LOT-925 - Installing and Configuring IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5

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Example Questions

Your enterprise users receive large lists of ambiguous names when performing name look-ups for addressing mail messages. Which of the following will remove the ambiguous names? Gavin has created an Organization Unit policy for */Marketing/ABC. In this policy he placed a security settings document that specified that the password quality should be 10. However, people in this Organizational Unit are only being required to have a password quality of 7. What is the cause for this discrepancy? The server out-of-office service is configured in which of the following locations? In what order is blacklist and whitelist filtering processed on a received SMTP message? Creating an ID vault on your Domino server requires administrator access to the server on which you create it, Editor access to the Domino Directory and which of the following? What are the requirements for a roaming policy? Ben attempts to send Jerry a Notes mail message. Both users are on the same mail server. Which of the following paths will the message take? Which task reads the mail.box for new or changed messages that require processing? Which domain document provides servers in a Domino domain with information on where to transfer mail destined for external SMTP addresses? What tool can an administrator use to see how database workload is distributed across servers and recommend a resource-balancing plan? The ACME corporation is receiving a large amount of mail that is addressed to users that are not listed in the Domino Directory. The administrator wants to configure the server to check that recipients are listed in the directory and to refuse any mail addressed to a group name. In which of the following areas is this configured? Which of the following views in the Domino Directory are required to be updated once the server is upgraded to Domino 8.5? Which protocol must be enabled on the Domino server to support RSS feeds for mail files? Chaz, the Domino administrator, has noticed performance issues when LDAP searches are being performed against the Domino Directory. Which of the following is the best offered solution to improve performance? What are the requirements for roaming via policy or Domino? Restrictions can be configured in Adjacent domain documents and Configuration Settings documents. Domino will default to which? Airis, the Domino administrator, has assigned an explicit policy to a user. This policy has alternate values for the same settings documents as the organizational policy. What is the result of this action? Directory assistance in Lotus Domino 8 enables you to specify when a secondary directory must only be used for authentication. This provides which of the following features? Which of the following policies offer client lock-down? When deploying Lotus Traveler to your users without a policy in place, which of the following occurs to the end user mobile device? iNotes requires which of the following server tasks to be running? The effective mail policy for a user is stored in what location? The Cluster Database Directory Manager creates which of the following databases? Donald has configured a mail setting policy to prohibit iNotes users from changing the mail file owner field. How is this policy applied to iNotes users? Which ONE of the following is required when setting up transactional logging on a server? A Domino domain is a group of Domino servers that share the same which of the following? Joe wants to know which policy settings are effective for certain users and groups within his organization. In which one of the following would he find this information? The following command was issued by a Domino administrator on the Lotus Traveler server: tell traveler log removeuser * Which of the following occurs after this command is issued? John registered a new server. In which one of the following was the Server document placed? Which of the following sample passwords would be the most complex in the password quality scale? A user is accessing a Domino database through the web and does not authenticate. You, as the Domino administrator, have not listed Anonymous in the Access Control List of the database. What rights is this user assigned? Pedro, a Domino administrator, has enabled the Inbox maintenance feature from a mail policy document. How is the Inbox maintenance feature trigged and where does it run? Xavier has recently created a security policy that forces users to change their Notes password the first time they use the client. However, existing users are not being forced to do so. What is the cause of this? While installing the first Domino server, Alan is presented with a list of Internet services. Which of the following are selections for Alan under Internet services? Carla is attempting to utilize Directory Assistance to prevent group lookups from the primary Domino Directory for database authorization. However, she cannot get this to function correctly. Which if the following is the cause? Wallace is attempting to alter the roles assigned in a database. However, when he opens the Access Control List for that database, he does not see any reference to roles. Which of the following is the cause? When creating the ID Vault for your domain, which of the following cannot be the name of the vault? The server Web1/XYZ defaults to Server document settings to obtain configuration information for Internet protocols when which of the following features is not enabled? In order for Peggy to establish alternate message recall settings on a per server basis, which of the following is the best solution? Without manually restarting the SMTP server task, how often will it automatically check for changes to Configuration Settings documents? Billy wishes to use compression on his Domino servers for client connectivity. What steps must Billy do to make this function? The default ACL entry for Anonymous for all database templates (.NTF files) has which of the following for an access level? Users in your environment have been contacting update sites and updating composite applications on their own. Your company wishes to restrict the users from this ability. Which of the following provides that functionality? You have the ability to set different levels of administration access to users. Which of the following represents the hierarchy order for privileges from greatest to least access? What is the Database Instance ID (DBIID) used for? The Domino startup has aborted due to the system time being too far in advance as compared to the Domino server time. Which of the following next steps would be the best choice to get the Domino server to start immediately? In order to create a Domino cluster, which rights are required for you to have to the Domino Directory? Which of the following fields only exists when configuring a roaming user with a roaming policy setting document? A Notes mail message is sent by Miguel to an Internet address through an adjacent Domino domain over NRPC that then sends mail to the Internet over SMTP. Miguel is now attempting to recall the mail message. Which of the following will be the result of his attempt? Joseph, a Lotus Notes user, has sent a message recall request for an email he sent earlier in the day. The recall request is processed by which of the following server processes once it reaches the recipients mail server?