M2010-727 - Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure Cloud & Service Management Sales Mastery v1

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Example Questions

Entry points for optimized virtualization include? Predictive Insights leverages statistical models to: The EMA Radar Reports shows IBM as number 1 for: Predictive Insights uses single variant and multi-variant statistical models. What is the customer value to using multi-variant correlation? IBM's leadership roles in what Open Communities underline the company's ultimate vision? What are three key benefits of Log Analysis? How do SmartCloud Analytics - Log Analysis Insight Packs add value for customers? What are three key benefits of Optimize? How does Text Analytics in Log Analysis help users? The IBM SmartCloud Analytics portfolio includes which of these three capabilities? The Endpoint and Mobility Management portfolio of solutions and capabilities align with which IBM division? Which of the following are top of mind issues for line of business owners? IBM APM supports both agent-based and agent-less transactions. When a transaction spans domains, for example from MG to CICS, what do operators need to do to stitch the transaction together to see end-to-end? Which one of these statements best explains the business value of IBM Endpoint manger (IEM) to your customer? IBM has identified a market shift in buyers from traditional IT toward what role? Where is the one place where Business Partner Sellers an find presentations, pricing details, links to demonstrations and white papers on IBM APM? The organizations that receive the highest value from our endpoint and mobility management solution(s) display which of the following characteristics? Which of the following are key value propositions for SaaS monitoring? Which of the following are competitive advantages for Log Analysis over Splunk? In IBM Operations Insight which of the following "connections" is counted during licensing? What are the three primary responsibilities of operations management? The new IBM lightweight agents are designed to provide a monitoring service, why is that important? What problems does automated discovery solve for your customer? How will the addition of Fiberlink and the MaaS360 solution ultimately benefit IBM & the IBM portfolio? Which of the following are unique value propositions for IBM's APM solutions? Why IBM's SCI Analytics portfolio? In virtualized x86 environments, costs have shifted from server acquisition to: What percentages of IT leaders are approaching cloud more strategically? The CSI Analytics portfolio consists of three offerings predict search, and optimize. Select the best answer. How does optimize benefit customers? Which of the following services are available in IBM APM Entry (SaaS)? How is the IBM APM portfolio changing to meet new market demands? Name three key benefits from Predictive Insights? Which of the following servers are counted as a Managed Virtual Server in Netcool Operations Insight? What are the most common challenges that organizations are facing when it comes to mobile management? What solutions are the building blocks towards an agile, flexible and optimized environment? Which of these best describes the IEM Lifecycle Management and the IEM Security & Compliance Solutions? Which of the following is a 'good' example of how Predictive Insights can help customers? Standards-based Cloud offerings are designed to enable next generation architectures to: Application Performance Management identifies the early occurrence and root cause of performance issues throughout the application lifecycle. Which of the following are advantages of SaaS over on-premise solutions? IBM Netcool Operations Insight includes which of these products? Virtualization optimization helps companies tackle the challenges of? Which of the following capabilities were added in APMv7.7? Which is the best and most successful model to employ when selling Endpoint and Mobility Management? How does IBM APM extend monitoring to cloud and mobile based applications? Why do customers need an orchestrator? IBM Cloud Solutions offer state of the art modular capabilities for: Which of the following client needs are addressed by IBM APM SaaS? Select the best answer. Which of the following are licensing advantages of IBM Netcool Operations Insight over OMNIbus? How is IBM's APM portfolio adapting to changes in the Application Performance Market, and providing new opportunities for partners? Which of the following metrics are needed to license Netcool Operations Insight?