JN0-690 - Junos Troubleshooting

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Example Questions

Which two statements are correct about the show ospf route and the show route protocols ospf commands? (Choose two.) Which CLI command is used to restart a software process? An OSPF neighbor is stuck in the Exchange state. Which condition would cause this to happen? You are asked to configure traceoptions to capture all general events for rpd. Which configuration statement accomplishes this task? An interface on your Junos device reports a device-level flag of Loopback-detected. What is causing this flag to be reported? In the Junos OS, which type of file dumps the program's environment in the form of memory pointers, instructions, and register data to a file in the event of a panic or other serious malfunction? You suspect that your router is missing the .0/24 routes for your local network. You first want to look for the routes on the control plane before troubleshooting the data plane. Which operational mode command should you issue? Which three commands will provide details about CPU utilization on a line card? (Choose three.) Which two commands help to identify traffic drops due to oversubscription? (Choose two.) Which operational CLI command would you use to troubleshoot hardware-related problems? Which two tools would be used to troubleshoot BGP peering problems? (Choose two.) Given the example shown below: Emergency boot media > flash disk > _____ What is missing from the default boot list? Which two actions are required when performing a unified in-service software upgrade (ISSU)? (Choose two.) Which three statements are correct about rpd related troubleshooting on devices running the Junos OS? (Choose three.) Which command would be helpful in determining the time at which the protocols started? Which CLI command applies the candidate configuration to the active configuration? What is the name of the routing protocol process on a Junos OS device? Which two features would be deployed to prevent DoS attacks? (Choose two.) Which two tools will help determine the path of a routing loop? (Choose two.) You have configured and successfully committed the configuration for nonstop active routing (NSR). Which command would you use to determine if NSR is operating correctly? Using Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), you want to statically force the priorities of the master and backup routers. Which priority would you set on the master router? Which CLI command would be used to verify the routing protocol daemon memory usage? Which operational command would be used to display diagnostic data and alarms for 1/10/100 Gigabit Ethernet optical transceivers? Which three statements are correct about ARP related troubleshooting? (Choose three.) A technician has reported an alarm on your device running the Junos OS. You suspect it is due to the temperature in the rack. Which two commands will confirm your suspicion? (Choose two.) Which operational CLI command would you use to display information about the system and software processes? You have been asked to troubleshoot an interface that is flapping. Which three tools would you use to isolate the cause? (Choose three.) By default, in which table are OSPF routes stored on a Junos device? Which three steps are involved in troubleshooting any problem? (Choose three.) Two neighboring routers running OSPF were configured with the same router ID by mistake. Which OSPF operational mode command would report the number of hello packets received with the local router's router ID? Which two Junos OS commands are helpful in confirming whether an Object Identifier (OID) has recorded the correct data? (Choose two.) You are asked to provide an audit trail for all user activity on your Junos device. Which syslog configuration statement accomplishes this task? Which two statements are true regarding BGP path MTU discovery? (Choose two.) Which two statements are true about firewall filters and policers? (Choose two.) Which route would a packet destined to 192.168.14. take? A client has reported that they cannot establish an FTP connection to your Junos device. Which command would you use to diagnose the problem?