M70-101 - Magento Certified Developer Exam

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Example Questions

Which of the following payment methods' payment actions creates an invoice during the "place order" step? Which one of the following is responsible for sending a remote request to the payment service when capturing an order? The initial call to ______________ will create and return an instance of the specified class. Subsequent calls to this method during the same execution cycle will return the same class instance as opposed to creating a new one. How is the sort order in which total models collect their values specified? Given an EAV-based data model whose data is stored in the table foo_entity, in which table would you find the values for an attribute of the varchar type? Which of the following xpaths defines the correct XML structure for informing Magento that your module has install scripts? In what order are the routers from the Magento core checked for a matching route? Default: Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Router_Default CMS: Mage_Cms_Controller:_Router Standard: Mage_Core_Controller_varien_Router_Standard Admin: Mage_Core_Controller_Vatrien_Router_Admin Which object never encapsulates any shopping cart items? Which one of the following API methods exists in Magento? What class does an adminhtml grid directly extend? Which of the following API calls allows you to fetch the list of related products using the native Magento API? Which one of the following statements is true regarding Mage_Core_Block_Text_List? For which two of the following composite products could the options be shipped separately on the frontend using "Checkout with multiple addresses"? (Choose two) What type of Magento class is an API resource? Which method is called on a shipping carrier model to fetch a list of all available shipping methods, along with the rates associated with them, for a quote address? Which one of the following statements is true regarding layout update handles? You want to display a grid for a custom collection. After extending Mage_Adminhtml_Block_widget_Grid, which two of these methods should you implement? (Choose two) Which model is responsible for calculating the taxes for the selected shipping rate? Applying the shopping cart rule's action affects the quote item by setting the quote item's ___________. In which table could you find the order state? Which file path correctly identifies the location of a modules install/upgrade scripts inside the primary module directory? Which table is used for calculating a new increment ID for an order? Which one of the following EAV attribute types may be used for layered navigation in native Magento? Which statement describes a model class that extends Mage_Core_Model_Abstract? A custom frontend controller will extend which one of the following classes? Which of the following options would cause a poll/poll collection to load all entities that have been posted during April, 2011? To update your order information from a third-party system using an XmlRpc call, you should _______________. What is the xpath to the list of product types? Which of the following is the default setup script class name? What do you need to do to implement a completely new Web Service protocol in Magento? Which one of the following API protocols does native Magento support? The final price for the product on the product view page is__________. A customer bought two items but wants to cancel one. Which option enables the administrator of the site to edit the quantity while the invoice is being captured in the admin area? Which of the following node names may be used inside the setup resource declaration to utilize a custom setup class? What is the difference in the effect of calling the invoice capture () method versus the invoice pay () method? What does Magento use to determine whether the automatically run upgrade scripts have been run yet? What happens when you edit an existing order using the order management page? In which of the following integrations should you use the Magento API? Two modules, Foo and Moo, both rewrite the catalog/product model, but only the Moo module's rewrite is being used. Both modules Foo and Moo reside in the community code pool. Which two approaches allow the functionality from both classes to be used? (Choose two) Which three of the following conditions are used to protect an admin route via ACL? (Choose three) Which of the following allows you to save a single attribute value on an EAV entity? When changes are made to more than one of a collection's items using setData ('some', 'value'), which of the following methods will save the changes in the collection? How can you make a payment method store entire credit card numbers? Which two of the following are supported in the native Magento API? (Choose two) Which one of the following classes must you extend in order to implement a custom indexer? Which two of the following methods can be used to bad an entity s data from its configured data table? (Choose two) Assume you added a product with custom options to the shopping cart. Where will the data for the custom options be stored persistently? How can you restrict access to a custom API resource? Which one of the following xpaths is correct for replacing Mage_Customer_Model_Custom_Address via Mage::helper( 'customer/address')? For an attribute to be loaded on a catalog/product object, which two of the following conditions must be satisfied? (Choose two)