M2010-701 - IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Sales Mastery Test v4

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Example Questions

Which statement is CORRECT? Worklight is a vital component of the Maximo Anywhere product and is included in the Maximo Anywhere installation. What is a customer able to do with the Worklight applications without having to purchase full Worklight licensing? True or False. Maximo for Transportation is only for the customers in what IBM calls the Travel and Transportation Industry. When you talk to a prospective client, what you would mention to the client? In what kind of circumstance would a client purchase Express User license? Explain why you may want to sell SCCD to your EAM customers. What is the primary objective of Health, Safety & Environment initiatives? Organizations face persistent challenges to improve physical asset performance. What is a new approach from IBM to manage these challenges called? There are several ways to price Maximo solutions. Which group is valid pricing for Maximo solutions? How can IBM Smarter Space Management solution help organizations to reduce facility costs? Which below statement is CORRECT? What mobile OS does current Maximo Anywhere 7.5 support? Maximo for Life Sciences is a solution for life sciences customer to manage their critical assets. Which other Maximo solution is usually integrated with Maximo for Life Sciences? In Maximo for Nuclear Power 7.5.1, which Maximo modules are enhanced? What are the significant returns that IBM Smarter Building solution can bring to organizations? Identify IBM TRIRIGA Solutions that help to reduce costs through smarter space utilization? What is a benefit of IBM Predictive Asset Optimization? In the current release, which back end products within the Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure portfolio does Maximo Anywhere support? Identify the CORRECT key benefits for EAM customers to install SCCD. Which is NOT a challenges for life sciences industry? What is the most significant benefit of Maximo for Life Sciences? Which feature is enhanced in Maximo for Transportation? Who should care about reducing facility costs? Why is IBM Maximo the best solution for Nuclear Power Industry? Which of the items is NOT a key capability of Maximo for Transportation? When you talk to a perspective customer who owns both IT assets and physical assets, what is the most compelling reason for the customer to consider IBM Asset Management? What is the most significant differentiator of Maximo for HSE? Maximo for Transportation is often used with Maximo Asset Configuration Manager and Maximo Linear Asset Manager in__________. What is the key difference between Maximo Everyplace and Maximo Anywhere?