LOT-951 - IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 Application Development Update Exam

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Example Questions

Emma is writing code to validate the input of various fields on her Courses Xpage. In her JavaScript code, she needs to access the actual field object to examine it for content. What function should she use to get the field? Carl is using the NotesRichTextDocLink object to work with a URL that he has in the body of an email. He would like to remove the underlying URL associated with the link, while leaving the formatting of the link alone. What method would Carl use to accomplish this task? Devin has been developing an application that includes an XPage. When he opened the application in Designer this morning, he noticed a small "x" icon by the XPages listing in the Applications view. He had closed several of the Eclipse views yesterday, and does not see any errors displayed in the remaining views. How can Devin locate the problems in the source code? Shawn has a list of options that he would like to add as checkboxes to an XPage. How can he add a Checkbox group control to his current XPage? Kaitlyn has been asked to track which browser versions people are using to access the Customers XPage. She wants to add code that writes the browser version to the server log whenever a user opens the XPage. What server-side code can Kaitlyn add to do this task? Annie is working to develop an application based on XPages. One of the Xpages that she developed will be used for data collection. The data filled in the fields needs to be validated before submitting the entire page. In some cases, empty the fields and request the user type need to be in a valid value. How can she activate the Ajax Partial Update to achieve this target? Olivia is writing a Discussion application using XPages. She added a button on her main topic XPage to create a response document for this discussion. What should she do to generate the response document? John wants to use Themes to help him define controls properties. He wants to use the OneUI theme but also extend it to be able to manage a different style for some buttons. How can he override the global theme properties for some of his buttons? Elizabeth has added a button to her XPage and wants to add custom JavaScript to the onclick event of that button. Where can she do this? Abigail has added a computed field control to her Person XPage. For that field, she chose to use JavaScript? For binding data to that field How will she add code to that control to get the data to display? Jessica would like to use the sessionScope object to share the value of the "Name" Edit Box for the duration of the user's XPage session. Which of the following can she use to set her "myName" sessionScope variable with the value of the Edit Box? Margot has created a new theme for her application and saved it as a Themes resource. When she is testing her application, she wonders, why her new theme is not used. What could be the reason for this? Jackie is updating the Travel application. There are several forms that are used from the Notes client and from the Web browser, and she needs to add an area at the bottom of each form to be used to capture approval/denial comments. Jackie has created XPages that make use of JavaScript controls for rich text, and she would like to offer Web users a similar rich-text experience in the field that she will add on a new subform. How can she do this task? Chad has built a Photo Album XPage that allows people to select image files to transfer to their own computer. What Core control can Chad use in the XPage to accomplish this design feature? Alexis has a PostalCode XPage in her application. When the Lookup button is clicked, control is redirected to the PostalCodeData XPage. What global object would allow her to pass the postal code value from the PostalCode form to the PostalCodeData form, making sure that the data continues to be available until users close their browser? Christopher's Environment Monitoring XPage dashboard allows the user to enter the current time, temperature, and humidity. The Update core control button needs to update two different Domino databases with this data when clicked. What simple action can Christopher use to accomplish this task? Sawyer wants to display the contents of the family members field, which contains multiple values, as a list on his contacts XPage. Which control would allow Sawyer to display multiple values in a field as a list? Abbas has imported the screen.css stylesheet into his application. He has discovered that he needs to edit the properties of some of the classes in the CSS. What steps can he follow to make the needed changes and save the CSS changes within the application? Nick would like to use JavaScript to get the name of the current XPage. Which one of the following global objects and its corresponding method can he use to accomplish this? Eric is using Peter's Lotus Domino Designer. He is developing an XPage component. When launching the Lotus Domino Designer help through Help/Help - Contents, anything he is searching on XPages is not found by the Eclipse help system. Which option has Peter set that does not find any XPage help information? Barb is the lead developer for the Sales application and the Travel application. Each application consists of multiple databases. Within the application navigator, Barb would like to be able to list the databases of the Sales application together, and then, separate from the Sales application, to list the databases of the Travel application together. How can she do this? Arthur wants to change the look of his entire XPages application. What can he do to accomplish this task? Nadia needs to add a control to her XPage that allows the users to only select one option, and she needs to define the choices based on a DBLookup to a configuration document. What control should she use to accomplish this task? Cade is building an XPage for the Sales application. What are the options from which he can select when defining a data source from the data palette? Manesh is developing the ActivityPlanner XPage. He now needs to add check boxes that allow a user to select one or more of the activities of Monthly Volunteering, New Hire Orientation, and Quality Circle. How can Manesh create the needed check boxes? Nathan is adding the ability to upload files to his XPages application. What can he do to have the files placed in a particular rich text field. Darren is working with the Outline view on a new XPage. He drags a button control so that it is above an edit box control. What effect does this have on the XPage in the Design editor? Viktor has been asked to begin modifying the corporate Domino Web sites to adhere to XHTML standards. He has enabled enhanced HTML generation in the application properties. When testing a couple of the page elements in the Web browser and viewing the source, Viktor notices that tags like <br> and <hr> are still not correctly closed, that is, <br />. What could be the problem? Elaine is working on an XPage. She wants to use a custom control that she created earlier, but the custom controls are not visible in the Controls view. Why is this happening? Luke accidentally closed the applications navigator in Domino Designer and now he cannot see the list of design elements that he's working on. How can he get it back? Aidan has a number of databases listed in the Application navigator. He wants to sort his applications based on the server where they reside. How can Aidan accomplish this? Russell has added a button to the XPage he is developing to save the contents as a Lotus Notes document. What steps can Russell take to configure the button to accomplish this? Beatrice has been asked to modify three views in the projects database. All view fonts are currently set to 10 pt, and Beatrice needs to now set the font for the column titles and for the detail rows to be 8 pt. How can Beatrice accomplish this task? Dina has created a tabbed panel on her XPage and she needs to add an additional tab. How can she do this? Henry is using a requestScope scoped variable (rSa) in an XPage called XPageA to make it available in XPageB. John is testing XPageB, but rSa is still empty. Which of the following is causing this behavior? Rebecca has a Rental XPage that updates an underlying document in the database. As the user leaves each field on the XPage, Rebecca wants the underlying document fields to be updated. What can she use to accomplish this task? Josh has created an XPage that contains a view container and a button to delete selected documents using a Simple Action. His boss has asked him to modify the XPage button to give the user an opportunity to cancel the delete action. What can Josh do to fulfill this requirement? Farah has added the main.css style sheet to her XPage. She wants to associate the helpText class from main.css with the lblHelp Label control on the page. How can Farah do this task? Amalis has created an agent that will remove all links from the shipping field. When she runs the agent listed below an "Object variable not set error". What does she need to do to correct the error? Ignacio needs to enable rich-text editing in his web application. He would like to take advantage of the Dojo rich-text editing control available in XPages, but he needs to use it on a form instead. How can he do this task? Which of the following statements is wrong regarding the simple action "Modify Field"? Odette is designing the index XPage that is used for navigation for her Domino application. For what purpose might Odette use the Outline view in Domino Designer in Eclipse while working with the index XPage? Ashley is writing a server-side script to process the request parameters that are passed in her Registration XPage. What global object should she use to access the parameters that she's interested in? Ivy is working on an XPage that displays one of 20 different pictures depending on the values of key fields. How should she accomplish this task? Janet uses Domino Designer's Dynamic Help feature to clarify something. What kind of help will she get? Jane has a view that she will display on several XPages using a custom control. How can she add the view to the custom control? Lisa wants a confirmation before the document, which was edited in an XPage, is submitted and saved. How can she accomplish this task? What is the difference between the global objects header and headerValues? Tara is writing an agent that allows users to reset their password on their ID file from the ID vault. What method listed below would need to be used in the agent to accomplish this task? Jeff is setting up his status XPage so that it displays graphical status indicators based on the data being displayed. He has not received the images from his customer yet. What can he do to continue developing the application while waiting for the images to be delivered?