MB3-208 - Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains 8.0 Modifier with VBA

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Example Questions

Declaring variables before using them in your code is recommended. Doing this alleviates incorrect names of a variables when writing code and the scope of the variable can also be defined. In the VBA options window you can mark an option called "Require Variable Declaration". If this option is marked what displays in the code window before any procedure? In VBA which property can be used to set the value of a field? Which of the following registered modules allow customized windows to be used in Great Plains? In the Great Plains application, how can you visually identify that a window has been customized using Modifier? What happens if you don have any Great Plains windows open and you choose Tools-Customize-Add What happens if you don? have any Great Plains windows open and you choose Tools-Customize-Add Current Window to Visual Basic? You are customizing a Great Plains window by adding VBA code. When debugging the code, which window would you open to display information for all objects on the current window? You have added a Great Plains window to the VBA project. You realize that the wrong window has been added. How do you remove a Great Plains window from the VBA Project? In Report writer, which field type has the suffix FREQ appended to it when added to the VBA project? You are asked to customize the PM Vendor Maintenance window by adding a new local field called Email Address. After adding the field you create a text prompt for that field. What should you do so the user can visually tell that it is a required field? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.) Using VBA, how do you push a button on a Great Plains window? The user accesses Modifier and opens the Great Plains Dictionary. The PM Vendor Maintenance Form Definition window is open and a change is made to the "Options" menu. What type of menu is being customized? In VBA what method can be used to move the cursor to a specific field? You are asked to customize the Payables Transaction Entry window by making the Shipping Method a required field. Using VBA code, which statement would accomplish this? The Purchase Order Entry window has been added to the VBA project. Code exists on the afteruserchanged event for the Vendor ID field. Which actions performed by a user will cause the afteruserchanged event to run? In VBA which event can be used to keep records from entering the grid? You are in the VBA code window writing code. After typing a valid object name, what can be used after typing the object name to display a drop-down list of methods and properties available for that object? In Great Plains, formats are used to display data a particular way. For example a phone number could contain a format with and without an extension. Using Modifier which resource would be used to attach a format? In Modifier, how can you change the property of a field or a window using the Properties Window? You would like to customize a window and have the window layout open in Modifier. Which window properties can be changed using Modifier? You have added a Great Plains window and several fields to the VBA project. You realize that a few fields are not needed. How do you remove an individual field from the VBA project? When working with Great Plains scrolling windows, which statement is true? In Report Writer, which field can be used to print information from the DUOS table? In Modifier the user opens an existing data type "DDL_Country". This data type is a drop-down list containing 3 static text values. What options are available for customizing the static text values? Youe created some VBA customizations and are ready to distribute them to the end users. Which file will you give to the end users? You are asked to customize the Payables Transaction Entry window and hide the Payment Terms field when the user selects "Return" in the Document Type field. Using VBA code, how many ways are there to hide the field? When working with multiple VBA projects, what needs to be done in order to reference fields from one project to another? In VBA which event can be used to stop Great Plains code from executing and saving line information to the table? You are customizing a Great Plains window by adding VBA code. You set a breakpoint to debug the code. Once stopped at a breakpoint, what command executes the code one line at a time? In VBA what method should be used before updating the value of a field? In VBA what needs to be done in order to use DUOS methods and properties? You add the Transaction Entry window to the VBA project along with fields in the grid. Where would the fields added from the grid appear? What allows you to create a window or dialog box in your VBA project? What code would be used to update the DUOS table with the value of the Email Address field on the window? When exporting data from Great Plains to a mail merge, what is true about the data source? You have added a Great Plains window to the VBA project. You also need to add several fields from that window. How do you add multiple fields to VBA? In Great Plains what actions performed by a user can cause the VBA modal dialog event to run for a window? Using Modifier how can multiple fields be selected within the window layout? When adding fields to a VBA project from a Great Plains scrolling window, which statements are true? Graphical objects are used throughout the Great Plains application. In Modifier, what type of resource can be used to display graphical objects? In VBA, where are events listed? You open the Purchase Order Entry window. After selecting a Vendor ID you would like to open the Purchasing Vendor Detail Entry window for the user. Which VBA statement would open this window using the indirect method? If DUOS tables were used in the VBA project, when distributing where do the DUOS tables need to exist? You have a need to hide the Great Plains Customer Maintenance window. The Customer Maintenance window has been added to the VBA project. Using VBA code, which VBA statements would accomplish this? What variables can be used only by procedures in the same module? In the VBA Properties window what options are listed for the EventMode property? When working with DUOS objects, what would the "for" and "next" statement do? Using VBA, what type of events exist for Great Plains reports? Within VBA, what are scrolling windows called? How are upgrades to the Great Plains application released? In Great Plains scrolling windows are used to display multiple lines of information. What types of scrolling windows exist in the Great Plains application?