MB2-185 - Microsoft CRM 1.2 Customization

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Example Questions

Which layer of Microsoft CRM performs all security checks independent of the caller? To build solutions for Microsoft CRM using .NET, Microsoft Business Solutions recommends that a developer have which of the following skills or experience? Which layer in the Microsoft CRM architecture includes the Browser Client and Sales for Outlook Client components? How many Sales Processes can be created in the Standard version of Microsoft CRM? Which of the following Actions can you perform on Workflow Processes when in the Process tab of the Workflow Monitor? If multiple workflow rules exist for an object, then how does Microsoft CRM determine the sequence in which the rules should be applied? When a user creates a new view for a given record type, which of the following statements regarding this process are TRUE? Workflow Manager allows you to perform which of the following actions? Which technology does the Microsoft CRM browser client use to present the user interface to Internet Explorer? Which of the following schemas are available in the Microsoft CRM SDK? How many Associated Views can be set up for each record type? Which layer of the Microsoft CRM architecture is responsible for performing the majority of the business logic? Before the customizations to a form or preview pane can be visible within Microsoft CRM, which of the following Transport Manager tools has to be used first? Which of the following can instantiate a workflow rule against a particular record? Which of the following tools provides the ability to publish a previously exported customization file? Which assembly gives the developer easy access to the Microsoft CRM API? What is the difference between the Reports Standard View and Reports Advanced View? Which of the following are valid Wait conditions in a workflow? Which of the following customizations require publishing in order for the changes to be applied? Which of the following events can trigger a workflow rule? The Microsoft CRM Professional Edition includes which of the following Workflow tools? Following the installation of Microsoft CRM Server, what is the status of the Crystal Administrator password? Where is Customization Transport Manager Tool located? Which of the following are unsupported Microsoft CRM customizations? Workflow Rules can be created for which of the following objects? Crystal Enterprise for Microsoft CRM comes with 50 concurrent user licenses. How many users should this number of licenses be sufficient to support? Which of the following workflow examples can be implemented using Microsoft CRM workflow (without launching a custom program)? What records are displayed in reports for a given record type? Which layer of the Microsoft CRM architecture recognizes the occurrence of an event that initiates a workflow rule? Your business is interested in using Microsoft CRM Workflow to automate its business processes and policies. Which types of processes can a company automate with Microsoft CRM Workflow? Which of the following conditions would prevent you from removing a section from a form? What are the main functions of the Schema Manager Attribute Manager tool? Which of the following statements is TRUE? The object model, query processor, and metadata framework are main components of which layer of Microsoft CRM architecture? What file does Microsoft CRM read at start-up that determines what will be displayed on the User Interface? Microsoft CRM reports are divided into which of the following categories? Due to a hardware failure, your database server crashes and you have to restore the Microsoft CRM database on a new server. Which of the following tools is used to reconfigure Microsoft CRM to point to the new database server? Users with which license can view Service and Admin reports? What are the implications of the Assign event that is associated with a workflow rule? Which of the following are valid actions that you can perform within Workflow Manager? Supported methods to connect or extend Microsoft CRM via the SDK can broadly be categorized into which of the following areas? When viewing an Account Record in Microsoft CRM, users can click on the Contacts button to display a list of Contacts linked to a particular Account. To customize this Contacts view, which of the following areas of system customization needs to be customized? The SDK documents which of the following features during configuration of customized buttons and menus? What level of customization can be described as owered by Microsoft CRM? You plan to customize your Microsoft CRM application. However, as a safety precaution, you wish to back up your current XML configuration prior to making your changes. Which of the following Deployment Manager tools would you use to back up your existing XML configuration? Where does the isv.config file reside? What does the acronym GUID stand for? In order to automate your company business processes, you have created a workflow rule that performs a sub-process. A sub-process is a workflow rule associated with what type of event? Which of the following statements are correct about sharing views? Communication between the application layer and the platform layer is accomplished using which technology?