MB3-215 - Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains 8.0 Integration Manager

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Example Questions

In each source, you can set to order by a column in what order? If an integration is run and a user does not have rights to the window, will the integration fail? Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using the Direct to Table Adapter? When you create a custom destination with the Direct to Table Adapter Custom Destination Designer tool, all tables associated with the DSN will be displayed. How would you remove a table? What is the minimum amount of queries needed for a Payroll Transaction Integration? XML is an abbreviation for? What file format does Import Utility support? Where can you change the maximum number of errors and warnings? When bringing in Exchange Rate information using the Exchange Rate destination, which of the following statements is true? Integration Manager can add a Batch ID for a transaction integration. To do so, in the destination mapping ?options tab, which option must be set? Which of the following operating systems are not compatible with Integration Manager version 8.0? What are the available document types when integrating Sales Order Processing Transactions with the SQL Optimized Adapter? Which of the following types of tables are NOT recommended as an import destination with Import Utility? What fields are required, or do not have the option to use default, when running a GL Accounts integration? What is the default Relationship Type? A Payables Transaction integration has been created. It is based on one source file that includes debit and credit distributions. When run, only one distribution account is integrated. What should be checked to resolve this problem? How do you change the company to which records are going to be integrated when using the SQL Optimized Adapter? Which of the following should be done when troubleshooting a problematic SQL Server connection when using the SQL Optimized Adapter? When using the Import Utility, what will happen to invalid data types? Where should security privileges be setup to add data to the appropriate tables on the SQL Server when using the SQL Optimized Adapter? In order to improve performance, you would want to use what kind of importing option with the Direct to Table Adapter? As a Technical Support Assistant, you have been asked to install Integration Manager with all possible adapters. Which of the following adapters are not included in the Integration Manager installation and must be installed separately? If you attempting to perform a Sales Order Processing transaction integration with Integration Manager version 8.0, which of the following would never be a selection available when adding a source? Each field that has their Field Rule set to use Source Field will display additional settings under the Rule Properties section. The settings include which of the following options? When an Integration Group is run, where would you go to see the log file for the integration group? Cash Receipts are being integrated and applied to Invoices. When looking at the Apply Sales Document window, nothing is applied. What should be checked to resolve this? Which of the following can be specified for the Log Level of detail? When integrating Customers, what are the available Destination Edit Modes? Which of the following items does the IM.MDB contain? With Integration Manager, you have the ability to do which of the following using XML? What tables contain the Import Definitions? Which of the following destinations are available with the Great Plains 8.0 standard adapter? How can you preview a Source? What is the default value for maximum number of errors Integration Manager allows before the integration is stopped? If you do NOT mark First Row Contains Column Names in the Source properties, what default names are assigned? The Direct to Table Adapter integrates at what level? Which of the follow circumstances will cause Import Utility to reject records? Which of the following actions is a required step to schedule an integration to run? Which of the following destinations will allow you to update existing records in Great Plains? Before running an integration with the Great Plains 8.0 adapter, do you have to be logged into the Great Plains company you would like to integrate to? Which of the following types of translations can be created? Data types can be changed within Integration Manager for which source type? Relationships between text sources must meet which of the following criteria? Which of the following is considered a Non-window field? Which of the following is a resource that may be useful in setting up an import? When creating a Simple ODBC query to access an Excel spreadsheet, what step must be done in Excel in order to see the data? As the lead integration developer, you would like to streamline some of your integrations using the Script Library. In reviewing your current integrations, you determine that which of the following tasks can be completed using a script from the Script Library? Which of the following is NOT available as a rule in the option tab for the entries section of the General Ledger transaction destination mapping window? Where can you delete an integration? When importing General Journal Transactions with Import Utility, which tables would be required?