LOT-840 - IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 Configuring Domino Web Servers

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Example Questions

Karen wants to customize the data that is being transmitted to a HTTP browser request toimprove the performance of browser caching. What type of Web rule would she create? The TCP authentication field ame & password is set to "Yes". What effect does this settinghave? Arlene, the Domino administrator, has issued the following command on the Domino Web server after making some changes: Tell HTTP Refresh. However, the configuration changes made were not performed by the server. Which of thefollowing provides the best explanation? As the Domino administrator, you have been asked to improve client-side performance andsecurity of Domino Web Access sessions. You start by controlling which entries are removedfrom the browser when the Domino Web Access session ends. Which of the followingmust be enabled for this enhancement to function? Karley had successfully enabled WebDAV. However a recent change to the Web Site document has caused WebDAV to not function correctly. Which of the following wa What type of document controls access to non-database files that users can access via Web browsers? A database is being enabled to be accessible through WebDAV. Which of the following is the minimum level of Internet access required? Internet password lockout has been enabled correctly for the domain that Julian manages. Samantha has been locked out from Web access due to too many invalid login attempts. In which of the following ways does Julian allow Samantha to log in again? The TCP authentication field for anonymous is set to "No". What effect does this setting have? Which of the following allow you to write your own extensions to the Domino Web server? Jason, the Domino administrator, notices that the Domino server queues new Web requestsuntil another request finishes and threads become available. Which setting should be modified to decrease the number of Web requests pending? Which of the following must be configured to successfully utilize multi-server session authentication? Libby, a Web user, is accessing a Domino Web server and looking at a HTML page. However, certain images are not showing correctly on the page. Which of the following could be a cause of the image not showing? Alexander has installed and configured the appropriate Web server plug-ins on a frontend server. What two HTTP servers are supported as front-end Web servers that pass HTTP requests to Domino servers? Libby set up byte range serving for Domino and Web clients. Which one of the following is a characteristic of byte range serving? The TCP authentication field "Redirect TCP to SSL" is set to "No". What effect does thissetting have? As the Domino Web administrator, you have chosen to utilize LDAP authentication for Web users using against a corporate directory server that requires binding.Which of the following are required to establish this connection? Joe is attempting to implement Internet password lockout and single sign-on for his Domino servers. Which of the following is a requirement for the lockout to function? Which one of the following describes the function of a Domino Internet Cluster Manager (ICM) server? Chartrise has created a Directory Rule to map the location of a Domino database. The rule is not functioning correctly. What is the cause of the failure? Carl, a user, performs a domain search against a Domino server from his browser. One of the returned databases resides on a server outside of the search server. What must be configured on the Domino server to present Carl with a correct link to the other server? Web authentication using primary and secondary Domino and LDAP directories was established by Jose in Directory Assistance. Which one of the following describes the order in which the directories are searched? Rob wants to apply Web rules to multiple Web sites. Which of the following would he utilize? Libby, the Domino administrator, needs to immediately revoke an Internet certificate due to a compromised key. What database will she open to revoke the certificate? Richard wants to issue Internet certificates to his current Notes users. He wants to do this stepwithout having the users submit an Internet certificate request and merge the certificateinto the ID file. What steps must he perform to have the certificates issued and automaticallyplaced into the users' ID files? WebDAVallows users to do which of the following? While creating Internet Site documents, you do not select a specific server from your environment to host the Web site. What is the result of this action? An LDAP client can specify a search base when searching a directory. A search base performswhat function? David wants to view the expired certificates in the Certification Revocation List (CRL). In which one of the following would David find this information? As the Domino administrator, your Web server will not allow anonymous connections. However, basic name and password authentication is enabled. Your Domino Web Access users are notifying you that they are receiving multiple prompts to authenticate. Correctly configuring which of the following document types would remove this multipleprompt for the users? Andy, a system administrator, is implementing a Web cluster of Domino servers for load balancing. Which of the following will provide native Web failover in Domino? For Web sites, the common name on the server key ring must match which of the following? Todd, a Domino administrator, has decided to utilize a front-end HTTP server outside of Domino.After successfully copying the required files from Domino to the front-end server, Domino still will not process the HTTP requests. What step did Todd fail to complete? Domino allows you to move files from one directory to another on the same Web server. What type of rule should be created so new links do not need to be created? Which one of the following statements regarding the Certificate Authority (CA) is true? Web rules are applied to HTTP requests from Web browsers in a particular order. Which of the following best describes the order that they are applied? The LDAP server in Domino 8 was enhanced to include the dominoAccessGroups operationalattribute. This new ability enhances performance by providing which of the following? Rob, the Domino administrator, wants users to be able to store their user preferences in cookies for all the Domino Web sites in the DNS domain. Which setting allows this? You have successfully created a domcfg.nsf database for your Domino Web server. You alsosuccessfully created a custom error message when a user's Internet password has expired. However, users are not receiving the prompt when accessing the corporate portalHTML page located in the Domino\HTML directory. Which of the following best describes the reason for this scenario? Barbara wants to use the same Web Site document for multiple servers. What must be done to enable this? Vince has configured an Expired header rule. Which of the following is obtained by usingthese types of rules? Your environment has directories enabled in Directory Assistance for business partners andcustomers. However, when users are addressing e-mail, they are receiving those users in their type-ahead lists. Which of the following is the best solution to hide these user names? Marshall, the Domino administrator, has enabled multi-server session authentication (MSSO), but it is not functioning properly. Which of the following is necessary for him tocomplete for SSO to be enabled properly? Josie made a change to the Web site's site configuration document which caused WebDavto stop functioning. Which one of the following changes would cause WebDAVto stop working? You are configuring Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) to monitor Web agents. What is the default polling time that DDM will probe the Web agents? Lizettewants to enable Domino Off-line Services (DOLS) for her Internet users. What fieldmust be configured to allow DOLS to function? Certain clients utilizing WebDAV attempt to lock WebDAV items. Where is design lockingenabled for WebDAV? Chris wants to make sure that clients use a secure connection to access databases on the server. He performs this by redirecting connection requests that come in over the TCP/IP port to what port? The ACME corporation has created a custom error message to apply only to the payroll database, with a file name of pay2006.nsf, on their Domino web server. Where is this customerror message placed on the Domino server? To enable SSL for a hosted organization, you must use the server IP address in which of thefollowing fields?