HT0-201 - CEA-CompTIA DHTI+ Certification Exam

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Example Questions

Which of the following determines if the alarm should sound or an entry delay should start? Which of the following is MOST likely causing an intermittent flashing LED on an IR receiver when the remote control is not being used? A paging adapter is used to: When configuring remote access to a web enabled media server, an integrator needs to configure which of the following settings on a router? (Select TWO). Which of the following is a specific example of a media server? Which of the following is the MOST likely indication that a user is having Ethernet connectivity problems? Which of the following is the correct definition of cross pinning? Which of the following is a diplexer used for? For all of the devices on a LAN segment to communicate with one another they must be on the same: A power supervision relay for a four wire smoke loop should be connected: Which of the following video connections are listed from the least desirable to the most desirable? Which of the following broadband technologies typically utilizes the Point to Point Protocol Over Ethernet (PPPoE) for devices directly connecting to their network? Which of the following is a characteristic of a network hub? The native resolution for 1080i is: An intercom function on a key system consists of: When certifying a CAT5 cable installation the integrator must perform which of the following tests? Which of the following is the primary purpose of impedance matched volume control? Which of the following phone system configurations uses proprietary phones to access most system features? A customer is complaining that they can see black bars to the sides of their widescreen TV screen when watching some channels. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this problem? Which of the following are weaknesses of a peer-to-peer network? Which of the following is the maximum length that a CAT5e cable can be in order to support 1000BaseT Ethernet? Which of the following equipment would be used to test for continuity and resistance on a security loop? Distributing VoIP service throughout a residence requires a(n): Which of the following is an advantage to setting up a peer-to-peer network? A homeowner desires to stream digital music to an outdoor amplifier. There is no existing cable run to the amplifier located 150 feet (45.7 meters) away. Which wireless technology is BEST suited for this application? Which of the following requires a low noise block down converter (LNB)? The FIRST step in troubleshooting any subsystem at a customer's home is to check: Wires that are installed in air returns above a ceiling must be: An optical cable is used to transmit: Which of the following communication methods will provide the maximum bandwidth for video streaming through a media extender? Which of the following BEST describes the Z-wave Open Standard? Which of the following are features of wired equivalent privacy (WEP)? When wiring multiple normally closed door contacts on a single zone, which of the following wiring conventions are correct? DVI-I cables can carry digital video and: Which of the following types of video surveillance cameras will typically operate with a lower lux rating? Which device creates a signal which is compatible with a standard television tuner? Which of the following is an integrators BEST tool? Which of the following is a reason for hiding the station set identifier (SSID)? Which of the following private IP addresses is valid? The BEST tool to troubleshoot an intermittent network wire would be: An end of line resistor for a normally open sensor should be installed in: Which of the following cabling would be MOST commonly used with analog volume controls? Which of the following tools would be appropriate to measure the resistance of a circuit? Small in-ceiling speakers are BEST suited for: When installing cables, which of the following is the BEST way of identifying the individual cables? Which of the following is the recommended placement of the rear surround speakers in a 5.1 surround installation? Which of the following conductor colors represents line one in a CAT5/5e telephone cable? Which of the following would be used to determine how much voltage is on a wire? Enabling zoom mode will fill the entire width of a widescreen display but can cause image: A customer states that the speakers in the kitchen are not working. Which of the following are the correct steps that an integrator should follow to troubleshoot this problem?