MB2-184 - Microsoft CRM 1.2 Installation and Configuration

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Example Questions

Which of the following software components must be installed prior to installing Microsoft CRM Server? Microsoft CRM user accounts can be created in Microsoft CRM through which of the following? Before installing Microsoft CRM Server, which of the following services need to be running? What does the platform layer use to protect itself from changes to the underlying database? Microsoft CRM uses which of the following technologies to display its web forms via the browser application? Which technology does Microsoft CRM Version 1.2 use for both data storage and data access? When creating a user in Microsoft CRM which of the following are required fields? Which layer of the Microsoft CRM architecture performs all security checks? The Microsoft CRM Metabase holds the definition of the underlying Microsoft CRM database. This definition includes which of the following? You can configure Auto Numbering, Fiscal Year Settings, and System Settings within the System Customization screen. Which of the following can be changed within System Settings? After Microsoft CRM was installed, the Sales Manager tried to set up quotas for her sales representatives. However, she cannot see the Quotas option in Business Unit Settings. As the System Administrator, what can you do to allow the Sales Manager to set up quotas? Which user account must be used when installing the Microsoft CRM Data Migration Framework? When an online Outlook Client goes offline, what process does Microsoft CRM use to create the offline data set for the client? Once the Root Business Unit has been created, which of the following statements are TRUE? In order for the CRM Server setup program to register the Microsoft CRM Server license, you must correctly enter which of the following during the installation process? Which layer of the Microsoft CRM architecture is responsible for performing the majority of the business logic? The user account that is used to install the Microsoft CRM Data Migration Framework must have what kind of Microsoft CRM License? While entering your organization's business units in Microsoft CRM, you accidentally misspell the name of a business unit. What should you do to correct the situation? Which of the following statements are TRUE regarding disabled user accounts? Which of the following is not one of the planning spreadsheets included with the Microsoft CRM Data Migration Framework? As with the SQL Server and Domain Controller, the Microsoft CRM server should be configured to use which of the following? What checks are performed at the platform layer to associate the Microsoft CRM security model with the Active Directory security model whenever a user performs an action in Microsoft CRM? Communication between the application layer and the platform layer is accomplished using which technology? Which of the following is NOT one of the tasks of the CDF Migration Tool? Which of the following criteria must be met when entering the Organization Name during the Microsoft CRM Server installation process? Which of the following tools are available in the Customization Transport Manager? What is the most important phase in a Data Migration project? Which software component must be installed on the same machine as your Exchange 2000 server(s) in order to enable the e-mail functionality of Microsoft CRM? How many Business Units can a user report to? In order to implement Knowledge Base searching, which of the following SQL Server 2000 components must be configured and running? What is the benefit of using Active Directory security authentication? Which of the following are TRUE statements regarding Microsoft CRM users with User level access for all privileges associated with the Account record type? Which technology does the Microsoft CRM browser client use to serve the user interface to Internet Explorer? What mechanism is used to synchronize the primary keys of the Entity Base tables, Entity Extension tables and the Entity Information tables? What data migration approaches are supported by Microsoft CRM? Crystal Cache Server stores information in the registry about which of the following? Your organization just hired Douglas as a Sales Representative. Which of the following are among the steps that must be performed in order to add Douglas as a user in Microsoft CRM? Which of the following characteristics applies to the root business unit in a Microsoft CRM installation? What is the purpose of the Sales for Outlook Client's playback graph? When assigning a manager to a user's account, which of the following rules controls who can be assigned as the user's manager? Which of the following databases are automatically created in the SQL Server environment during installation of Microsoft CRM Server? You are assigned a security role that provides Parent:Child Business Unit Account Read access. Which account records can you view? Which of the following predefined roles allows you to delete users in Microsoft CRM? A Sales Manager is having problems printing Crystal Reports. She can view an entire report but can only print one page at a time. What step can be taken to fix the problem? Which component of the Microsoft CRM architecture abstracts the underlying data storage details, such as schema and data access, from the higher-level constructs of domain logic implementation and user interface? XML Web Services are invoked over the Internet by means of industry-standard protocols including which of the following? What business framework was Microsoft CRM developed upon that allows it to be integrated with virtually any system in the world? Microsoft CRM is tightly integrated with which of the following technologies for the purpose of validating access level security upon each user request? How can a system administrator start or stop Crystal APS services? In order to install Microsoft CRM Server, in which mode must Active Directory be installed in the CRM domain?