MB2-632 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Applications

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Example Questions

You are the marketing manager of an electronics company. You want to inform leads, accounts and contacts about the price reductions you are offering for the next seven days. You decide to email all potential buyers first, and follow this email with a telephone call two days later, for those who have not responded to the email. How can you achieve this with the minimum of effort? Your company carries out cleaning and small domestic repairs. When a customer needs some work done, a task is created and assigned to either the Cleaning queue or the Repairs queue. You open a task in the Cleaning queue and notice that your manager should have assigned it to the Repairs queue. What do you do? Each answer presents a full solution to the problem. Choose the 2 that apply. Your company Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation uses British Pounds (GBP) as its default currency and you have set Euros (EUR) as your default currency. You enter an opportunity detail for a customer that transacts business in United States Dollars (USD). After you save the opportunity you notice that you forgot to change the currency to USD and it has recorded the revenue in EUR. What should you do in order to correct this error? You are an Accountant working for a manufacturing company. You want to record the name of your contact at the energy supplier to your company in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. What is the best way to record this in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0? You are a sales representative of a company with a thousand different product lines. A valued customer passes on the name of a company, and a person at that company, who your customer thinks may be interested in some of your products. You need to record the details in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. How should you do this? You manage the product catalog for your organization which is using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. You have been asked to set up the product catalog for products. The products are sold in single units, and in three different currencies: Euros, Dollars, and Yen. The product is available to members of a trade association at a 10% discount of the price available to other customers. How should you set up the price list information? You are a sales rep working for a small manufacturing company. The Sales Director wants to be able to record information about lost sales for analysis purposes. You have just lost a sale to a competitor. What is the best way of recording this information? You have an opportunity with a customer to sell a range of products. The customer has an account record in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database and has informed you they have hired a consultant to help them decide whether to buy the products from your company. You want to add this consultant to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, and record that he is advising your customer on this purchase. What should you do? You are a support engineer for an international manufacturing company. You receive an email from a client entitled alfunction with productID ABC123 but the body of the email does not provide any more information about the problem. You know the client exists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. What is the most efficient way to record this as a case for this client? You are working for Company.com and want to create a list of accounts with outstanding opportunities where you can see the Account name, Sales territory, Opportunity topic and estimated revenue. How should you do? Choose 2 You are working for Company.com and you want to remind your telemarketers to verify contact details before the lead is included in any campaign activity. What is the best way? You are using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client for Office Outlook which has just been installed by your administrator. You want to record the details of a new business contact in Outlook and also in CRM. How can you achieve this? Choose the 2 that apply. Which of the following are characteristics of campaign templates? Choose the 2 that apply. One of your customers is a hospital recorded in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 as an account record, and you have a contact record for a doctor who works at this hospital. You discover that this doctor also works one day a week at another hospital which is also a customer. You want to record this information in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. What should you do? You use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client for Office Outlook. In the CRM Workplace, your activity list shows five phone calls and six appointments. You go to Outlook to view these activities. How do these appear in Outlook? You just have created a contract and contract line for a customer, and the contract has been invoiced. You have sent the customer an email containing details of their contract, including the billing frequency, service level and contract id. Then you notice that the pricing information you recorded is incorrect. What action should you take to rectify this? You are planning to send an email about a special offer to all contacts in three different cities. The VP of Marketing says that he also wants fifty other contacts to be included as well, in order to compare the response from the selected cities with the client base. What is the best way to achieve this? You work for a company that produces accountancy software. Version 6 is the current version, but version 7 is about to be released. You use knowledge base articles to hold information about the software and how to use it. Version 7 is a significant upgrade and you have identified that documents for version 7 will need an additional section. You will still need to keep the Version 6 documents for your customers using that version of the software, but no new documents for Version 6 must be written. How can you achieve this in the most efficient way? Each answer presents part of the solution. Choose the 2 that apply. Which of the following records are synchronized between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Choose the 2 that apply. Which of the following applies to knowledge base articles? Which of the following are features of a quick campaign? Choose the 2 that apply. Which of the following can be related to cases? Choose the 3 that apply. A. Knowledge Your organization uses contracts and contract lines for service management. All cases must be associated with a contract line, as this information is necessary for reporting and analysis purposes. In the past a subject hierarchy was created, which is only used for cases. You are now reviewing your subject hierarchy, and note that some subjects that have been used in the past are no longer needed. These subjects are not associated with any open cases. What action should you take? You are creating a campaign template. The head of the legal department has instructed that all emails sent using marketing campaigns contain some standard terms and conditions. He has provided you with the standard text that should be included. Where should you put the text so that it appears in the emails that are sent via campaigns created from this campaign template? You work for a company that offers support for software via conferencing software. You want to define a service which requires a junior technician and a team leader. However, the team leader tells you that most of the time, the junior technician can handle the discussion, so the team leader can support up to three junior technicians at the same time. You define a service which needs the team leader and one of the three junior technicians. What else should you do? Your company manufactures medical equipment. With each purchase of a product, a customer is entitled to make three support calls, which are to be recorded as CRM cases. Your company also provides a technical information line, with calls charged by the hour. Trey Research purchases two different products, and also wants to use your technical information line. What is the best way to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to record Trey Research entitlements? Your organization employs and schedules cleaning staff. Some staff are permanent employees, but others are employed on a casual basis, sometimes for one week. The schedules are used by management; the cleaning staff do not log on to the network. What is the best way to accomplish this? Your company produces engineering design software, and has two offices in Australia, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne, and one in England, in London. Your support engineers use conferencing software to connect to customers' computers to provide support. You need to schedule your support engineers using Services. The engineers work office hours in their own time zones. You have configured a Site in CRM for each of the three offices and added each engineer to the appropriate Site. You want to ensure that only the Australian engineers offer support to customers in Australia. How can you acheive this? You are a sales manager for your company. A newer version of one of your products is available, and the CEO has asked you to ensure that the old version is not included in any more sales. The CEO wants you to do this as soon as possible, so that he can compare the sales of the new version with sales of the old one at the end of the month. What is the most effective way of achieving this in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0? With which of the following records can sales literature be associated? Choose the 2 that apply. You are a sales manager working for a large corporation that handles investments. Sales personnel are limited to viewing only their own customer records because of the sensitive nature of the business. One of your sales team, William, is taken seriously ill. You need to allocate another salesperson, Patricia, to manage William's accounts and opportunities while he is unwell. You will want William to manage his own accounts and opportunities when he returns to work. What should you do? You are the marketing manager for a company which sells electronic goods. You conduct marketing campaigns using phone and email activities, but now want to communicate with your target market using text messages to their mobile phones. As with other activities, you want to record the fact that a marketing message was sent to your customers, and whether or not they responded. You also want to compare the effectiveness of this campaign with others. How can you achieve your objectives? A customer has previously booked a service. The customer calls asking to postpone the service. Which of the following are ways to accomplish this? Choose the 3 that apply. You are in charge of processing orders for your company. Orders are delivered to warehouses, and invoices are sent to an accounts department, which is not normally in the same location as the warehouse. You already use the phone and fax fields on the order. You want your delivery drivers to be able to call the mobile phones of the individuals responsible for delivery and billing enquiries. How can you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to record this information? You are a sales representative for a company which trades in the US and Canada. You work in the Canadian office. One day you receive a call for a urgent order for immediate delivery. You record the name and customer details, select Canadian Dollars for the currency and the standard price list for that customer. You save the order. You then ask for the details of the products they want to purchase, and are told that it is the same list of three products that were recorded on an opportunity two weeks ago by a colleague operating in the US office for your customer's US office. How can you record the products most efficiently? You are a support engineer for your company. You receive a support call from a person at Trey Research. You are easily able to answer the query in about ten minutes. However, the caller is a new employee and is not sure which of the five contracts Trey Research has with your company should be used for the support call. What do you do? Your company uses the Service Scheduler and all CRM users have configured the Service Calendar to show conflicts. You create a service with an initial status reason of Open-Requested and a duration of one hour and one resource. Your colleague schedules a service activity using this service for 10 am next Monday. You are then asked to the change the service so that the initial status reason is Scheduled- Pending. Another colleague then schedules a service activity using the amended service for next Monday morning. Which of the following happens? You are a sales representative working for a large software company. You have been negotiating with a client on an existing opportunity and they refer to an earlier phone conversation. You need to find details of the phone conversation. What do you do? You want to schedule a service. Which of the following must be specified to book the service appointment? Choose the 2 that apply. Your company has just started trading internationally, and the Head of Sales at your company has asked you to produce a list of Opportunities, showing the estimated revenue in both the transaction currency and the base currency, and also the exchange rate. None of the existing Opportunities views include all the fields you need. How can you produce the data and make it available to the Head of Sales as quickly as possible? Choose the 2 that apply.