ITSM20F - IT Service Management Foundation based on ISO/IEC 20000 (ITSM20F.EN)

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Example Questions

Which process is responsible for registering the relationships within the IT infrastructure? One of the activities of Problem Management is the analysis of historical Incident and Problem data held in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) in order to understand trends. Which aspect of Problem Management accomplishes this? What is meant by the Urgency of an Incident? What is required to be in place for emergency changes? What is the definition of IT Service Management? Due to excessive workload, the Desktop Support group has been unable to meet their agreed service levels. One of the major contributing factors is the time being spent in direct communication with users. Which Process or Function can help to alleviate some of this workload? A company decides to apply the principle of continual improvement. Which action would result from this decision? What is known as a temporary solution that enables the user to continue working? What has to be included in a well defined process? What is the objective of the Security Management process? The service provider thinks that the service levels will not be met might a certain incident occur. When will the customer be informed? Staff should be trained in relevant aspects of Service Management. What information with respect to training should be maintained? What may define the scope of Service Management in the Service Management plan? Which process or function is responsible for supplying first-line support and assistance in daily use of IT services'? Which process includes the responsibility of recovering the service as quickly as possible? Which of the following activities in the Problem Management process is related to the Change Management process? What is a purpose of ISO/IEC 20000? In recent months at a transport company with 1500 desktops, dozens of requests have been received for expansion of the internal memory because its size has proven to be insufficient. Which process should have prevented this from happening? What is mandatory to define in the incident management procedures? What are the key contents of an IT Service Management system? What would increase the amount of detail in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)? A Release policy needs to be documented and agreed. What must be included in the Release policy? Deming proposed a system of continuous improvement. Which four activities does this system involve? What does Service Management aim to achieve? Problem Management is responsible for carrying out trend analysis of Incident volumes and types. What is the reason for this? What is a Configuration Baseline? Which process has the objective to ensure that the available supply of processing power matches the business demands, both now and in the future? The success and failure of Releases shall be measured. What is included in these measurements? What is the difference between a process owner and a process manager? A number of important documents are used within Service Level Management One of these documents consists of an overview of services and Service Levels offered. What is the name of the document? A Change leads to a modification of an IT element. Which of the following terms best describes the element being modified? What is a best practice for Capacity Management? What defines Service Quality? In the context of standards, what does the term "conformity" stand for? What is the purpose of CobiTTM? What is required for an implementation of IT Service Management to be successful? Which process has the goal to maintain and improve rr Service quality, through a constant cycle of agreeing, monitoring and reporting upon IT service achievements and the investigation of actions to eradicate poor service? In many organizations, management tasks or parts of those tasks are performed t>y third parties. Agreements are made with these parties that are expressed in contracts. What are these contracts called? What can be improved by achieving quality objectives? Which process or function has the responsibility of distributing information to users? When a new service is being planned Service Level Management (SLM) needs to ensure that existing performance levels of other IT services will not be unduly impacted. From which process will Service Level Management (SLM) require input? Which statement below is not a purpose of Supplier Management procedures? When improving the IT Service Management system, what needs to be considered to ensure on- going compliance with the service provider's corporate objectives / requirements? The Service Desk of supplier X continuous receives the same incident report. This concerns the latest version of a client-server application. The problem no longer occurs if the former version is re-installed. Because the cause of the incident has still not been traced, the supplier decides to advise the customers to temporarily install the old version, if the problem occurs. What is this advice an example of? Through which process does the implementation of new or changed services, including closure of a service, need to be planned and approved? What is the objective of the service reporting process? According to ISO/IEC 20000, what is the minimum frequency for the Service Provider and the Customer to attend a service review meeting for discussing changes to the service scope? Input from other Service Management processes is required to keep the IT service continuity plan current Which process has the most to contribute? Why is it important that the Service Desk attempts to link an Incident to a Known Error? What is the most common process that is associated with the Service Desk?