M2090-743 - IBM Big Data and Analytics Sales Mastery v2

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Example Questions

What is the problem Watson Explorer solves for our customer? Why is IBM a strong player in Data Warehouse Modernization? When talking to an IT buyer who thinks that Operations Analysis sounds difficult, which response does NOT apply? What are compelling reasons for a business to act on modernization? If a prospect states that in general the Data Warehouse Era is over, what would be a good reply? What is a good entry point for Data Warehouse Modernization? Who are key stakeholders in the Data Warehouse Modernization conversation? Typically social media is characterized as {structured or unstructured} data and is located {internal or external} to an organization. Choose the correct combination. What is the problem BigInsights solves for our customer? What is InfoSphere Streams? The IBM Watson Foundations are made up of different data zones that match to different data analysis needs. In which industries is personalization of product bundles and service a relevant project for Enhanced 360? Which of the following describes machine data? What do you tell a customer who tells you, "Big Data equals Hadoop." A major differentiator for the Watson Foundations is: The main buyer who holds the budget for an enhanced 360 view solution and an operational analysis solution is: Which of the following is probably not a good candidate for Operations Analysis? Someone who is: Customer sentiment is typically discovered through analysis of this type of data: What do you tell a customer that tells you Data Warehousing is obsolete? IBM Data Warehouse solutions include Cloud and Software but not Appliance.