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Example Questions

The Infosphere Data Security and Privacy Solutions Value Proposition includes: Which is a benefit of using Guardium DAM instead of Database Logging? An S-TAP is: The customer needs to provide PCI compliance controls to encrypt the PCI PAN data inside of DB2, Oracle and SQL Server. Which product do you recommend to the customer? Home grown solutions are typically costly and ineffective when compared to Guardium Database Activity Monitor. The following are all reasons for this except: Infosphere Guardium Data Encryption (GDE) addresses compliance at the files system level through? Your customer does a lot of testing and development overseas. Which solution should you immediately recommend to him/her: Which of the following regulations does Guardium NOT help address? Your customer tells you that they have already have a security solution and they do not need to buy another one. What do you tell them? Which of the following is qualifying question you should ask the first time you speak to a new prospect/client about IBM's Infosphere Privacy and Security Solutions? When is data masking in the test environment NOT an important consideration? If the customer asks an IBM sales rep if Guardium supports the following items: "Dynamic Profiling", "User Rights Management", and "SCUBA", what is the most likely competitor is in the account? The most compromised assets of an enterprise by percent of breaches for Web/application servers and Database Servers is small, but yet remain the most important to protect. Why is that? What are the overall main business drivers for the Infosphere Security and Privacy Solutions?