LOT-958 - IBM SmartCloud Notes Hybrid Config & Onboard Data Transfer

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Example Questions

During IBM SmartCloud Notes account set up, a company's internet domain verification is ______ The OU certifier for the virtual server is___________________. From where is the data encryption key downloaded? Vic starts the Create Replicas agent and nothing happens. What is the most likely cause of this? When a set of users are selected together for provisioning, which best describes what happens prior to them being submitted for provisioning? John is preparing a set of existing mail databases for transfer to the IBM SmartCloud Notes service. Prior to making new replicas and encrypting them on the staging server, he must determine that the server has enough available disk space. To make his decision, which statement does John need to know is true? Which one of the following statements correctly describes the virus scanning applied to a user's mail file? Which statement most accurately describes the supported methods of capturing an existing user's IBM Lotus Notes ID file into the IBM SmartCloud Notes ID vault? Which statement is true if Kellan wants to use the Onboarding Planning Tool (OPT) to collect information about user mail files from two IBM Lotus Domino domains? A user was provisioned in the IBM SmartCloud Notes administration portal, but the status in the Onboarding Transition Tool (OTT) still indicates Data Committed. What is the first step to take to troubleshoot the problem? What is one of the requirements when creating an Onboarding Transition Tool (OTT) request control document? Which operation is not supported by the IBM SmartCloud Notes FTP service? After an administrator runs the Domain Configuration tool, check that the on-premises servers are able to reach the IBM SmartCloud Notes servers by using the ______________ After the manifest file has been encrypted, what is the next step in the process? When setting up an on-premises environment, which statement is true about the passthru server? If the Onboarding Planning Tool (OPT) generates warning and error messages when it collects information about a user's mail file, what do best practices recommend an administrator should do before importing the user's mail file into the Onboarding Transition Tool (OTT)? Mary's customer has users in the service and users on-premises. Which of the following best describes how NRPC mail is sent from a user in the service to a user on-premises? Bob is configuring the Onboarding Transition Tool (OTT) database and needs to confirm the correct customer account ID. Where does Bob locate the authoritative source of this information? Ahmed accesses his mail exclusively using a web browser. His mail file was transferred to IBM SmartCloud Notes. New email messages arrived in his on-premises mail file while the replica was in transit. How does Ahmed see these email messages? What should a company administrator do after running the preconfiguration test tool? Which statement is true about the passthru server? Which connection security method does the IBM SmartCloud Notes FTP service support? What is the easiest way to use the Onboarding Planning Tool (OPT) to organize batch transfers by user location? For example, one batch has everyone from the Boston and Chicago offices, another has everyone from the Paris office, and so on... The Detect Replica Deletion agent runs, but the user status remains "Pending On-Premise Delete" in the Onboarding Transition Tool (OTT). Which of the following options could be the cause? Bob is the administrator for his company's IBM SmartCloud Notes account. As an administrator, which task can Bob not perform? The IBM Lotus Domino server being used for passthru at XYZ Corp is version 8.0. Although this seems to work fine in the IBM SmartCloud Notes hybrid model, why should XYZ Corp consider upgrading to at least version 8.5.2? Which one of the following statements correctly describes the catch-up replication carried out by the IBM SmartCloud Client Configuration tool? Conway's customer has two production IBM Lotus Domino domains. The first domain, Renovations, has users both on-premises and in the service. The second domain, PowerRenov, only has users on-premises. To route mail from PowerRenov users to Renovations users in the service .... How does directory synchronization occur between the on-premises replication hub and the IBM SmartCloud Notes directory sync server? What does Patrick need to do after uploading mail files via FTP to have the users listed under the Request Control number in the IBM SmartCloud Notes administration web pages? What is the purpose of the preconfiguration test tool? What does running the Domain Configuration tool require? Regarding final validation of the Onboarding Transition Tool (OTT) manifest file, which of the following options best describes the prerequisites? Which one of the following statements is correct about the Welcome message that is generated by the Onboarding Transition Tool (OTT)? Which statement about deployment of the Onboarding Planning Tool (OPT) is true? Which of the following statements is true about synchronizing on-premises directories with IBM SmartCloud Notes? To ensure that Status Update e-mails are delivered to the Onboarding Transition Tool (OTT) database, there are several configuration documents required. Which of the following options lists all of the required mail-routing configuration settings in each existing IBM Lotus Domino user domain? George uses IBM Lotus Notes clients on two PCs to access his server-based mail file. After provisioning, he finds that one PC is not seeing new mail. What is the most likely reason for this? The administrator is setting up an IBM SmartCloud Notes hybrid configuration. The customer moves users over a period of time and might even keep some users on-premises who require mail routing and freetime lookup with users in the service. Which statement best describes the firewall rules that are needed for an outbound connection to the SmartCloud Notes service to allow proper interoperability between users? Kristin has created a request control document in the Onboarding Transition Tool (OTT) and attached the encryption key to that document. When OTT creates the manifest file, what does the agent do? In the directory sync server settings of the IBM SmartCloud Notes administration portal, the Sync Status is reported as Unable to Connect. Which of these SmartCloud Notes administration tools is useful in problem determination? In the Onboarding Transition Tool, the "Check Replication" agent runs as a scheduled agent on the Staging Server, and places some of the users on hold with the message "Unable to read Unread marks". Other users are processed without error. Which of the following is the most likely reason for this? Which statement most completely describes the data encryption key file? Which role must be associated with an IBM SmartCloud user account to allow that user to import existing mail files in preparation for user provisioning? After users' mail has been transitioned from the on-premises environment to the IBM SmartCloud Notes service, what happens to their existing mail file on the on-premises mail server? XYZ Corp had a functional IBM SmartCloud Notes hybrid configuration but needed to change the on-premises IBM Lotus Domino server through which directory synchronization occurred because of a problem with that server. Another Lotus Domino 8.5.3 server already existed that could be used for this purpose. Which best describes the steps they should go through to properly update the hybrid configuration ? Within the User Provisioning with Mail File Transfer administration user interface, the user clicks on a Control Number to access the details of the users in that batch. After using the status selector function to filter those users who are ready for import, the list of users is presented. Which best describes the combinations of users that can be selected for import? When configuring the hybrid account settings, an administrator will need to know _________ How does the Onboarding Transition Tool (OTT) delete replicas of a user's on-premises mail file after the user has been transitioned into the IBM SmartCloud service? If a user is currently using an on-premises IBM Lotus Traveler server, what must be done before the end user can provision their device for Lotus Traveler in IBM SmartCloud Notes?