JK0-016 - CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam (2009)

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Example Questions

What is the objective of using UDP protocol? An Ethernet crossover cable is a type of Ethernet cable used to connect computing devices together directly where they would normally be connected via a network switch, hub or router, such as directly connecting two personal computers via their network adapters. How many pairs are crossed in a crossover cable? Which of the following provides remote logon over the Internet? A small office network with ten computers uses a cable modem and router to connect to the Internet and distribute services to clients. After several weeks of use, the routers collision LED (Light Emitting Diode) has begun to stay on permanently. What is the MOST likely cause of the problem and the FIRST troubleshooting steps? Cell switching uses cell switches to forward fixed-length packets in a network. Which type of WAN technology applies cell switching? Which of the following fiber-optic solutions uses the longest wavelength beams? Which protocol can help transfer files to a network device safely? Which of the following can be used to differ CAT3 from CAT5 UTP ? Which characteristic of a switch will permit two switches to transfer network information? Which logs can be used to identify performance and network problems within the LAN? Given that some switches lose their present settings and connectivity to the network. However, the central router still works normally. After troubleshooting, the network technician can identify the affected areas, establish the cause, and escalated the problem. Which step will be taken next? Select two IEEE designations used for the spanning tree protocol.(Select TWO). A packet is destined for the address, when a router receives this packet, it discovers that the routing table does not contain this address. What will happen next? Which of the following uses port 22? A DHCP enabled computer on the network has been unplugged from the network for a week. In the mean time, several other computers were added to the network. When plugging the computer back into the network the computer is unable to reach network resources. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause? Which of the following allows a Windows workstation to access file and printer resources on a Linux server? Which command will show the DNS information of the workstation? When the first network card is unavailable, a second card in a server that activates will replace it, Which feature best describes this network performance optimization? You are a network technician of your company. 400 users at a new remote site want to visit the Internet through only one public routable IP address. Which technology can help you achieve this goal while permitting direct user access to the internet? An Ethernet crossover cable is a type of Ethernet cable used to connect computing devices together directly where they would normally be connected via a network switch, hub or router. How many pairs are there in a crossover cable? Which of the following provides NetBIOS name to IP address resolution? Which of the following network device can connect multiple devices but not segment a network? What is the most likely cause that the lights on the switch are blinking green and then amber? You are asked to configure two computers with the following IP addresses, subnet mask, and default gateway: PC1 255.255.255. No DG PC2 If all network devices including the computers and the switch are connected to network cabling, and the default gateway are running correctly, when trying to send a file to PC2, what will happen? 10BASE2 (also known as cheapernet, thin Ethernet, thinnet, thinwire or quite simply Thinnies) is a variant of Ethernet that uses thin coaxial cable (RG-58 or similar, as opposed to the thicker RG 8 cable used in 10BASE5 networks), terminated with BNC connectors. Which of the following is the maximum length of a 10Base2 cable? Computer networks use a tunneling protocol when one network protocol (the delivery protocol) encapsulates a different payload protocol. Which one of the following network techniques is involved in the secure tunneling? If you want to create a connection between a wall jack and the desktop, which tool below will be help to you? How will a failure of a router on a network with two VLANs affect communication? Which of the following statements regarding remote access protocols is TRUE? Which tool can help you to resolve the problem of time-out of database server inquiries? In telecommunications and software engineering, scalability is a desirable property of a system, a network, or a process, which indicates its ability to either handle growing amounts of work in a graceful manner, or to be readily enlarged. Which topology is used in network due to its scalability? In a structured wiring system, which network component supports an Ethernet network? Which of the following cable types is used to link together two buildings that are over 10 miles (16.09 kilometers) apart? A company is implementing Novell Client for Windows. Which service must be enabled? In you company, a staff can't send email to another. The administrator believes that there is problem with DNS. After entering nslookup, which command can identify the IP address of the email server? Which protocol can be used by the OSI application layer? Which equipment can connect multiple network hosts in which place the physical signal is always reproduced to all ports? Which address below is applicable if you want to configure a server to offer file sharing for all departments of your company? A customer intends to enlarge the range of wireless network without running wires throughout the small office. Which action takes the least administrative effort? Classful Routing is an old routing logic that first matches the Class A, B, or C network in the routing table. Which protocol only allows for classful routing? Refer to the punch down blocks below, which one is applicable to high-speed data transmission? In order to facilitate DNS requests, you reconfigure a server. Which action will offer the best fault tolerance? Which security attack can be mitigated by the filtering feature of MAC address? Which type of cable has high speed capabilities and is usually found to be used in a backbone connection? Dynamic routing allows routing tables in routers to change as the possible routes change. What is theobjective of dynamic routing? Which tool can discover the unencrypted passwords sent over the network? Which method is the most economical to apply fault tolerance feature to a server? What command can display the relationship between a MAC address and the corresponding IP address? Which two protocols combine the PPTP? (Select TWO). Which of the following wireless networks are compatible?

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