M2070-740 - IBM Enterprise Content Management Sales Mastery Test v3

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Example Questions

Which of the following is not considered a "top of mind" consideration for implementing Value Based Archiving? Which of these are solutions available using Watson Content Analytics? What is the average cost to mail a paper statement? Content Consolidation is best provided by: Which of the following best exemplifies how Content Collector achieves IT savings while also fulfilling legal and compliance obligations? Which common retention schedule gaps are resolved by the IBM Records and Retention Management solution? How does Case Manager uniquely provide the best solution platform that integrates with ECM? Which of the following is NOT included in the IBM Records and Retention Management solution? What is Content Manager OnDemand "optimized" for? What are the key characteristics of ICM target customers? If a bank eliminates daily courier pickups by scanning documents in the branch, approximately how many US dollars will it save per branch per day? Which IBM bundle comes with Content Navigator? Which is not a "Top of Mind" need for case interested executives? Who are the two primary technology decision makers and influencers for Content Manager OnDemand solutions? IBM Case Manager includes key differentiators across the competition including: What percentage of CIOs is making plans to focus on mobility? When looking for a good candidate for Advanced Document Imaging and Branch Automation Solutions, what organization characteristics should you look for? Which of the following would most likely appeal to the Legal role/staff within an organization? What is one of the challenges when working with unstructured information? Which of these are common use cases for OnDemand? The following are reasons why access to information is key. Which is not an ICM OOTB capability? Who are the 5 information stakeholders within an organization represented in the Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM)? Which of the following could be classified as ROT Data? IBM Content Navigator is commonly referred to as: Which is a key benefit of the Legacy Data Cleanup Solution? How does Datacap software assure that a new application has been entirely filled-in? Which of the following is a reason that a General Counsel of Litigation might be interested in IBM eDiscovery Management? Which of the following Datacap features help to eliminate expensive, error-prone manual data entry problems associated with document imaging? What are the advantages of offering a single Advanced Imaging solution that combines document capture, workflow, business process and case management, and the repository? In Malaysia Bii Maybank eliminated the time it takes to open a new account and dramatically increased customer satisfaction in the process. By how much did Bii Maybank reduce account opening time? Which of these groups are OnDemands major competitors? What is IBM's market position in ECM? Which of the following increases the cost and complexity of the collection process? When talking to a customer to see if Content Manager OnDemand is a good fit, what question should be asked first? Customers that require Social Tools like blogs and wikis and Back-office ECM solutions also need: What is one way Case Manager supports dynamic case handling? Which programming language is NOT required to use IBM Content Navigator?