JK0-019 - CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam

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Example Questions

Which of the following wireless technologies can operate at only 5GHz? Which of the following commands can Sandy, a network technician, use to check whether the DNS server for a given domain is reachable? An administrator needs to terminate network cables that have just been installed in the main communications closet. Which of the following tools is required? A user receives a call from someone reporting to be from the help desk who asks for their password. The user discovers later that the caller did not work for the help desk. Which of the following describes this type of exploit? Prioritizing traffic between data and voice is defined as which of the following? Joe, a customer, is looking to implement wireless security. Which of the following provides the WEAKEST encryption? Which of the following would be used to test out the security of a specific network by allowing it to receive security attacks? Joe, a network administrator, would like to ensure that the footprint of the company's wireless coverage is limited to the office borders, located on the premises. Which of the following features should he adjust on all of the company's WAPs to make this change? Which of the following defines access for a network? Which of the following layers of the OSI model is above the Session layer? Which of the following commands provides similar information about the current configuration of active local Ethernet adapters? (Select TWO). Which of the following network topologies, when a single machine's cable breaks, would only affect one network device and not the rest of the network? Which of the following is an interior routing protocol that is used to provide routing within autonomous systems? An administrator is having a hard time adding a new switch to the network. After verifying that all the ports are configured correctly on each switch, which of the following should the administrator verily NEXT? Two business partners have recently been connected via a dedicated extranet. It has been discovered that each of the companies are using the same private IP address space. Which of the following will help to resolve potential routing issues? Which of the following DNS records would allow for a website to have more than one FQDN? Which of the following uses copper wiring? Which of the following has a MAXIMUM distance of 300 meters (984 feet)? Sandy, a network technician, would like to keep the IP address of the Human Resource department" s server in the same group of 100 DHCP IP addresses that are assigned to the Human Resource department's employee workstations. Which of the following would BEST allow this and have the ability for the server to keep the same IP address? Which of the following are common VPN transports? (Select TWO) Which of the following basic devices blocks ports and can sometimes filter data? Which of the following defines the range of IP addresses a DHCP server can assign? After a baseline check was completed it was noted that the network was working far below the level of the last baseline. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT to determine where the network problems are occurring? Which of the following is used to create multiple networks from one large network? Which of the following network cable types requires grounding? Which of the following should be used to ensure that all packets are received by every connected device? An administrator only has one public IP address that must be shared among five employees. Which of the following network schemes should be used? The selection of the correct punch down tool to use depends on which of the following? Which of the following would Karen, a technician, do to monitor remote traffic through an access point? Karen, a user, reports that the web browser is indicating the site certificate is not trusted. Which of the following attacks may be in progress? A technician needs to manage a switch by using the management port on the back of the switch. Which of the following cables would the technician use? Which of the following is a reason to use dynamic DNS? New service from the telephone company is delivered over fiber, but the technician does not have a fiber module for the router. Which of the following would remedy this issue? A small office has asked to have six PCs networked together by Joe, a consultant. The office users want file sharing capability with no access to the Internet. Which of the following items will Joe need? (Select TWO). Which of the following improves wireless performance only allowing only one wireless transmission on the network at a time? Which of the following would Karen, a technician, use in voice over IP communications? Which of the following network topologies BEST describes a VPN? (Select TWO) Switch A is configured with VLAN 105 and 106. Switch B is configured with VLAN 105 and 107. Both switches are connected with a fiber cable. In order for packets from all VLANs to cross the fiber cable, which of the following configurations MUST be present? Which of the following technologies would adhere to the AAA model while facilitating ease of login changes for multiple routers and switches? Which of the following technologies allows an administrator to submit traffic to an IDS for review? Which of the following defines the purpose of a DHCP scope? For security reasons Kurt, a network technician, wants to install a Linux based email server. Microsoft web services, and directory services on different servers. Which of the following technologies would be BEST to reduce hardware costs? Multiple users call from the same location saying that they have no network connectivity. The administrator is unable to ping the main switch at that IDF. Which of the following configuration management documents would the administrator MOST likely consult to troubleshoot the issue? Which of the following connector types is used for coax cable? Which of the following technologies has different upload and download speeds? A company plans to implement a wired network between several computers. The company wants this network to be able to have a transmission rate of 1Gbps. Which of the following cable types should be purchased? Sandy, a network administrator, wants to be able to block all already known malicious activity. Which of the following would allow her to perform this activity? When verifying a new wireless installation the administrator is unable to see a wireless signal with any wireless laptop. The MOST likely problem is: Which of the following is required if ports from VLANs on two separate switches need to broadcast to each other? Which of the following devices will allow a technician to measure the amount of data that is capable of traversing the network?