LRP-614 - Liferay Certified Professional Developer

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Example Questions

An administrator would like to add a new travel preferences section in the Miscellaneous section of the user form. The travel preferences are stored as custom fields. The recommended way to implement the solution using a hook plugin is to: (Please select all correct answers.) The file containing the HTML document for a typical page is: MVCPortlet directs page flow using: Service Builder is able to: (Please select all correct answers.) Customizations to a theme are made in the folder: If the expiration cache in portlet.xml is set to "-1": The <liferay-ui: icon-menu> tag is used to: Default RSS feeds are set as portlet preferences. To make all new instances of the RSS poitlet display a single custom RSS feed, it is recommended to: Events supported by JSR-286 portlets for interportlet communication are: (Please select all correct answers.) To define a primary key named ''bookld" in service.xml: AlloyUI is a framework built on: The descriptor liferay-portlet.xml defines: Not all of the fields in the User object are searchable out of the box. The recommended way to make these fields searchable is to: To define portlet actions in separate classes using MVCPortlet: (Please select all correct answers.) The recommended way to implement a new SSO solution that captures the SSO header is to: The recommended way to display a web content article in a theme: The following code: GetterUtil.getlnteger("one") returns: The descriptor liferay-portlet.xml: The method to retrieve a list of users that have been added directly to a site is: Creating a Struts action hook requires the following elements in liferay-hook.xml: (Please select all correct answers.) When adding new users to Liferay, the form will display the Details, Organizations and Personal Site sections based on the following property in users.form.add.main =detaiIs,organizations,personal-site The "users.form.add.main" property is listed in the liferay-hook_6_l_0.dtd as a portal property that can be overridden with a hook. Deploying a hook with the following property in the file will remove the Personal Site section: users.form.add.main =details,organizations Instanceable portlets: (Please select all correct answers.) Given the service.xml: <entity name="AcmeItem" local-service = "true'' remote-service="false"> <column name= "acmeltemld" type= "long' primary= "true" /> <column name= groupld" type="long" /> </entity> The generated classes include: (Please select all correct answers.) When a hook overrides a core JSP named view.jsp: The settings in To map a Service Builder entity to an existing database table in service.xml the entity name must match the database table name. The recommended plugin type to use for a new servlet filter is a(n): The bundled property file that contains settings for a development environment is: The recommended way to add new functionality in Liferay is to: The method to set the value of a custom field for a BlogsEntry object ("blog") is: The recommended way to override multiple JSPs in the Documents and Media portlet is to: All Service Builder entities contain a local reference to: (Please select all correct answers.) To start Liferay with developer properties: An Expando is: When embeddding a plugin portlet in a layout template with $processor.processPortlet() use the: An administrator would like to search for blog entries by the Twitter account of the author. The recommended way to add the Twitter account to the index and add the term to the search query is to: Service Builder entities are defined in: Tables are created in the database for a Service Builder entity after: The recommended way to cleanly redeploy an Ext plugin is to: Beta-portlet.war requires services that are in alpha-portlet.war. To guarantee beta-portlet.war deploys after alpha-portlet.war: The recommended way to add support for a new locale is to: The recommended way to strip content from the outgoing response is to: Objects stored in the portlet application scope session are available to: Service Builder does not generate: Advantages of hook plugins over Ext plugins include: (Please select all correct answers.) A portlet can be assigned to a category in the Add Application menu using: The recommended way to modify the Wiki portlet configuration to recognize a new public render parameter defined in a portlet plugin: The JavaScript method that executes after each portlet on the page loads is: The service() method in GenericPortlet handles all requests for a particular portlet and dispatches to the appropriate method based on the portlet mode. The JavaScript method that executes as soon as the HTML document has finished loading is: