LOT-911 - IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0 Solution Development

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Example Questions

Damian needs to use the Remote PUMA SPI REST service. He wants to ensure that his requests to the service are only served within a valid user context. Which of the following URI paths allows him to do this task? Bill is developing a mail portlet. One of the requirements of the mail portlet is that it should prompt the user for a user name and password on the first access, then store that information in the credential vault; after that, the mail portlet should read the credential from the credential vault and use it for logging in to the external application. Which type of credential slot should Bill use? The WebDAV entry point for the Page Builder theme - for example http://my_company.com:10039/wps/mycontenthandler/dav/fs-type1 for a default installation on the host my_company.com - provides a set of predefined root folders used by the Page Builder theme. Which of the following folders is not a predefined root folder used by the Page Builder theme? Which of the following options is false regarding doctypes in OneUI? Where would you define a Struts action for the initial view of the portlet? Bill is developing Ajax portlet, In the serveResource() method first he is setting "AdminName" request attribute and then forwarding control to .jsp for generating markup, How can he print the "AdminName" attribute inside JSP ? Aside from normal steps for deploying portlets to a page, What additional step, if any, is necessary to configure a portlet using the Struts MVC framework and a portlet using the JavaServer Faces framework to the same portal page.? IBM Rational Application Developer provides an easy-to-use wizard for creating portlets. What options best describes the portlet types that you can use while creating JSR 286-compliant portlets? The changes in log levels made using the Enable Tracing portlet would be effective until What time? Usha has developed a JSR-286 compliant portlet. She wants to use it on a WSRP producer so that it can be consumed by a remote portal server. What changes if any should be made? In a Web 2.0 theme, Which of the available REST services only allow for read access to the model? Which of the following is FALSE about the theme layout templates. Robert needs to support a language that is read from left-to-right. Which tag would he use? Which variables are defined by the defineObjects tag when used on a JSP page included within the render method? What are the methods defined by the JSR 286 javax.portlet.Portlet interface? What best describes the portal model REST services that are now offered with WebSphere Portal V8.0? A remote portlet is integrated into a portal implementation using WSRP. What new WSRP 2.0 feature is enabled in WebSphere Portal V8.0 for sharing parameters with other portlets without wiring the producer and consumer portlet? Evan added a blog to a page using the Add Content widget in the Page Builder theme. Which of the following options is the portlet used to display this blog? John has developed a custom step-up handler. He has implemented the two methods init() and establishAuthLevel() of the StepUpAuthHandler interface. What is the outcome of the method establishAuthLevel() returning null? WebSphere Portal provides a WebDAV implementation that could be used to manage pages and static content. What is the entry point URL for the Page Builder theme and mashup integration for a default portal installation on the host www.my_company.com? Which of the following options is not a valid controller model interface? Each of the following options is a role for the Default.jsp in the PageBuilder2 theme, except Which option? What are two optional life-cycle interfaces that a portlet can implement? Which option best describes how JSR 286-compliant portlets and widgets interact with each other? Client-side tracing and logging has been enabled for all components in the namespace com.ibm.mashups.enabler. Where are the log statements written to? Which of the following options describes the rules created by selecting the Select Action rule type when creating a personalization rule? The Java Portlet Specification PLT.C appendix defines the Cascading Style Sheet classes for a variety of logical units in the markup. It follows the styles defined by the OASIS Web Services for Remote Portlets Technical Committee. What is the prefix used for the name of the CSS classes defined in this appendix? Which of the following controllers is not used when working with tagging and rating? When building a custom theme, you can call a JSP and have its response included in the theme.html file at runtime by using a dynamic content spot. There are cases where it can be better to not reference the dynamic content directly, but rather reference it by a logical name. In Which Resource Environment Provider in the WebSphere Application Server configuration, are the logical dynamic content spots names defined? How can you delete a Remember Me cookie from the user's browser? The following section of a portlet deployment descriptor defines the cache setting for a portlet: <expiration-cache>300</expiration-cache> <cache-scope>private</cache-scope> What is the meaning of this cache definition? Sachin wants to change the existing 2ColumnEqual layout to add some additional markup to the layout. Which HTML file should he change? For client-side rendered pages, JavaScript code is executed in the browser JavaScript engine rather than on the server. Where would you enable client-side tracing and logging for all components in the namespace com.ibm.mashups.enabler? When writing a custom navigation iWidget, What event should be fired to update the page navigation and cause the contents of the new page to be loaded? Which of the following options is a true statement about layout templates? Jim has created an application template using his local development environment and would like to promote this template to his team shared development environment. What steps will he use to accomplish this? Hannah is developing a portlet that allows a user to see all the pages in the portal that he or she can access. Which of the following portal models should Hannah use to get the pages that are visible to the specific user who is logged in? Jim has to modify a theme policy to customize the renderMainMenu attribute to satisfy a project requirement to disable the main menu. Which one of the following theme policies can be used? A site needs to be created within portal with its own title, user repository, default content, and branding. What single portlet is provided for creating a site within portal? Which of the following statements is true? Which of the following methods is not defined in the Portlet Login service (interface com.ibm.portal.portlet.service.login.LoginService)? Which of the following options are advantages of using Lotus OneUI for a portal theme? From What source does the Page Builder theme instantiate drag-and-drop functionality in terms of portlets? Evan wants to develop a portlet to act as a target using Click-to-Action. He wants to develop a client-side click-to-action handler. Which best describes the ways that he can get the source data submitted by the source portlet? Which of the following statements is NOT a true statement about the Portlet Login service? Which of the following statements is NOT a functionality provided by IBM Rational Application Developer? What is Enabler API used for? Which of the following options is a false statement about the credential vault ? The IBM Lotus Connections portlets provide access to collaboration and social networking features from Lotus Connections, such as Activities and Blogs. Which portlets are available from the built-in Lotus Connections portlets package? Which of the following options is valid about downloadable portlets from the WebSphere Portal Business Solutions Catalog?