JK0-U31 - CompTIA E2C Strata IT Technology Certification Exam

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Example Questions

What are characteristics of storage system level virtualization? (Select two.) Which EVA management tool simplifies storage administration to deliver a low total cost of ownership? What is the approximate maximum virtual disk size for a disk group with 10 36GB drives and a disk protection level of Single? What are the valid virtual disk redundancy levels for the EVA? Which operating systems are bootable from the EVA? (Select two.) In a redundant storage set, user data is segmented into redundant stores (RStores) of what size? What is the maximum number of disk drives supported in an EVA4400 storage system? Which statement is true regarding the creation of disk groups? In an EVA, what is the purpose of virtual disk leveling? Which statement is true regarding storage system virtualization? Which tool is used to configure EVA4400 hardware properties, such as configuring the connectivity? What must be created first before the creation of a pre-allocated snap or mirrorclone? What is the maximum storage capacity of one EVA4400 model 2C8D with 1TB drives? What is the default value for the disk failure protection level? Which statements are true regarding disk drives for the M5x14x disk drive enclosure? (Select two.) Which types of servers are supported with Command View EVA server-based management? (Select two.) Which hardware support services are included with the EVA? (Select two.) How much total controller cache is available with the EVA4400 storage system? What represents the creation of a separate virtual disk performed in the background? Virtual disks configured as VRAID1 always provide what percent of disk group capacity? Which statement describes how the HSV controller assigns the logical blocks of a virtual disk to specific physical disk blocks? What is the purpose of the SSSU? Unusable capacity, reserved for disk group protection level and metadata, is which type of capacity? Which statements are descriptive of the default disk group? (Select two.) What are the main software components used for EVA array management? (Select two.) What is the maximum storage capacity of one EVA6400 model 2C8D with 300GB drives? Which mirrorclone state gives point in time copy, with the sharing relationship still intact? What is the name of the rack used for all EVA storage systems? Which factors affect how a disk group uses spare capacity? (Select two.) Virtual disks configured as VRAID5 always provide what percent of disk group capacity? Which statements are true regarding licensing the EVA with Command View EVA 7.0 and above? (Select two.) Which type of snapshot is virtually capacity-free, and marked as overcommitted and put into an inoperative state if the disk group becomes full? Which coexisting EVA product allows local data replication? Current EVAs comply with which environmental norms? (Select two.) How many controller enclosures are present in the EVA4400, EVA6400, and EVA8400, respectively?