to another computer on the network? Edit lists can be printed from which of the following windows? What is the maximum number of account segments in Great Plains? Which setup option is not company specific in Great Plains? An intercompany transaction is entered in Payables Management. When will this information be sent over to the destination company? How can you apply documents in the Apply Payables Documents window? What transaction entry windows allow you to print computer checks? Which of the following statements are true about allocation accounts? When are documents moved to the history file in Payables Management? Why would you mark a fiscal period as closed for the financial series? What happens when the Transfer Commissions process is performed? How many levels can you create within organization structures? Which type of accounts can be used as breakdown accounts when you set up a variable allocation account? Where can a "stranded" user be removed from the system? What amount should you enter in the Last Reconciled Balance field when first setting up a checkbook? When do cash receipts from Receivables Management update the checkbook balance? What are the requirements to void an invoice? Which of the following statements are true regarding security? What processes can be done in the Receivables Posted Transaction Maintenance window? Which statement is true about the minimum payment field in the Customer Maintenance Options window? How does the integration from Purchase Order Processing by Receipt Line work? How would you set up a customer if you want their transactions consolidated at the end of each period? Which statements are true about the hosting to History option in General Ledger Setup when transactions are posted to "history"? What is the purpose of the se Account Settings option in Posting Setup? What is the purpose of the "reversing" transaction type in Transaction Entry? On April 9th you want to reconcile the March 31st Receivables Management module balance to the Accounts Receivable account balance for the same date in General Ledger. Which report should you use? What is the maximum number of fiscal periods that can be set up in a fiscal year? What type of account posts to the distribution accounts based on the balance in the breakdown accounts? What are the effects of the year-end closing process in General Ledger? What methods are possible for calculating commissions in Receivables Management? How many books in Fixed Assets transfer transactions to the General Ledger? What is the purpose of the use Account Settings option in Posting Setup? How should a check be voided that was incorrectly entered in Payables Management? What happens when you choose the Reset Life option after changing a depreciation sensitive field? What does the General Ledger reconcile process do? Which statements below are true regarding changing the account format? The benefit of using Multidimensional Analysis is to record detailed information about transactions without having to do what? What must you do prior to setting up salespeople? What two types of history can be kept in General Ledger? Which document type is used when an NSF check charge is assessed? Advanced Lookups Setup allows you to do which of the following tasks? If a company has two books and three classes, how many book classes would typically be set up? Which of the following statements are true about the aging process? A batch of transactions is created and will need to be posted manually after which period-end process?