M2180-651 - IBM PureApplication System Sales MasteryTest v1 Exam

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Example Questions

The IBM ______________ System is expert at optimally deploying and running applications optimally for rapid time-to-value. What best describes the cumulative business value of the IBM PureApplicationTM System? Which of the following attributes best describes an Expert Integrated System? The IBM PureApplicationTM System assigns _____________ to an application based on the selection made through a single point of management. The IBM PureApplicationTM System is offered in _____ different configurations to meet the different system needs of our customers. Which resource can you use to prepare for a client discussion to better understand the issues that they are facing that the PureApplicationTM System can address? Which one of the following is NOT a capability of the IBM PureApplicationTM System? Which of the following is NOT a capability of the IBM PureApplicationTM System? Which of the following options describes how quickly the IBM PureApplicationTM System can be deployed to meet a client's needs? Most IBM PureApplicationTM System whiteboard conversations will have unique outcomes, but the most desired and logical next step in the sales process is which of the following options? ________________ are proven best practices for complex tasks that have been optimized to run as built-in executables in the IBM® PureApplicationTM System. Optimized, deployable application patterns from over a hundred leading Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners can be downloaded via the ______________. Which one of the following capabilities of the IBM PureApplicationTM System includes deeply integrating and tuning hardware and software in a single, ready-to-go system? Which statement best describes the "consolidate" customer initiative, or use case, of the IBM PureApplicationTM System? Which one of the following options offers users built-in expertise, integration by design, and a simplified IT experience? According to the IBM CIO study, innovation-driven CIOs believe ____________ can have the highest impact by creating new revenue sources. Which one of the following can be created in the IBM PureApplicationTM System, exported and imported for sharing across systems, and is available in two types - virtual applications and virtual systems? All of the following are business challenges that can be addressed by the IBM PureApplicationTM System EXCEPT which option? The IBM PureApplicationTM System resources are "virtualized and pooled," which means they are ___________. When discussing Expert Integrated Systems with clients, which of the following best characterizes the current environment the systems are designed to help? Which patterns offer highly automated deployments using expert patterns, business policy-driven elasticity, and are built specifically for the cloud environment? Which patterns are packaged for virtual environments, includes automated deployment of middleware topologies, and offers the traditional administration and management model? All of the following are resources that can be used when progressing in an IBM PureApplicationTM System engagement EXCEPT which option? Which one of the following is NOT a business demand that the IBM PureApplicationTM System helps enable customers to address? According to the IBM PureApplicationTM System whiteboard, what is the average percentage of IT budget spent on maintenance and operation costs? Which IBM PureApplicationTM System configuration offers 96 cores, 1.5 TB RAM, 6.4 TB SSD storage, 48 TB HDD storage, and Application Services entitlement? Which is NOT a benefit of the IBM PureApplicationTM System simplified experience?