MB2-700 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Applications

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Example Questions

You have a Contract that has a status value of Invoiced. One of the contract lines references an incorrect product. You need to correct the contract line. What should you do? Which characteristic of a contract template governs how many cases a customer is allowed to have against a contract? You are creating a case from an email message by using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook client.You need to complete the task by using the least number of steps. What should you do? Which service schedule component should you use to measure skill levels? You need to ensure that the value for the Est. Revenue field is automatically calculated. Which three actions should you take? Each answer presents part of the solution.(Choose Three) Which entity can you associate with sales literature? When you qualify a lead, which two records will also be created?(Choose TWO) You are creating a discount list. Which two types of discounts can you create?(Choose TWO) A user plans to run a report. The user does NOT have the appropriate permissions to access all of the data the report requires. What will the user see when she runs the report? You review an Opportunity with a customer. You use price lists to show the customer two options for a sale. You need to present the two different price options to the customer in writing and maintain an association with the original Opportunity. What should you do? You are adding resources to a resource group. Which three resource types can you add? (Choose Three) When creating a Lead, which type of information can you enter on the Main Lead form? You review a Knowledge Base article. On the Article tab of the ribbon, which option is NOT in the Action group? Which field is required to create a new Opportunity record? A user reports that he cannot delete a Knowledge Base article template. You need to ensure that the user can delete the template. What should you do? Which two record types require a reference to the subject tree? Each answer presents part of the solution. (Choose TWO) Which entity is best described as an estimate or proposal that is presented to a customer? You review an Opportunity record. Opportunities are configured to use system-calculated pricing. What happens when you click the Recalculate Opportunity button? You review the Similar Cases section for a case by using the Default Case form. Which cases does Microsoft Dynamics CRM show? What are two ways to find content in Knowledge Base articles?(Choose TWO) Which action is possible directly from the All Contracts view? You have a Contract that has a status value of Active. One of the contract lines references an incorrect product. You need to correct the contract line. What should you do? User1 is the owner of the Specialists team. User2 adds a case that she owns to the Specialists team's queue. Who now owns the case? You plan to add an existing product as an additional line item to an active order. Which statement is true? You delete a Lead record. By default, what happens to records that are related to the Lead record? What role do keywords play in the Knowledge Base? Where can a user locate a list of recently updated records? You create a sales order by using the latest currency exchange rate. Which three changes to a sales order will force a recalculation of the sales order money?(Choose Three) You review a published Knowledge Base article. Which two actions can you perform? (Choose TWO) You need to search and display data from multiple related entities that may be more than one relationship removed from the primary entity. Which tool should you use to display the data? A company tracks competitors by using Connection records instead of using the native Competitors feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The company assigns a Connection with the Connection Roles of Related Opportunity and Competitor between the Opportunity and the Account, which represents the competitor. Accounts have a flag which designates the record as a competitor. Which statement is true? A manager is setting work hours and service restrictions for the resources in a company. What is the smallest unit of time that he can use to define work hours and breaks? Which records are included in the Sales Pipeline report by default? Which list shows a correct contract life cycle? You need to send a Knowledge Base article by email to a Contact record. Which condition must be met? Which Service entity has Quick Create forms? You have a sales goal for a salesperson that includes all of the salesperson is opportunities for the current fiscal year. You need to modify the sales goal to include opportunities only in a particular city for the upcoming six-month period. How should you modify the goal? You are adding Units to a Unit Group. Which statement is true? Which condition must be true before you can close a case? Which benefit does service scheduling NOT provide?