MB3-210 - Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains 8.0 Report Writer

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Example Questions

Which of the following types of relationships can be deleted using the Table Relationships window? What is the size limit on a picture file you want to place on a report in Report Writer? Which is a unique benefit to using Report Writer to create a report rather than another product, such as Crystal Reports? Which button on the Report window creates a primary copy of a report? When should the Variable Characters per Inch option be checked on the Report Definition window? Which of the following will allow you to select multiple fields on a report layout window at the same time? When creating a user-defined sort, what must you do to sort a field in descending order (45, 44, 43)? When inserting multiple sorts, what can be done to insert the sorts in the correct order? What function and operator are used to remove extra spacing between fields and then join the fields together on a report? (i.e. city, state, zip) Calculated fields placed in the footer section are automatically assigned what field type? What is the main function of additional headers and footers? How many primary copies of an original report can be made in Report Writer? What is the function of the A icon on the toolbox? Which of the following statements is true about expressions for calculated fields in Report Writer? What table stores original reports? What options do you have for each field when creating a user-defined sort? What must be true in order to create a table relationship? When testing a new report, which of the following processes can help speed up the printing time? What type of file does the customization process create when you export a report? Which of the following buttons will create a secondary copy of a report? How can you make sure that you are modifying the correct report in Report Writer? The layout window in Report Writer is divided into very small graphic units called? What is the maximum number of tables that can be linked for a report? What is required if you want to change the color and fonts of fields on a report? Which report section will only appear at the bottom of the last page of a report? Which of the following is an advantage of creating a "1 to 1" relationship rather than a "1 to Many" relationship? Which of the following report types will allow you to change the Using Key field on the Report Definition window? If you want to save a report to a file, which of the following file formats are available? Which of the following expression types are supported for creating user defined fields with Report Writer? When creating a restriction for a report, which of the following can be included in the expression? Which of the following reason explains why a report cannot be printed from Report Writer? What Report Writer function is associated with the Using Key field? Which report type allow you to change the main table on the report? Which text report options should be checked on the Report Definition window if you want to use more than one font on a report? Which of the following can be done in Report Writer? What is the easiest way to place your company name field on a report so that it automatically defaults to the company you are logged into? When linking tables for a report in the related tables window, what does an asterisk next to a table denote? Which of the following sections will appear as defaults on a new report? When the divider tool is placed in the body on a report layout, what restriction is made on the placement of new report fields? Which report type will not require you to define a report name? If you use the arrange tools and don like the results, what needs to be done to return the fields to their prior positions? The Table Descriptions window contains which of the following table names? Which of the following is a unique benefit of using a text report? Which resource description window will allow you to see what fields make up a "key"? Which table stores the locations of the dictionary files, including the dictionaries used by Report Writer? How many secondary copies of an original report can be created in Report Writer? When is the Reports.dic file created? When planning a report, if a similar report does not exist, what type of report should be created in Report Writer? How many consecutive "1 to Many" links can be made when creating a report? What must you do if you want a user to have access to a secondary copy of a report you have just created?