ISEB-BA1 - Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

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Example Questions

Which of the following would BEST be managed with the "keep satisfied" stakeholder management strategy? The following is a list of statements concerning investigation techniques a. Questionnaires are an effective way of developing rapport with the business users. b. Workshops are an effective way of obtaining user buy-in and acceptance. c. Protocol analysis involves following a user for a period to find out what they do. d. Scenarios can be used as an effective basis for the development of prototypes. Which of the following is correct? An analyst has discovered that a company wishes to hold information about departments and employees. A department may have many employees in it, but each employee can, at any one time, only work in one department. There is no requirement to store historical information.However, there are currently eight departments and over one hundred employees. How would this relationship be shown on an Entity Relationship diagram? The Business Activity Model shows the doing activities' of a business system. Which element of CATWOE do these activities relate to? In a business activity model, which of the following type of activities respond to deviations between actual and planned performance? A process model has been produced which includes diamond-shaped symbols. What does this diamond-shaped symbol represent in the model? One of Porter's five forces explicitly considers industry competitors. Which of the following is the Key Focus' of this force? What type of model is a 'Business Activity Model' (BAM)? A requirement has been identified as beneficial. It will be included in the system if it does not take too long to deliver or cost too much. How would this requirement be prioritized in the MoSCoW classification? Business rules define how actions are to be performed. Under which of the following headings are business rules considered? When running workshops it is useful to have someone with a role that includes specific responsibility for keeping attendees focused on achieving the objective of the workshop. Which of the following terms describes this role? The term 'happy day' is often used in the context of which of the following investigation techniques? Which of the following is a primary activity in the value chain? A business analyst wishes to show that a company wants to store information about different types of product. Some attributes are common to every product (for example; product name) but other attributes only apply to certain product types. For example, product material only applies to accessory products. Which of the following constructs could the business analyst use to represent this on a class model? Which of the following techniques can be used to pull together the results of an analysis of the external and internal business environment of an organisation? Which of the following BEST describes an ethnographic study? Which of the following approaches is the variation of the Waterfall lifecycle that shows explicitly the link between the analysis stages and the testing stages? The senior managers of an organisation recognise that they employ knowledgeable, committed staff. Under which category of a SWOT will this be recorded? The V model is an example of which of the following? During a workshop, it is useful to ask participants to come up with ideas which are listed for later evaluation. What is this technique called? Which of the following describes a 'rich picture'? The following requirement has been identified; The system must be able to record customer payments'. What type of requirement is this? Which of the following is NOT one of the perspectives considered by the 'Balanced Business Scorecard'? Which of the following are steps in the Isaksen and Treffinger's creative problem solving model? a. Mess Finding. b. Data Modelling. c. Process Finding. d. Problem Finding. e. Solution Finding. A well formed requirement is said to comply with which of the following acronyms? Which of the following diagrams explicitly shows the sequence of tasks? Which of the following may be used to document the outcomes of a workshop? Business Analysis competencies are divided into three groups. Which of the following are the groups of competencies for a Business Analyst? a. IT skills. b. Behavioural skills and personal qualities. c. Techniques. d. Project Management Support. e. Business Knowledge. The requirements catalogue documents the business user or users who requested the requirement. Which heading in the requirements catalogue template would this information be recorded? Why should requirements be SMART? Which stage of the Requirements Engineering process is concerned with tracking requirements from inception to implementation? What occurs at handoffs when two actors do not synchronise their work? The required competencies of a business analyst are classified into three categories. Which of the following is one of these three categories? A batch program runs every night to raise invoices. The next day these invoices are posted out to customers by a clerk. Customers pay the invoices with cheques. The cheques are then banked by a clerk. In this scenario, which of the following represents a business event? Cars, trucks and motorbikes are all types of vehicle. What structure could be used on a class model to model this The Internal Rate of Return has been calculated for an option in a Business Case. Which ONE of the following statements is true? Which of the following statements about business activity models (BAM) is correct? In which of the following categories would return on investment be considered when assessing the feasibility of a project? Which stage of Isaksen and Treffinger's creative problem-solving model is concerned with analysing the opinions and concerns to identify how information can be quantified? When is the self-esteem of individuals affected by a change process usually at its lowest? An organisation called Quality Signs' makes display signs for commercial customers. Which of the following are MOST likely to be the Actors in a CATWOE analysis? When should benefits realisation be carried out? Business analysis bridges the gap between which two disciplines? Which of the following investigation techniques is the MOST time consuming? In which of the following circumstances is supplier power high? Which of the following is an example of 'Individual Tacit Knowledge'? Which of the following statements is TRUE? A company provides a help desk facility to support users of their computer software. How would the provision of this facility be classified on their value chain? Which of the following models might include the documentation of scenarios? Which of the following types of activity help identify the KPI's of an organisation?