M2150-709 - IBM Security Systems Sales Mastery Test v3

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Example Questions

What is the average cost to a development organization to identify and correct security defects that have gotten into production? Who are typical target buyer(s) for Trusteer? IBM Endpoint Manager can provide which of the following functions to a client? IBM Endpoint Manager is an agent-based solution. Which of the following characteristics/features are provided by the agent? Which of these attack vectors is something Trusteer does not address at this time? Apex Exploit Prevention is designed to do which of the following? What is a security challenge to System z environments? With Federated Identity Manager, which of the following customer scenarios are able to be addressed? The IBM Endpoint Manager Mobile Device module provides full management support for iOS and Android devices. Which feature or features does it offer? The IBM Endpoint Manager solution consists of a centrally deployed server and agents deployed on the customer endpoints. Which of the following best describes the agent platform support? Which product(s) could you introduce into a customer discussion about how to manage and protect their endpoints? What is the key to the significant time and money efficiencies that IBM Security Identity Manager (formerly Tivoli Identity Manager or TIM) is able to afford customers? There are several key integrations of AppScan and other IBM Security solutions. Choose the answer that names two of those integrations and their value. Which add-on license allows clients to purchase additional inspected throughput for their IBM Security Network Protection (XGS) product? What is a value/feature of zSecure Administration? A single appliance to collect events and flow data, perform data correlation and rule matching, report alerts and provide admin capability is called what? What value does QRadar Vulnerability Manager's (QVM's) integration with other IBM Security products bring to the customer? When touting QRadar and its abilities to help customers address advanced threats, which 2 points are the best ones to highlight? Which of the following statements best distinguishes between why customers purchase Access Manager for Web (formerly Access Manager for e-business) versus Security Policy Manager? What is the other main capability offered by Federated Identity Manager, besides federated (cross- domain) single sign-on? Name a competitor to IBM zSecure. In addition to vulnerability research and malware analysis, IBM Security X-Force Research and Development performs which of the following tasks? What systems/devices does Apex protect? What are the primary buying agendas for application security? What are the three main solutions within the AppScan portfolio? What is the Apex solution? Which of the following is Apex Exfiltration Prevention is designed to do? What are the aspects of Mobile deployments that are unique as compared to other deployments and therefore heighten security concerns? Which of the following statements are true for IBM Endpoint Manager? What is the primary customer requirement that Access Manager for Web (formerly Access Manager for e-business) addresses? What is a key market for selling Security Key Lifecycle Manager? IBM's full set of single sign-on solutions address which environments? The IBM Endpoint Manager Core Protection module is an OEM product from Trend Micro. Which feature or features does this module provide? What are the three main application security functions of AppScan? Which IBM Security solutions can feed System z security events to QRadar? According to Trusteer a balanced approach to the "Security Dilemma" will address which of these items? Which product is used to manage both IBM Security Network IPS and IBM Security Network Protection products? Which of the following is NOT one of the "4 Principles" of a successful Fraud Prevention Architecture? IBM introduced the Access Manager for Mobile appliance in October 2013. Which of the following is not provided by Access Manager for Mobile? You are in a competitive user management/identity management/user provisioning sale, and the decision seems to hinge on who has the superior role management capabilities. You handle this by: In a potential Access Manager for Web sale, the client is a large customer and has large numbers of applications and servers involved in their SSO/Web authorization plans. Oracle Access Manager (OAM) is the main competitor. What might you emphasize as you try to move the customer in your direction? What is a value/feature of zSecure Compliance and Auditing? There were 3 themes used to describe QRadar"s value. Which of those 3 themes is one that best relates to the unified view that the QRadar Console offers its customers? Which are business drivers for either the LOB and CISO when evaluating Trusteer? IBM Privileged Identity Manager addresses what business problems? In the RSA breach case study, how was the attack enabled? In considering the overall SIEM competitive landscape, what are the 2 top points that favor QRadar over all of its competitors? The common architecture across the QRadar products offers advantages over the competition. What are the main 2 advantages that were covered? The IBM Security Network Protection (XGS) platform provides which of the following features on top of what is provided by the IBM Security Network IPS platform?